Sunday, December 29, 2013

Upcoming Chaos Around the Globe

Upcoming chaos across the globe - 

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel will step down in the mid-term of her 10 years reign.

Her replacement will be the current Female Defense minister as what Merkel groomed her to do that. 

Will we see more militaristic  Germany since the 1930's. 

The European austerity already weaken the European defense force / system so far. 

Will the time ripe for China and Russia to challenge Europe thru military threat? 

The United States of America will be truly panicked about the military-weakening European Union and will be more likely to draw into the unpredictable chaos. 

Ukraine also will drag Russia into unsettling financial chaos and blow up in Putin's face in time for the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. 

The French culture will be declared "dying". 

The upcoming language war within Ireland which the Irish government try to revive the Irish language. 

China already replace Japan's  American film market which will affect the American behavior /mentality significantly after Hollywood hustle and whore herself to please the Chinese film censors. 

The American spirit will tolerate the idea of Undemocratic ideals in name of financial progress and peace.  

Monday, November 4, 2013

New FCC Leadership in Place with FCC Staff Replacement

Deaf America ought to keep the close eyes on the new Federal Communication Commission (FCC) leadership under Tom Wheeler. The Wheeler's FCC probably could affect our Video Relay Service (VRS) usage.

The new FCC chief recently installed the new FCC team. U better to get know the major players within the FCC agency.

Here is "copy and paste" of The Wraps online news reports :

