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I got to know John Yeh after joined the student organization, the Asian Pacific at Gallaudet University. I heard about John Yeh before meeting him personally. Yeh welcomed the Asian Pacific student members to his Potomac residence to make an example of him being the role model to the deaf Asian students about succeed in life working with all races of people, instead of being cliqued within their own racial group all the time. i also read about John Yeh being the successful deaf businessman which were not very common at this time. Yeh co-founded the business with his hearing brothers (another fine example of his own humanity working along with hearing people, instead of being preoccupied to be around other deaf people). Yeh was very humble individual when he opened his private residence to the student members of the Asian Pacific deaf student organizations and engaged in polite conversations with students and ever talked to me (Causcian myself).

I really am not into close relationship with John Yeh in any way, but pretty close to John and his wife thru informal social acquaintances at the deaf and social events of the deaf like the Deaf Professional Happy Hour


I am currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since last March 2009 for health reasons due to my asthmatic and allergy problem. I have been a resident of Washington, DC more than 14 years and used to live temporarily in Maryland and Virginia.


John Yeh also gave some of his personal wealth to help some young deaf enterpreuters like Jon Barish and Jon Kovacs to lay the foundation of "Deaf Nation" nationwide newspaper of the deaf to compete with the longtime and respectable "Silent News" newspaper.

To be honest with you, I have no idea of what the latest reaction from the deaf community at large about John Yeh. I did not see anything about John Yeh being arrested or get any reports from other deaf people. Have John Yeh formally arrested and arraigned? I have not been in regular contact with the deaf DC community at large so far since I move down to South Florida. I have been to DC/NYC last three and two months ago for getting my personal belongings.

I really do not know if John Yeh did get himself in that position after being too greedy from instructing the staff personnels to run up minutes. I have no idea at all. I never inquire or speak to any Viable employees or Glenn Lockhart (I got acquainted with Glenn after being involved in "Unity for Gallaudet" 2006 protest). John Yeh never was part of the protest at all. Yeh just got himself away from the protest. Yeh did express his concerns on the second day of "Unity for Gallaudet" protest. His quote - "I am really concerned what will happen with the university" last May 2, 2006..

I introduced John Yeh to one of the Iraqi military serviceman, who happened to be fluent in American Sign Language at the Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH) few years ago. Yeh seems very intrigued of meeting the American serviceman like this person and eagerly introduced him to his wife. Yeh did ask that hearing serviceman to join him and his family for family gathering. I was really surprised that John Yeh have the love for America unlike many deaf Asians living in America. Those deaf Asians always said that their country ,ex. Singpore, much superior to America, but they still live in America. Uh-huh!

This former Iraqi serviceman is currently employed at the Union Station's "Amtrak" security team (DC). U may contact this person to hear out his side with John Yeh. U just call the Amtrak security team to ask for the security personnel, who is fluent in American Sign Language due to his recently married deaf lady a year ago.

I personally found John Yeh to be a person of intergity and compassion and sincerity. I never hang out with Yeh on personal enveador to get to know him more as a person than just social acquaintance (on the surface). I personally like John Yeh since he treat me decently and with respect.

John Yeh was on the list of my Facebook friends before the scandal exploded out in his face. I do not know if John Yeh still on my Facebook list of friends. I have not checked out the FB list of friends to see if John Yeh still on the list or not. John and I never e-corresponded or called each other. John actually read my blog postings after he wanted to be my FB friends. I was kinda surprised in many ways.

You may check out my Facebook account to see for yourself. I give you the permission to access to my Facebook account to browse and check out what I personally do on FB. I still keep all the FB inbox messages since I opened up the Facebook account last December 2008. John Yeh joined the list of my FB friends last February 2009. Here is my FB username - (DELETED) and password - (DELETED) Please do not write anything on my FB account or alter the FB profile. I will change my password for FB account after you get done with my FB account. Why would I let you peek into my personal life? I am sure that some people do show their personal journals and pictures, etc. Smile!

I am doing the blogging as a service to the deaf community at large and soapbox to get deaf people know me better than listening to all dreary gossips and smear campaigns among deaf and hearing people. I am not really the deaf militant, but more like a cheerleader for more deaf activism to improve the quality of life for deaf Americans. That is all I am doing so far. I am well-known as an opininated and outspoken deaf individual as some deaf people find me to be somewhat scary. I am really politically moderate and always strive for the pragmatism and logical means than resorting to the ideology.


I will post the Facebook message to let people know if they want to talk about John Yeh to you. I will post your Washington Post email address. Is that okay with you? :)

Gotta go now. Have a nice weekend.

Robert L. Mason


That's what the Washington Post reporter asked me questions about John Yeh.

