Sunday, February 28, 2010

Technology of Future for Deaf and Hearing People

Real amazing to see the future of stove top without the use of pots and pans and whatever they are -

What will be in for us, deaf people in the future with the use of useful technology? Will we be truly optimistic for our signing community?

The futuristic society would be more likely to ban any kind of physical violence against human beings from such unnecessary surgery on deaf babies and youngsters.

I personally envision the future of technology to be the efficient backlash against the so-called social engineering of audists' perspective of human flaws and imperfections like helping deaf signers achieve the real full societal equality for very first time in the humankind history.

Deaf signers could show up at any public events at very last-minute decision without such hassles of making all arrangements in advance for sign language interpreter.

Or deaf signers could be running for the public offices without any communication obstacles or language gap. They could appear on the talk shows within instant electronic translations which will put less burden on interpreters of the deaf. Interpreters could run the behind the scenes to make sure that everything go smoothly and accurately within deaf signers run the entire show.

So the parents of deaf babies and youngsters do not have to resort to such barbaric methods of cochlear implant surgery on their own kids. They would let all deaf kids to be real unique and productive citizens without suppressing the use of sign language.

We, deaf signers must fight together for better future of our own linguistic and cultural community against the evils of inhumane approach to resolve the so-called problematic in minds of audists and social engineers and geneticists.

We must seize on the real advantages of futuristic technology into our hands to reshape the human society against audists and clueless and ignorant parents of deaf babies and kids.

Hopefully that we, deaf signers will take the guilty party whose inflict very inhumane methods against our deaf babies and kids to the court. Ever parents of deaf kids whose had them implanted with cochlear implants without kids or babies' consent or permission, will also face the court of law why those parents resort to barbaric practices against their own offspring. All kids are no longer seen as a private property within parents which they are much part of the society as equals. Deaf kids and adults could enjoy the fruitful aspect of futuristic technology without removing their so-called flaws and still be DEAF.

More futuristic technology like elegant hearing aid look like a real jewelry -

The new humanity could be free of human prejudices and ignorance and systematic discrimination against deaf signers if we really fight, fight and fight and get things successfully done.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)