As he’s sworn in as the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler put his first stamp on the office by naming new staffers who will help lead the commission that regulates broadcasting and telecommunications.
“This team will hit the ground running,” said Wheeler (pictured at his Senate confirmation hearing). “With critical work to be accomplished for the American people and the Internet becoming ever more important in the lives of consumers and businesses across the nation, this team provides an excellent mix of governmental, private-sector and public-interest expertise.”
Wheeler, a former cable and wireless industry lobbyist, was chosen by President Obama as former chair Julian Genachowski’s replacement. Genachowski stepped down in March after a term that included the FCC signing off on Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal.
Here are the new appointments, and their FCC-provided biographies:
Ruth Milkman, Chief of Staff.  Ms. Milkman served as Chief of the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau from August 2009 to June 2011, and from June 2012 until the present.  From June 2011 to June 2012, Ms. Milkman was Special Counsel to the Chairman for Innovation in Government.  Previous experience at the Commission between 1986 and 1998 included serving as Deputy Chief of the International and Common Carrier Bureaus, and as Senior Legal Advisor to Chairman Reed Hundt.  Ms. Milkman also was a founding partner of Lawler, Metzger, Milkman & Keeney, LLC and served as a law clerk to the Honorable J. Harvie Wilkinson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.
Philip Verveer, Senior Counselor to the Chairman.  Ambassador Verveer served from 2009-2013 as U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy at the U.S. Department of State and, before that practiced communications and antitrust law in the government and in private law firms for more than 35 years.  Ambassador Verveer’s previous service at the Commission includes tenure as the Chief of the Cable Television Bureau, the Broadcast Bureau, and the Common Carrier Bureau, where he participated in a series of decisions that enabled increased competition in video and telephone services and limited regulation of information services.
Gigi B. Sohn, Special Counsel for External Affairs.  Ms. Sohn has served since 2001 as the President and CEO of Public Knowledge and, from 2011-2013 as the Co-Chair of the board of directors of the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group (BITAG).  She has served on the board of the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference (TPRC) and on the Advisory Board of the Center for Copyright Information.  In October 1997, President Clinton appointed Ms. Sohn to serve as a member of his Advisory Committee on the Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters.
Diane Cornell, Special Counsel.  Ms. Cornell has served as Vice President for Government Affairs at Inmarsat and Vice President, Regulatory Policy at CTIA, The Wireless Association.  Ms. Cornell previously worked at the FCC, where she served as a Legal Advisor to three Commissioners, Chief of Staff of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, and Division Chief in the International and Common Carrier Bureaus.  Ms. Cornell is a former President of the Federal Communications Bar Association and was previously a director of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).  Ms. Cornell will have responsibility for issues in the International Bureau, as well as for FCC process reform.
Daniel Alvarez will serve as a legal advisor to the Chairman, with responsibility for issues in the Wireline Competition and Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureaus.  Mr. Alvarez has practiced law at the firm of Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP since 2005.
Renee Gregory will serve as a legal advisor to the Chairman, with responsibility for issues in the Office of Engineering and Technology and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, as well as incentive auction issues.  Ms. Gregory has worked at the Commission since 2012, first as a legal advisor to Chairman Genachowski and then as Chief of Staff of the Office of Engineering and Technology.  Previously, she practiced law at the firms of Wiltshire & Grannis and Holland & Knight.
Maria Kirby will serve as a legal advisor to the Chairman, with responsibility for issues in the Media, Consumer and Governmental Affairs and Enforcement Bureaus.  Ms. Kirby has served since 2012 as a legal advisor to the Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.  Previously, she worked in the New York City Office of Federal Affairs and for the law firm of Davis Polk & Wardwell.
Deborah Ridley, Confidential Assistant to the Chairman.  Ms. Ridley has more than 20 years of executive administrative experience.  She has held positions in the federal government, the banking industry and private not-for-profit organizations.  Her titles have included Executive Assistant, Office Manager and Conference Services Manager.  Most recently, she served as the executive assistant to the Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
Sagar Doshi, Special Assistant to the Chairman.  Mr. Doshi is a graduate of Stanford University who has worked at Google and Protocol Link, Inc.
Jon Sallet will serve as Interim Director of the Technology Transitions Policy Task Force and will become Acting General Counsel upon General Counsel Sean Lev’s departure before the end of the year. Mr. Sallet has been a partner in three law firms, O’Melveny & Myers LLP, Jenner & Block and Miller, and Cassidy, Larroca & Lewin, and served as Chief Policy Counsel for MCI Telecommunications, later MCI WorldCom.  Mr. Sallet also served as Director of the Office of Policy & Strategic Planning for the Department of Commerce, and was a law clerk to the Honorable Lewis F. Powell, Jr., Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and the Honorable Edward A. Tamm of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.
Jon Wilkins, Acting Managing Director and Advisor to the Chairman for Management.  Mr. Wilkins will join the Commission from McKinsey & Company, where he has been a partner in McKinsey’s Telecommunications, Media, and Technology practice since 2003.  He served on the Obama-Biden Transition Project in 2008 as a member of the senior leadership group for agency review.  Earlier in his career, Mr. Wilkins also served at the FCC in the Office of Plans and Policy in 1998-1999, working on digital television, cable, and broadband policy development efforts.
Roger Sherman, Acting Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.  Mr. Sherman previously served as the Democratic Chief Counsel to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and as Democratic Staff Director to its Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.  During the 111th Congress (2009-2011), Mr. Sherman was Chief Counsel for Communications, Technology, and the Internet, and during the 110th Congress (2007-2009) he was Deputy Chief Counsel at the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  Mr. Sherman also worked for Representative Henry Waxman as a legislative assistant from 1990-1992 and as a legislative aide to Senator Alan Cranston from 1989-1990.   Prior to returning to Capitol Hill in 2007, Mr. Sherman spent 10 years as a Director of Regulatory Affairs and Senior Attorney at Sprint Corporation and practiced law at the firm of Wiley, Rein.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Obama Adminstration Failed To Accompany Deaf Americans' Language Access for the ACA Law

In the meantime of the nearer deadline to January 1, 2014 for getting registered for the health insurance coverage among the millions and millions of uninsured individuals prior to the mandatory requirement by the Affordable Act Care of 2010 federal law known as the ACA or "ObamaCare".

The majority of Deaf American citizens and undocumented Deaf individuals still do not have any language access to understand the federal law for the health insurance coverage requirement or face the severe fine by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The federal government under President Obama's leadership and the Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services, Kathleen Selbus surely failed the millions and millions of signing Deaf Americans and other deaf individuals whose lack the full language comphrension of the complicated ACA law without providing the full language access within the ACA website. The primary language among signing and culturally Deaf Americans are the use of American Sign Language (ASL).