Here is what Maria Gould, the Washington Post reporter write on her email message to me:

RE: washington post article on Mr. Yeh‏
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To: robert mason (

Hi Robert,

Here's a few questions. Thanks so much.

Can you describe briefly your relationship with Mr. Yeh (How long have you known him, and how well)

It appears as though Mr. Yeh has been well-respected, even admired, in the deaf community and the community at large and had a leadership role. For instance, his position as a Gallaudet trustee, a board member of the National Deaf Business Institute, the numerous awards he’s gotten. Is that a fair assessment?
Can you describe in your words the influence and impact Mr. Yeh has had in the deaf community over the years?
What are your impressions of him personally?

Now that he has been charged, what is the reaction in the deaf community to the charges against him?

More broadly, what has the response been to all 26 arrests and the charges that all these folks were taking advantage of the government VRS reimbursements?

Can you tell me just a little about you. (where you live and your occupation) And I know you are a blogger, but don't know whether you are doing that as a job or a service to the community?

If there’s anything I neglected to ask that’s important or you’d like to add, please do.
Also, if there’s anyone you recommend I reach out to, let me know. And feel free to pass my contact information along to anyone who might want to respond.


Maria Glod
Washington Post

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Here was my reply to Maria Glod, Washington Post reporter when she mailed me first on the Thanksgiving Day 2009:

RE: washington post article on Mr. Yeh‏
From: robert mason (
Sent: Fri 11/27/09 12:04 AM

Hi Maria,

Please go ask me questions what you want to know about John Yeh. :)

John Yeh had contributed his personal wealth to Gallaudet University over years.

Yeh always had been an ardent supporter of deaf people to be successful in their own right.

Many deaf people believe that John Yeh happened to be a real victim of some individuals'
excessive greeds to the monetary overcharged by some VRS companies led by hearing individuals.

John Yeh of "Viable" got real pretty late into the Video Relay Services (VRS) competitive business which
left him the "at least desirable crops of available and qualified interpreters of the deaf" to conduct the
VRS calls.

That's how Yeh got himself into real trouble with the federal government and the state of
Maryland in the first place after some sleazy hearing individuals within the interpreting agencies in the
state of Florida whose were more interested in making $$$ than really providing the services to the
customers of VRS.

John Yeh have been an active member of the Asian Pacific social organization of the deaf in
Washington, DC area. He also tolerated the idea of healthy competition of VRS companies within
the annual Asian Pacific organization of the deaf's potluck picnic.

John Yeh is a real family man who devoted to his "Causcian" deaf wife and children. He adopted
deaf male child from his sister to raise as his own - John Yeh Jr. John also had the child with the
Down Syndrome which often conflicted with the ideal Asian perfect physical perfection obessesion.

John Yeh always had been seen regularly at various deaf social and formal events, ex. Captiol
Hill testimony, etc.

John Yeh was really a cautious person whose hardly done any implusive tendencies. Yeh was
deeply concerned about the latest "Unity for Gallaudet" 2006 protest which probably affected the
university as a higher education institution. He was not resorted to any ideological beliefs above
any logical means.

John Yeh always have been a mild-mannered individual on personal and business level.

Some people asked me why I did not delete any nasty and unproven comments about John
Yeh on my past blog posting on John Yeh. I doesn't believe in any kind of censorship. I have no idea
whether people said truthfully about John Yeh on my blog posting or not.

Please feel free to inquire me any questions and look forward to see the balanced newsreport of
John Yeh with shreds of truth and fairness. :)

When Maria Glod emailed me for very first time on T-Day:

From: Maria Glod (
Sent: Thu 11/26/09 7:53 PM

Hi Mr. Mason,

Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm one of the Washington Post reporters and I cover federal court in Maryland. Together with a colleague, I am writing an article about the charges filed against Mr. Yeh and others.
We are trying to reach people who know Mr. Yeh so we can put together as complete and fair picture of him and his work as possible. I saw on your blog, that
you know Mr. Yeh.
I am hopeful you can provide some insights for the story sometime in the next several days.

- Maria

Maria Glod
Washington Post

Friday, November 27, 2009


From the Washington Post reporter's email message -

Washington Post reporter Maria Glod contacted me beause she and a colleague are working on an article about John Yeh and the recent criminal cases involving VRS. She has asked me to reach out to anyone who may want to offer input. She can be reached at

Will be in touch,

Maria Glod
Washington Post

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I personally owe a real sincere apology to Eddie Raynon, a deaf blogger of "Thumpflash". That's what I have done is very inexcusable and unacceptable thing.

