Friday, October 1, 2010

Are Deaf American Children Being An Experimental Rat?

More and more U.S. government's past experiments on human beings are revealed lately.

Worst of all, the U.S. government conducted very unethical and illegal human experiments outside the country on unsuspected individuals without their consents.

So the fair question is asked among us, Americans whether our deaf children are being
experimented without their consents like the forced cochlear implant surgery on very
young deaf infants and youths. Why our own U.S. government are so interested in doing
the social engineering of eradicating the existence of deaf people badly?

Political conservatives like Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell would lash out at the media revelations about such unethical human experiment on human beings by the federal
government of the past.

Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell and other deaf Republicans never done anything about the
real wasteful spendings on the study of deaf people's genetics and cochlear implant development
within the National Institute of Health cost the American taxpayers billion and billion dollars.

Provide all the necessary tools for successful education and cultural/linguistic embraceness toward deaf youngsters are the real key to lead the productive and independent lives, NOT the use of CI or other systematic tools to keep deaf youngsters from reaching their true potentials.

The cochlear implant testings on human beings went back to the 1940s and 1950s. The latest discovery about AGB conducted the failed CI experiments back in early 1900s.

Study on Quality of Life Among Deaf Youth CI Users

Harold Crane, the loyal blog reader of mine sent me this newspaper article about the latest study on the quality of life among deaf youth CI users whether the device really help them or not.

One deaf teenager admitted to her parents that she felt real NORMAL without the use of cochlear implant!

Look at this enclosed article -

Many thanks to Harold Crane, my dear friend from the Sunshine State for sending me this enclosure!

Audism-Free America also received this newspaper article from Harold Crane, too.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

New Captioning Law in Maryland!

This new landmark law in Maryland give much-needed rights to deaf people in the public area.

So the providers via public area could not deny any deaf individual upon their request to turn on the captions, ex. bars, coffeehouses, resturants and other public places.

*Waving hands* to the Deaf Marylanders for their hard work and effort to make this new law happen.

We finally are treated as equal citizens like everyone else in the public area!

Mike McConnell surely will criticize this new law as some kind of big-government regulation shove down the providers via public area. Or seen it as a costly incentives for business to accompany the needs of deaf patrons or customers?

You, all Deaf America know how Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell are against anything that really benefit the Deaf Citizenry. That's why Deaf America must not vote for Republicans this year to teach them for being an obstructionists so far!

Look at the new Maryland captioning law -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

What Do You Think of This Video Mocking Deaf Vlogger?

The deaf vlogger seems got his own wish come TRUE, but not in the sense of what he wanted!

Real CHAMP about another deaf vlogger took out on the "most infamous and watched" deaf
vlogger in America!!! Her YouTube/DVTV posting was quite superbu and WOW! Wanna see more of this deaf female vlogger!! Yes, the deaf vlogger surely cleaned out Ridor in her own way of roasting Ridor.

Perfect for both Ridor haters and worshippers to view this enclosed video!