Thursday, June 10, 2010

At Last, Here is Photo of Jon Dresser, Alleged Deaf Abuser

Jon Dresser didn't show up for his court arraignment today which he was hospitalized.

Some people joked that Jon Dresser probably ended up in the psych ward.

Here is the latest article with photo of Jon Dresser -
Many deaf people were pretty surprised that Jon Dresser doesn't have the Master Degree (MA) and obtained the employment postiton as the VR counselor.

Is Jon Dresser really a con artist himself? Keep tune in for the RLMDEAF!

Some people replied that I slandered Jon Dresser as an abuser. Look at the enclosed link which define "abuse" with many meanings like "mistreatment" and "neglience" -
Thanks to Diane Squire for the link of attached article!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

NO,NO, NO to the Unacceptable Ploy of the AB 2072 Amendment!

Candy, the blogger really have NO clues what the National Institute Health's Center on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NICD) is very audistic (A U D I S T / A U D I S M) and largely focused on the PATHOLOGICAL view of deaf people to fix their hearing loss. Go check out the NCID website to SEE for yourself!!

Why should the state education agency refer parents of newborn deaf babies to the NICD website with complicated written language? Not all the parents have the Internet access at all or not know how to? The NCID website and the agency itself view as anti-DEAF. No argument!

Candy the blogger herself is clearly biased against the deaf-centric people. Look at her quote - I also warned her about the ASL extremists in her blog posting -

Look up the tenth (10th) paragraph where Candy wrote "I also warned her about the ASL extremists" to the parent of newborn deaf baby. She also said "This, to me, is much more balanced and it shows that Mendoza, again, went to such lengths to be as fair and balanced as possible."

What the F*CK Candy is talking about??????? Mendoza as fair and balanced assembly person??? He did write the legislative bill without any kind of inputs from the deaf community and dismissed any concerns or attempts to work together among the deaf community.

Candy is totally wrong which Mendoza have nothing to do with the amendment to the AB 2072. That is the California State Senate's Health Committee's doings from one of the member to amend the bill with some provision as part of ploy and deceptive tactics.

Many deaf people said publicly that they are the real experts on deaf people themselves as compared to audiologists spending only two years on the ontology functions of the human ear.

Too many audiologists NEVER MEET real culturally deaf individuals and see the real superiority of American Sign Language (ASL)

Moreover, Candy should not give such an unqualified and untrained referrals to that parent of newborn deaf baby with attached links. That's what Candy done is real criminal since she should not give any kind of biased information like "watch out for the ASL extremists". No such thing like the ASL extremists!

We ought to ask ourselves who is really "Candy"? Why hide behind the alias name or not disclose the full name and picture?? It's a time for the dysfunctional audists to show their real faces and full name! We must pull down the Mask of Benevolence like Candy, White Ghost, Barry Sewell, Russell the Deaf Bunny, Mike McConnell and rest of you, dysfunctional audists whose love to osfecuate to make themselves feel needed and superior to see more and more deaf children miserably fail their own education.

SHOW YOURSELF, CANDY! That's what the GOP presidential candidate, Nelson Rockfeller challenged the political chameleons like Richard M. Nixon during the late 1960s GOP primary race.

Ever Jesus of Nazareth asked his own enemies and the corrupted Roman Empire to SHOW themselves, not hide behind the darkness.

Since Candy posted the video of beautiful ocean waves which symbolized the deceptive image of what the entire ocean really is all about. We still do not know what the 80 percent go down the ocean .

So I enclosed the comedy video to lighten up how idiotic Mendonza and other audists are all about -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)