I do not want to be seen as another Ricky Taylor aka "Ridor". I guess that I let my emotions get worst of me yesterday after
seeing Eddie Raynon to make the phone contacts with the Disney people. I know how the Disney people operate in very
aggresive and unpleasant way. The Disney people would do anything to preseve their wholesome image. I would be not
surprised at all that the Disney people will deny such phone conversations with Eddie Raynon or other deaf individuals.
They would claim "That is very news to us. We will do everything to correct the existing problem. We support deaf people,

I do have a real admiration for Eddie Raynon in many ways for his advocacy with the introduction of first-run captioned
films in the "Bluegrass State" (Kentucky). He is really a sincere and passionate individual. Eddie is doing the grudgy works
of other "advocacy" organizations of the deaf without any given salary.

I sometimes disagree with Eddie Raynon's approach with the film industry and lobbying representatives and legislators.
Eddie Raynon seems "too nice" and "naive" in my opinion, but Eddie knew what to do anyway according to his own style.

I have a lawyerly mind which I usually state the fact clearly in non-threatening way and get hir reply. I would give anyone
an opporunity to resolve the issue she or he face. If not, I will resort to the lawyerly manner like reminding that person about
the existing law that he or she have to comply with. I have to hit the person with mallet (rhetorically) with the possible lawsuit to get things done. Sadly, many people understand "lawsuit", not the velvet touch.

I often let people get away with the so-called violation of my civil rights on everyday basis. I also am very nice person myself.

From what Eddie Raynon said about me on his comment on my latest blog posting to be all true. I could not argue with Eddie about this one -

Anonymous said...

First of all, I usually don't dignify ignorant comments about me, but you obviously have your head too far up your arse to be objective on this.

I don't believe in recording calls. Although Kentucky allows what they call "one party recording", which means only ONE person needs to know the call is being recorded, doesn't matter which person, I don't feel the need. Should it become necessary, notes, such as my blog piece where I document what I was told, are sufficient in a court of law.

Secondly, I am VERY against lawsuits or threats of them, etc. until it is an absolute last resort. Because of this, I choose to act RATIONALLY, a concept that may elude you from time to time, and I file my complaint, let them hear from the many other deaf and hard of hearing people by posting the information to allow them to contact them as well, and so forth. I choose NOT to go off on tangents accusing them of being audist and so forth, I focus on one detail at a time. Disney has, in the past, taken steps to make their theme parks more accessible by providing captions. So to slather them with the tar and feather term of outright audism is uncalled for without more evidence.

You call me "real stupid" for not leaving an "evidence trail" for you all to follow. It is there already, from what I reported. Quit whining and wanting someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you and do some of it yourself. If I'm not mistaken, you spend a lot of time in Florida. Why don't you call them YOURSELF and post what you were told? If enough people post and show contradictions in what they were told, well, there's your evidence, my friend.

While you are correct there was no real excuse for them to do this, they did it. Now focus on THIS problem, get it fixed, and move on to the other problems (how they portray or not portray the deaf in their movies), fix that, then on to the next problem, etc.

You SHOULD feel bad about bashing me. While I don't deny you are a prolific blogger about deaf issues, I have NOT ONE TIME SEEN WHERE YOU HAVE FOLLOWED UP ON A COMPLAINT YOU HAD WITH REAL EVIDENCE YOURSELF, and only a couple of times have I seen you post links, addresses, phone numbers, etc for people to follow through themselves. Grow up, quit crabbing, and start DOING SOME OF IT YOURSELF. It's that old "For-For-For Syndrome" as one friend of mine calls it. Always wanting someone else to do something for you instead of doing it for yourself.

Eddie (Thumpaflash)

YES, I intend to write the blog postings to expect others to do the work for me. I hardly have luxury of time to do the follow-ups or contact some people directly. That is no real excuse for me at all.

Eddie Raynon is a young guy with full of energy and passion to make the real difference in our deaf lives. I greatly admire him for that. I have no intention of dragging Eddie's name into mud. I apologize again for my reckless blog writing.

Same thing with Kenneth Samson. I privately was amused by Kenneth Samson's email message to the Disney people.

Wr have to be real smart with the strategtic tactics to make real impact for our deaf community at large. We sometimes better let particular individuals or organizations of the deaf to deal with issues affecting our deaf community at large.

We also need people like Eddie Raynon and Kenneth Samson and others including YOU to do the impromptu efforts since time is crucial.

Or we need to get together to make the group strategy to make things happen.

I have seen what the Disney people done to people in general. I still want to see the Disney people to finance the non-pathological deaf film with the hirings of deaf director, screenwriter, producer, performers and crews in the meantime to give our deaf people the footingl in the entertainment industry.

I grew up worshipped the Disney characters and products as a kid. I begun to know the Disney stuff more and more. I got
real disgusted with the Disney company in general.