The Affordable Care Act website clearly not provide the equal language access for the millions and millions of signing & culturally Deaf American citizens nor provide the gestural sign language for the  undocumented Deaf individuals.

The Obama Adminstration provided numerous language access from Arabic to Spanish language on the ACA website while failed to provide the equal language access for the signing & culturally Deaf Americans and undocumented Deaf individuals.

Other deaf individuals whose attended the non-traditional educational settings of the Deaf like the public / private schools or schools specialized in audio-verbal therapy (AVT) to deny the use of any sign language which many of them lack the full language development or understanding of many reading materials. Those educational settings often undermine many deaf students from reaching their language acquisition potentials. The following individuals end up relying upon the use of American Sign Language or other means of gestural languages to grasp the concept and understanding of any given subjects.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) also failed to ensure that the millions and millions of Deaf Americans and the undocumented Deaf individuals to have the full language access to the ACA website thru the use of  American Sign Language (ASL) and gestural sign language. NAD never did anything to make sure that the Deaf America to comply with the Affordable Care Act law before many Deaf Americans are innocently being fined.

Evidently, too many Deaf Americans and undocumented Deaf  individuals completely having such an anxiety attack or total misunderstandings of what the ACA law all about from the social media postings.

Handful of low-income Deaf Medicaid and Medicare recepitents' health insurance coverage have been unjustly taken away without any due process because many states trying to save $$ for other uninsured hearing individuals.

The National Association of the Deaf ( NAD) never give any assistance to the emotionally distressing and language-deprived Deaf individuals how to deal with the systematic exclusion of their given health insurance coverages meeting the poverty level guideline, ex. making the formal request for an appeal hearing to keep / continue their state health insurance coverage. The direct assistance were privately given by the author of this blog without getting paid or formally recognized.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason ( RLM)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Constitutional Amendment to Protect American Sign Language

That is the time for us, Deaf America to mobilize to get the constitutional amendment to protect our minority or community language use with American Sign Language (ASL).

My 2006 "RLMDEAF" blog posting did urge Deaf America to get the congressional legislation for the protection of our minority / community language use known as American Sign Language. That blog posting mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Don't know how it disappeared.

This PDF attachment from the European Union is an excellent reading for how to get the constitutional amendment to protect our ASL from being assaulted upon, denied, watered down, dismissed, scorned, misguided and mangled.

Handful of Asian countries like Indonesia already had the legal protection of minority / community language. Australia ever have the congressional protection of indigenous language (s), too.

Let's get busy to get in the coalition with the allies of language rights to make the constitutional amendment to protect ASL as a minority / community language before the election of 2014 !

Please sign up for the coalition - ASL as Protected "Minority /Community Language" to get the U.S. Congress and the linguistic communities across the United States of America.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason
RLMDEAF blog / vlog

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


After viewing the YouTube posting of the Access Hollywood's latest interview with Sean Berdy on the issue of cochlear implant storyline within ABC Family Channel's " Switched at Birth" (SAB)  tv show.

No open captions or visibility of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter in front of camera for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube viewers to  understand and follow what the given questions to Berdy by the Access Hollywood interviewer.

That is so unfair to deprive the Deaf and Hard of Hearing TV audience to struggle or feel lost what is going on with the Berdy interview.

Sean Berdy and his agent and the ABC Family Channel publicity unit is also responsible for the lack of accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube viewers. All involved parties should make
sure that the accessibility for the Deaf and Hard if Hearing YouTube viewers being provided with open captions either provide the transcript readily attached to the YouTube posting.

The Access Hollywood should re-post the Berdy interview with open captions real soon as possible for the fans of ABC Family Channel's " Switched at Birth" . Thanks in advance.

Please look at this enclosed link -

I personally urge u to contact the Access Hollywood and Sean Berdy and the ABC Family Channel via email directly - (Sean Berdy) 

Reach Sean Berdy via Twitter -

Ever call all listed phone numbers! 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason of Los Angeles and Washington, DC
RLMDEAF blog/ vlog

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Truth About Our Fourth of July!

Truth About Our Fourth of July !

FYI, the pre-revolutionary colonists were real bratty and spoiled ones, who expected everything free or at no cost. 

The British king and the Parilament made the major mistake with the "salutary neglect" during the colonial rules until the end of "French and Indians" War. 

The British government was in deep monetary debts from spending on wars. So the colonists did not pay their fair shares on the cost of security and protection against the Native Americans after the Proclamation Line of 1763 got issued. 

The pre-Revolutionary colonists had most "freest" people on the world at that time, but they just don't want to pay the fair shares on taxes! In the end, the colonists just whined and revolted the words of Thomas Paine, an author of "Common Sense". 

Look at today's America! Our government declared the war on whistleblower s like Snowden, financed the forced cochlear implant surgeries on our Deaf babies and kids without their own consent/permission like the cattle brandings and "Listening and Speaking Language" programs against Deaf signing kids. 

Why didnt America prosecute the Big Banks for the major economic damages against the American people??? Our government didnt these things from what the Icelandic government done in past few years!

I could go much further, but let's stop for now. We need to take a hard look at our country what we are all about. 

I like the quote - We are Americans, but create our dependency on China to supply and discharge our cheaper fireworks. 

What are we really doing to ourselves?? Celebrate the Fourth of July ?? Don't think so! 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Should We Really Worry About Obama's FCC Chairperson Nomination - Wheeler ??

For past ten years, the lives of Deaf Americans got more intertwined and greatly affected by the Federal Communication Commission generally known as the FCC than in the past 70 years.

After the existence of Video Relay Service (VRS) and Videophone (VP), the FCC led the communication policy greatly affecting the use of relay service - text and video services. This agency also do the payment allocation from the Telephone Relay Services (TRS) to cover the cost of interstate and local VRS calls among Deaf VRS/VP users.

For past few months, there were such a speculation about the replacement of FCC chairman after the Obama's re-election for bringing Obama's personal stamps on the FCC policies and leadership rudders. Names were suggested among the FCC advocates and communication industry.

To no available, the National Association of the Deaf  (NAD) and the organizations of the Deaf seems not bother to make the efforts to see the replacement for the FCC chairperson to remain the Deaf-friendly policies.

NAD had been cowardly backing off from pushing the inclusion of low-cost monthly broad width coverage for the low-income Deaf people for the purpose of VRS/VP use at their private residence.

NAD sacrificed the low-income Deaf people to preserve the 21th Century Communication Access legislation from being bonked out. The low-income Deaf people got sidelined from getting the equal access for the use of VRS/VP at home which the hearing low-income people regularly benefits from the Lifeline program for years.

The hearing low-income Americans greatly benefit from the  which they would be not deprived from
the phone access in any way. The hearing senior citizens in District of Columbia usually pay only one dollar for the monthly phone service while low-income elderly Deaf people have to pay the costly service for the broad width use for accessing to the VRS/VP at their residences.

Look at what the FCC offer the low-cost phone assistance programs for hearing low-income individuals since 1985 -

Is that really fair for the low-income or elderly Deaf Americans to be burdensome with the costly of broad width access?? 

The FCC under the Obama Administration vigorously fought for the Net Neutrality policies to be in place to assist the Rural America. The communication industry fought back against the costly installation of broad width line along the rural area which the Obama administration lost the major court case.

Look at Presidential candidate Barack Obama's promises in 2007 -

The Obama administration flinched on the issue of Net Neutrality in 2010 -

The main question for all of us, Deaf America - Should we really worry about President Obama's nomination of FCC chairperson replacement - Wheeler, the lobbyist for wireless and cable industry??

We need to think over and what to do next for ourselves within Deaf America.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Monday, March 18, 2013

Need Your Immediate Help, Deaf America To Get the Dalma Lami Cancel His Trip

We, Deaf America could get the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Animal Welfare Society, the Deafhood supporters, Audism Free America (AFA), Audism Free Zone and other mores to show our real DEAF POWER to get the Dalma Lami to cancel his visit to the University of Wisconsin campus next May 15th to protest the university's arrogant and pathological and paternalistic attitude toward Deaf people in general.

Deaf America repeatedly tell the society at large that we really do not need to be FIXED at all.

We, Deaf people have our own rich and precious language, culture, norms and way of life for centuries!

Here is the info to get in contact with listed individuals and the Dalma Lami to boycott the visit and panel discussion until the University of Wisconsin to issue out the formal apology to us, Deaf America that is not necessary to fix Deaf people everywhere with their human mechnical ears experiment on poor and long-suffering cats and other animals in name of science.

If any of you are not able to open the attached link above.

Here is the University of Wisconsin official news posting -

Photo: the Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama arrives for a visit to the Waisman Center, escorted by Richard J. Davidson, in 2010.
Photo: Jeff Miller
Event organizers today announced that the Dalai Lama will visit Madison on May 15, 2013, to lead "Change your Mind Change the World 2013," a series of panel discussions with thought leaders from a variety of fields, including neuroscience, economics and sustainability, moderated by Arianna Huffington and Daniel Goleman.
The event is co-hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center and the UW-Madison Global Health Institute.
"The dialogues at Change your Mind Change the World 2013 will revolve around how science, economics, environments, emotional intelligence and health care can combine to make the world a healthier, happier place," says Richard J. Davidson, founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds.
During the panel discussions, the experts will present their best work on global health and sustainable well-being, organizers say. The Dalai Lama will respond to these insights and add his own thoughts and encouragement of how to continue to bring these ideas forward in the world.
"Unsustainable consumption of natural resources now threatens the health of our planet and, subsequently, our human species," says Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute. "Attendees will be challenged to explore new and interconnected solutions to global health problems. The complexity of these issues requires it."
Panel discussions will take place at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison and will feature:
  • His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, leader of Tibetan Buddhism, internationally revered spiritual leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner, lifelong science aficionado;
  • Don Berwick, national leader on health care quality, former CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, recent administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services;
  • Richard J. Davidson, founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds, named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine, author of The New York Times bestseller "The Emotional Life of Your Brain";
  • Daniel Goleman, psychologist, science journalist, author of The New York Times bestseller "Emotional Intelligence," named one of the 25 "Most Influential Business Management Books" by Time magazine;
  • Arianna Huffington, author, syndicated columnist, founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post;
  • Ilona Kickbusch, director of the Global Health Programme at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva; interdisciplinary advisor on promoting health globally;
  • Lord Richard Layard, professor, economist, director of the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics, co-author of the United Nations' "World Happiness Report";
  • Jonathan Patz, whose work on global climate change led to a Nobel Peace Prize, director of the Global Health Institute and founding president of the International Association for Ecology and Health; and
  • Mattieu Ricard, bestselling author, translator, photographer and Buddhist monk, author of "Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill," dubbed "the happiest person in the world" by popular media.
Tickets will go on sale in April 2013. For more information or to sign up for the pre-sale list, visit the Change your Mind Change the World website.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Who the FUCK the University of Wisconsin's Board of Regents Think??

That really APPALLED me most about the University of Wisconsin's Board of Regents' latest responses to the unimaginable and horrific "ongoing" experiments and mindless tortures on cats with their own dignifed names for the purpose of perfecting the human mechnical ears known as the fucking "cochlear implants".

LOOK at the UoW's Board of Regents' official response :

If any of you are not able to open the attached link above. Let me post the copy and paste of
the Regents' response -

UW-Madison response to Board of Regents PETA protest

Feb. 7, 2013
2 27
Following today's protest by actor James Cromwell at the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, Eric Sandgren, director of the UW–Madison Research Animal Resource Center released the following statement.
"Today's events are just another attempt by outside activists to draw attention to a cause. They have attacked and distorted this research -- which has very real benefits for people who are deaf -- from every angle imaginable. Exhaustive independent investigation by the USDA, which regulates the use of animals in research, concluded that PETA's allegations are baseless."
For more information about UW-Madison's animal research program, visit

Jesus Christ!  We, Deaf America and the rest of global deaf community DO NOT need any fucking medical research to restore our hearing loss (in their own terms). We, Deaf people around the world
really are doing very FINE!!!

Global warmings and climate changes are really most IMPORTANT research to prevent any chaotic factors to make our lives more unbearable without substainal foods and environmentally-comfort weathers.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Friday, March 15, 2013

Grizzly Moments


























Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is Joseph the MetroWeekly's Coverboy Dysconscious Audist?

DC's Metroweekly glossy magazine available every week for DC area's GLBT community. The magazine usually feature the selected guy within DC area to be their coverboy of the week.

This week's Coverboy happened to be the graduate of Gallaudet University - Joseph, an Asian 20s guy. Not available at this online posting yet. His photo and Coverboy Confidential data already went out on the printed copies of Metroweekly, but not posted online yet. Joesph was adopted as a kid from South Korea and raised in the Hawkeye State (Iowa).He also raised in the farm with 14 siblings.

That Joesph seems not wanted to disclose himself as a deaf person or really the HUG (hearing graduate) himself? His study major was government and had been in the student internship for Honorable Tom Harkins, U.S. Senator, D-Iowa. Joseph greatly admired the senator for his endless advocacy for disabled people as what Joesph said within the interview.

Joesph's exact quote for MetroWeekly's Coverboy Confidential interview :

Who is your greatest influence?

Tom Harkins. He's not only been an advocate for people with disabilities, but he's voted his conscience, what he thinks is right. Since I've been able to vote, I've voted for him.

Why I bring up this guy? Joesph might have the future political career of his. From what Joseph told the interviewer -

Define good in bed.

I wouldn't mind answering something like that, but I work with the government. And I have plans to run for office someday.

Joseph did not mention anything deaf or truly proud of being a deaf person. Or the Metroweekly magazine interviewer and editor rather omit any reference to him being deaf or really hearing himself?

The past deaf individuals like Lee Trevathan and Dan and Cesar Ayala have been featured as the Metroweekly's Coverboy. Lee Trevathan and Cesar Ayala made into the final selection for the annual Coverboy of the Year few years ago.

Look at the photo of Lee Trevathan for the MetroWeekly's Coverboy of  the Year 2005 from Ridor9th's "Observe, Do Not Interfere" blog -

Dan, another Coverboy got mentioned about being deaf and studied to be the CDI (Certifited Deaf Interpreter)  -

More of deaf guys being featured for the Metroweekly's Coverboy of the Year 2009 like Cesar Ayala -

RLMDEAF will keep you, readers abreast of any future online posting developments about Joseph, the graduate of Gallaudet University to be available on

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deaf Gally Professor, L. Synder-Garnder Died in Recent Fire

Regretfully informed you, RLMDEAF readers about the unfortunate incident involved Deaf Gallaudet University math professor and her daughter and ten pets died in the rented house blaze.

The name of Gallaudet University deaf math professor - It's Laura Synder-Garnder. Very sad. Her deaf daughter, Mary Ann, a junior at Gallaudet University, was killed as well as ten pets- two dogs and eight cats. Laura Synder-Garnder had very outgoing personality.

Laura's son taught math at Gallaudet, too.

No photo available of Laura Synder-Garnder. Just the group photo of Gallaudet University's Science, Technology and Mathematics Department. No idea of what Laura Synder-Garnder look like.

That assumed Laura Synder-Garnder to be the contractual employee, not the tenured or full-time professor.

Here is the individual photo of deceased Laura Synder-Garnder from Gallaudet employee file :

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Correction : Mary Ann Synder-Garnder was the Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) student, not Galladet University student as previously reported on this blog. Many thanks to Aaron Evans for the correction. Greatly appreciated for his correction, Evans.

Here is the Facebook page of Laura & Mary Ann-Gardner -!/InMemoryOfMaryannLauraGardner