Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deaf Person of the Decade Made Real Profound Impacts on Global Deaf Community

Guess who??? We ought to honor one deaf individual, who surely make the profound impacts on the global deaf community thru very simple and effective medium - changed technology use of media. Anyone deaf, you would guess right away?? This deaf individual is a real survivor, who defy all so-called societal expectations and systematic restrictions. This deaf person manages to get hir own personal viewpoints (POV) outside the established media realms in despite of repeated ousters by the once popular "DeafRead" (DR)and "Deaf Video TV" (DVTV) founder and editor, Tayler Myers for that deaf individual's repeated violations of formal agreements via deaf media participation policies not to attack anyone on personal level, etc.

The Deaf Person of the Decade Made Real Profound Impacts on Global Deaf Community in many ways for the decade of 2000-2009 is Ricky "Ridor" Taylor. He surely changed the deaf media mediums from the printed deaf monthly newspapers/magazines, ex. "Silent Newspaper" and "Deaf Life" and daily deaf news e-subscriptions of "USA-L" done by Philip Moos from the controls of the so-called deaf media establishments to the "all out in the open" media outlets - deaf blogs which transformed into deaf
vlogs later in the last half of the 2000s decade.

The existence of Ridor blogs dramatically influenced the frameworks of the very first "citizen media reportings" during the Gallaudet University's "Unity For Gallaudet" 2006 mass protest which led to the creation of "DeafRead" by Tayler Myers and Jared Evans, but Shane Feldman played the major role in creation of very first NAD blogs reportings during the 2006 NAD Conference in Palm Beach, California.

The real purpose of creating the DeafRead and NAD daily blog postings were to keep Ridor from monopolizing the deaf media influences toward the deaf community at large. If not for Ridor's legendary blog postings, we probably never have the DeafRead or NAD blog postings (vlog postings added later in the 2000s decade).

Ridor's original blog postings definitely inspired the new generation of deaf bloggers and vloggers out of the wood to share their viewpoints and newsreportings within the increasingly "mobile communication" society.

Jason Lambert coined the original term of "vlog" in place of "blog" = video + log
back in the early 2000s. The vlog postings never catched up until the new generation of deaf instant media technology-savvy individuals managed to popularize the existence of vlog postings like the individuals of Joey Baer with his rational and constructive thoughts to convey into positive leadership actions, instead of ranting and lambasting someone else.

Ricky "Ridor" Taylor had been censured twice by the DeafRead and Deaf Video TV" co-founder, Tayler Myers. The vicious comments unfairly targeted Tayler Myers for his decision to ban Ridor from posting his blog and vlog entries. Ridor's followers and supporters never gave up on Ridor and insisted of re-installing Ridor's blogs and vlogs. Tayler Myers refused to budge on the pleas from deaf readers and viewers.

In the end of 2000s decade, Ridor manage to re-emerge into the deaf media landscape by tapping into the YouTube video postings. Ridor still get around with
his viewpoints and rebuttals by defying the formal media structure to keep him out of blog and vlog entries.

We still enjoy Ridor's thoughts and viewpoints throughout the new decade of 2010-2019. Ridor get much better with his vlog entries every time. Some people considered his vlog postings to be "piece of s**t. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and expressions.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

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