We have to think how powerful and influential the Disney company is within the world. We must make the Disney people pay dearly for the past audism.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


After reading Eddie Runyon of "Thumpflash" and Robert Underhill of "Under the Hill" blog postings. REAL STUPID of Eddie Runyon making phone calls to the Disney video production office because of no "evidence trail" left for us, deaf people to make an issue of "audism within everyday life".

We ought to get someone like the state attorney general's office or customer advocacy group to send in the formal inquiry to the Disney video production office and get the official reply from the Disney Entertainment, Inc.

NEVER MAKING ANY PHONE CALLS without recording them, but many states outlaw any phone recording without the consent of individual at the end of phone receiver.

NO REAL EXCUSES for the Disney people CHOOSE to decline closed captions/subtitles for the "UP" film DVD release since "Mr. Frederickson" character was partially based on John Tracy (deaf oralist person)'s father, Spencer Tracy! The Disney people choose to be very greedy and exploitative by making people to buy the pre-viewing DVD materials. That's what those people done were very unacceptable!

EVER the former Disney employee like John Tracy, the former studio artist, was largely treated in very disrespectful way by the Disney company for snubbing deaf people everywhere.

WHY some deaf people have to be such an apologist for hearing audists, ex. the Disney, Inc like Eddie Runyon, who seems kissing the rear behinds of Disney people??

We should simply send in the letter of inquiry without any threatening manner or insults like Kenneth Samnson sending an email message to get their official reply, then we could kick in their balls and heels to take an advantage of "once happen in a lifetime" about the everday existence of audism. We ought to state the question how come didn't "UP" film for DVD release have any captions or subtitles for deaf home viewers, instead of sending our emotional reactions.

The Disney people have not done the real disservice to deaf people for very first time. Several Disney films chose to overlook the existence of deaf people like the animated "feel-good" films, ex. "The Hunchback of Norte Dame" without the deaf hunchback and the remake of live action film, "100 Damalitions" without any deaf damalition dogs in this film at all. 1/3 of the damaltion dogs are DEAF.

Many deaf people are aware of the Disney past, ex. Walt Disney and the Walt Disney production donated a lot of money to the John Tracy Clinic to suport the ideals of oralism and audism against deaf people in general.

Have you seen any Disney movies being made about deaf people??? NOPE!


Disney, Inc. ever made the 1980s film, "Amy" which this film pathologically portrayed the hearing "so-called savior" to teach deaf children to speak -

Disney, Inc., ever have been guilty of sexism and racism in their past films -

Disney ever stole the original credits from the Japanese classic kids animation creation and still denied the fact that this very same studio ripped off Tesekuo -

Disney parks finally signed the formal agreement with the government that they will abide by the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) laws in 1997! Why the Disney people choose to snub deaf people after the passage of the ADA law in 1990. SEVEN YEARS LATER!! What kind of beloved and well-known children entertainment to deny the deaf children from being fully enjoyed within their DIsney parks and attractions???

The Disney company is one of numerous entertainment companies keep bullying individuals and other media outlets from just using the Disney characters for non-marketing purposes, ex. educational and inspiring.

The Disney company managed to steer the U.S. Congress into approving the Digital Millenium Copyright (DMC), one of most draconian copyright laws ever existed . For example, the copyright protection of Mickey Mouse character already expired according to the past copyright laws. The Disney company want to keep their characters from being used for any reason without their permission.

The Disney company is the one, who keep stealing the ideas of many people and insist that other people have to follow the copyright laws. The Disney people used the past stories and characters like the Grimm Brothers, ex. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Italian classic children stories, ex. Picchonic, then demanded that those characters to protected within the intellectual property. Jesus Christ!

Who the f**k the Disney company thinks?? Let's DEMAND that the Disney production to make the full-cast deaf movie with deaf director and producers and designers and screenwriters and huge marketing money for film promotions and television ads. That is our chance in a lifetime!

Write letters to the mainstream media and television station about how horrible the Disney company are doing to us, deaf home viewers via DVD viewing. We need words out to the society at general and make the Disney video production pay dearly for their arrogance and selfish marketing strategies. That surely backfired on the Disney company in many ways!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Monday, November 16, 2009

Disney's "UP" film character based on deaf person's father

Not many deaf people realize that the Disney 2009 film, "UP" character, Mr. Fredericksen was modeled after deaf person's well-known father, Spencer Tracy. That was John Tracy's own father.

You could check out the info from the Wikipedia about the character based on
Spencer Tracy.

We could mobilize the John Tracy clinic about the Disney slapped the face on
our deaf community by not enclosing captions and subtitles into the new DVD film release, "UP".

We ought to do the nationwide boycott of "Disney" as real Scrooge since this very same company is doing with the new digtialized "Christmas Carol" film in 3-D.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason