Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tibidits On "Thru Deaf Eyes": PostProduction & Review

*This article originally appeared on the WordPress blog forum last March 16th linked to the It somewhat didn't appeared on the DeafRead at all. I tweaked my blog posting a little for more updated info.*


PBS-TV's "Thru Deaf Eyes", 2 hours-long documentary was originally slated to be an one hour long programming. It had been in the production development for 5 years and completed before the Unity for Gally (UFG) protest erupted last Spring 2006. The total budget spending on the making of "Thru Deaf Eyes" documentary was estimated $600,000 plus related expenses for online postings. Approximately 30 people involved in the production of "Thru Deaf Eyes" documentary. No content listings for this documentary found on the PBS's official website or links in any way.

After viewing the 45-minutes excrepts of "Thru Deaf Eyes" out of 2 hours-long documentary with other prominent deaf individuals at the Library of Congress last March 13th, 2007. Such a mixed feelings about this first-known documentary about deaf people on the national level devoted to the understanding and appreciation of Deaf American Community and its diversity.

Surprisingly, the respectable and well-known hearing Gallaudet history professor, Dr. John Van Cleve spoke orally without signing at all. He also appeared without his owlish eyeglasses on one of the "oral history" segement. Van Cleve fluently signed in SimCom at Gallaudet University. Why hasn't Dr. Van Cleve (JVC) signed on the national television?

Another disappointed segement with the beloved culturally deaf author of "Deaf Hertiage", Dr. Jack Gannon and his wife, Alice. Gannon dressed sloppily like having part of his flannel shirt hung out while the right side of it inside the pant. Where were the PBS or Gallaudet University people assisted Dr. Gannon and other deaf interviewees looking best on the national television? Kinda feel bad for Gannon.

Dr. Jack Gannon is known for his folksy and easygoing Midwestern attitude. He probably do not care much about his appearance. Everyone love Jack Gannon!

Marlee Maltin, Oscar-winning actress expressed her personal experience about the sole incident with the hearing television interviewer somewhere. She was going to be the camera-ready for the interview.but the interviewer popped "My dog is deaf, too". Maltin ended up with the "dumbfounded" looks on the camera. Very common experience for us, deaf people dealing with such ignorance and stupidity from the society at large.

Gallaudet University "Deaf Studies" Professor, Dr. Ben Bahn's personal recollection of his deaf parents were real touching. He appreciated his culturally deaf father more after studying linguistics of American Sign Language (ASL). Bahn finally realized how intelligent his culturally deaf father really was.

Frances Parson, deaf attendee at the Library of Congress' viewing of "Thru Deaf Eyes", asked a simple question to the PBS producers whether this documentary will cover the history of "Combined System" in deaf schools of the deaf. The producer replied "Yes".

Robert L. Mason (RLM) asked an question before Frances Parson and other deaf questioners whether this documentary covered the recent "Unity for Gallaudet" protest or not. The head producer responded "Thank God! We finished the documentary before the recent UFG protest." His answer somewhat bothered me. What do you really think?

There will be the DVD sale of "Through Deaf Eyes" next release date - May 2, 2007 - $24.99 which is surprisingly inexpensive for PBS video retail sales. It will include six artistic works by Deaf media artists internally woven thru the entire documentary on DVD. Unlike the broadcast of "Thru Deaf Eyes". Those Deaf media artists' visual artworks will be seen after the end of documentary on most PBS stations.

Another PBS retail; material for "Thru Deaf Eyes" documentary is the hardcover book - 'Through Deaf Eyes: A Photographic History of an American Deaf Community, $40, sale date - 3/21/07.

For more info regarding "Through Deaf Eyes" television documentary and DVD/book sales, check out

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM), originally posted 3/16/07, then 3/21/07


  1. Anybody can choose to sign or speak for themselves-you don't judge whether you think they should or not.

    As for Gannon's attire, it is up to him. If he wants to dress 'sloppy' then so be it because hemingway once said that "wearing underwear is too formal."

    My analysis and examination on “Through Deaf Eyes.”

    First of all, wow.


    And yes, in a very good way.

    Of course, I can easily and articulately argue the negative aspects of the film for the sake of discourse and banter; however, this film does not deserve to be torn apart for scrutiny in a pessimistic way.

    We all learned from this film whether your ego will allow it. We were able to learn about other people’s experiences, some history, and/or a gentle reminder of our past, and affirm with approval (or disapproval). We laughed, related with some of the people, and more importantly, we bonded once again on a national level. Mission accomplished.

    There were portions of this film that has made me hold back tears and affirm how proud I am to be Deaf…and more importantly, how extraordinary and blessed I am to be part of a wonderful culture. I can finally recommend this film without reservation to my academic colleagues, to my hearing family, and to my fellow hearing comrades.

    We got the chance to finally see many familiar faces (either actual or someone of similar personality) reflecting one of the many representations and personalities of who we are as Deaf person in a unique culture.

    I applaud the National Endowment for the Humanities for making this film a reality and especially everybody who contributed to this film. It is a wonderful balance of diverse Deaf people expressing their testimonies, experience, and their Deaf ‘way.’

    The film has given me so much satisfaction. Before watching the film, I grappled myself emotionally with a bottle of wine readily in case I would get (in which I predicted in any typical documentary on ‘deafness’) furious about a poor reflection of who we are especially aired nationally. I said a little prayer to Vendtiz that this film will be a good representation and understanding of, for, and with, the Deaf culture. It is been too long.

    This film has given me a sense of relief. I finally drank my wine after being glued to the show for 2-hours, often times quickly glancing at how much time was left because I did not want the film to end. The film brought a smile to our society’s much-needed understanding on Deafness.

    The film truly has captured its true intent; through deaf eyes.

    In the spirit of Veditz,


  2. Whew. I was getting ready to be horribly disappointed, but wasn't.

  3. D,

    Many thanks for sharing your thought with me and others regarding "Thru Deaf Eyes" documentary. I truly appreciate it very much.

    Y did make numerous good points about not dwelling on "negativism". :)

    Thanks again for your blog posting. Look forward to your future comment writings.


  4. Blog readers,

    I really do not know WHY my post get Richard as alias along with my response to you, D and Gally Protest Legal Issues.


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