Friday, June 11, 2010

Is RLMDEAF Slanderous/Libelous Toward Jon Dresser?

Several anonymous commentators accused me of being slanderous and libelous toward Jon Dresser as an abuser from what the RLMDEAF wrote the headline title of blog posting.

RLMDEAF like to point out the general definition of "abuse" have multiple meanings from physical abuse to negligence/mistreatment. That could be the verbal abuse to emotional abuse to mental abuse.

RLMDEAF still stand by defining Jon P Dresser, the former WIC employee as an abuser due to his action of leaving three deaf vulnerable clients in the suffocated and unbreathable van on my latest blog posting.

Excellent link to the meaning of abuse in general via definition -

Here is the link to the definition of "abuse" -

Not many people realize that the interior temperature of any vehicle(s) are more hotter than the outdoor temperature. Look at the enclosed link -

443 American children died from being left in cars over 10 years. For example, 83'o temp outside, but 123'o temp inside the vehicle(s) -

Any questions? Any more accusations hurled at me? RLMDEAF answer all your replies and accusations.

RLMDEAF stands for the right to know, right to speak out, right to express freely without any restriction or any kind of censorship.

Here is the very shocking video of how human treated other living creatures in that manner - *WARNING* VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)