Thursday, October 14, 2010


I, Robert L. Mason known as "RLMDEAF" or "RLM", regretfully inform you, my readers that I am leaving the DeafRead for several reasons, ex.

Systematic censorship on DeafRead which too many of my blog postings never manage to get published by the DeafRead to reach the wide audience like you, all.

I really sometimes do not understand WHY handful of my blog postings never get published without any explaination from the DR editors.

Many editors in general, usually inform the writer why hir article will be not published, etc.

I want my blog postings to be "uncensored" without any fear for not able to pass the DR's editorship. I often restraint my thoughts and expression so I could get my blog postings published on the DR.

I often wonder why too many "unworthy" blog postings of mine tend to get published while other "worthy" ones hardly get published.

I rather get my own blog posting published without making any concessions, concerns and limits.

I will explore what will be my next option for getting my thoughts and expertise in gathering information and facts for my loyal readers.

I want to thank every of you make my blog postings to be much possible. I truly appreciate your faithful readership for about five years.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)