Wednesday, April 14, 2010


DeafPundit expressed her legtimiate concerns about the questionable intents of so-called national trends of higher education facilities shortchange the future of job production within America and other countries by resorting to the "cutting corners ".

DeafPundit's pointed out the contradicatory statements coming from the prestigious Michigan State University why the ASL classes and deaf education training programs not consistent with the necessity for next four years from now. The MSU adminstrative officials used pathetic excuses
from the low enrollement numbers to the widespread installement of cochlear implant devices.

DeafPundit is definitely right about the hidden audism within many higher education facilities like the past common practices for world of higher education resorted to the Anti-Semitism and institutional racism to keep the particular minorities out of their classrooms.

Look at DeafPundit's significant vlog posting -

Many higher education institutions did not realize that the ASL classes and Deaf Education programs really PRODUCE JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

That's why we really need the federal legislation to desginate the American Sign Language to be protected as a minority language real soon before too late. Our own existence could vapor into thin air and be extinct for good.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Tea Party Organizers Refused to Provide ASL Interpreters Upon Request

About deaf 20 Tea Party supporters repeatedly made the formal requests to the Tea Party organizers for more than 3 weeks ago for providing the American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for the Boston rally on the date of April 14th.

Several of the deaf Tea Party members had been informally assured by the IM chats with the Tea Party organizers that the presence of ASL interpreters will be there last week ago. One of them asked for confirmation of ASL interpreters' given name and got immediately disconnected by the AOL IM chat. Repeated attempts to get in touch with the Tea Party organizers left some deaf Tea Party supporters such a negative experience with the Tea Party.

26 deaf individuals showed up to see the close-ups of Sarah Palin, but had been turned away for the security reason.

No video footage showed how the Tea Party organizers treated deaf Tea Party supporters that way at the Boston Tea Party rally via Boston Commons Plaza. *sigh*

Dunno know about tommorow's major Tea Party rally in Washington, DC for the annual Tax Day protest whether the ASL interpreter(s) will be provided for the deaf Tea Party supporters.

The Guardian, UK newspaper still miscategorize the mispellings of words on the Tea Party poster signs as some kind of sign language -

The recent controvesty surrounded Sarah Palin's secretive speaking fee contract with the California state university which some university students accidently discovered the shredded documents in the university adminstration trash bin. Palin's eccentric demands for "bendable straws" and other things -

The state attorney general of California will take a look into this Palin controvesty and the state university adminstration whether they violate the state laws.

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Deaf Descendant from the Sinking "Titantic" (Video)

The deaf descendant of the Titantic's First Officer, William McMaster Murdoch, accidentally discovered about someone famous from his family tree research.

View the video enclosure which the deaf descendant of McMaster narrated and showed the photos of his famous family descendant.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason