Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cochlear Implant Devices Are Vulnerable to Artificial Viruses

Parent of deaf babies and kids ought to think TWICE about implanting the cochlear implant device on their own offspring.

More and more medical devices inside the human body from the heart pacemakers to cochlear implants are vulnerable to the artificial viruses like computer virus or electromagnetic attacks.

That happened to one scientist's hand embedded with computer virus -

We really do not need the computer hackers or someone intentionally compromise our own deaf people to such technological vulnerabilities. Nature always find its way to worm into our humanity, especially technological devices.

Many thanks to Scott Wilson for posting this article on his Facebook's "Wall". :)

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Any of you probably do not receive the e-message along with the video enclosure from the SnapVRS company.

After viewing Jeff Rosen, the General Counsel for the SnapVRS as a company spokeperson within the enclosed video message. He and the SnapVRS seems had many good points about how the NCEA's proposed rate for finanical operation reimbursement often do not reflect the true cost of daily VRS operational cost.

Here is the enclosed video message from the SnapVRS for your viewing and leave your thoughts on this blog posting. Please do not engage in any personal attacks or degrading comment upon the SnapVRS. Always am a believer in the freedom of expression, but we
need to regulate our sayings within the social civility. Thanks.

The upcoming RLMDEAF blog posting will be an OPEN LETTER TO THE FCC AND NCEA regarding the low-income deaf individuals being left out of the VRS access due to the inconsistent telephone discount rates offers to hearing low-income individuals in many states. The deaf ASL users do not have much opporunity with the "functionally equalivent" access to the VRS while hearing low-income individuals obtain the special telephone discounts for voice telephone users. Such an existing inequality within deaf ASL users and hearing individuals whose are below the poverty level.

The Obama adminstration and anti-poverty organizations and national broadband propoents and deaf VRS customers would be more than happy to push for the higher TRS fund reimbursements in exchange for the free VRS equipment distribution and technical help for the deaf low-income individuals.

Still the real necessity of bringing the deaf low-income ASL users into the world of VRS where everyone have an equal access to the benefits of VRS uses regarding their income difference.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, May 24, 2010


REAL SHOCKING about how true for the deaf hate crime intentionally happened in the Hoosier State (Indiana) against the deaf high school student and her own mother. Look at the enclosed vlog -

How much we ought to see the real existence of DEAF HATE CRIME in our society at large lashing out against deaf people? DEAF HATE CRIME DO EXIST in many ways despite some people's skepticism.

Carl Schroeder and his "DEAF HATE CRIME" team unit and audience had been toured around the country to educate what we often overlook and not realize such existence of hate crime against us until too late.

I had been a victim of DEAF HATE CRIME when I was in the Library of Congress's Madison building in 1998. The hearing guy stabbed me with the fancy kind of pencil with lead in it out of blue. I sat in front of the computer doing some research. I felt stingy and looked backward immediately and found the real hatred on the light-skinned black guy's face. His words - "Don't you lipread?" I sat in the office cubicle with the computer in front of me. I never met this guy before or make an acquaintance with him. I tried to calm this guy, but he went berserk on me.

The guy seems resentful toward me for being deaf. I had to dispatch the library employee to call the Library of Congress police unit to arrest this guy. The police immediately came to the scene and interviewed several people around and asked me to fill out the police report.

The Library of Congress police screened the security video and found out that was really intentionally done by the guy. The video showed that the guy mocked ASL in back of me while I did not see what the guy done behind my back. The Library of Congress police sent the video and related documents to the U.S. Attorney's Office to prosecute the perpetrator.

The term for "Deaf Hate Crime" does not exist yet until Carl Schroeder begun the formality on "Deaf Hate Crime" definition.

The court case had the guy paid me some money for damaging my shirt like $20 which the U.S. Attorney's Office originally want $500 dollars. I told them that was too much for just a shirt. I was too honest and sympathetic. The prosecutor successfully had the guy banned from the Library of Congress for five years.

I dealt with past intentional deaf hate crime against me in several occurrences. One hearing guy rudely told me "Get cochlear implant!" at the museum when I politely asked the museum staffer please to write down what she said to me at the information desk.

Let's pray for Tina and Dawn Boozer for the speedy and full recovery. We must make sure that the guy inflicted the intentional harm toward those two individuals in presence of deaf students to get the real justice in the court. Nobody ought get away with the "Deaf Hate Crime".

Governor Crist and the state of Florida recently issued the new "hate crime" law for anyone, who intentionally harm the homeless people. Too many teenagers and other individuals often get away with dousing gasoline on homeless people in sleeping mode or stomping on their heads.

Any kind of hate crime against someone must be vigorously prosecuted and spend years in prison to keep the society at large safe from any undeserved intentional harm.

Mike McConnell of "Kooklnut Pundits" mocked the idea of "Deaf Hate Crime" as some kind of desperation. How odd for Mike McConnell blast such legal incentive for hate crime as Governor Crist, Republican Governor of Florida signed the bill to protect the homeless people from hate crime.

Is Mike McConnell a fine example of another Rand Paul, the current Republican U.S. Senate candidate in the Bluegrass State (Kentucky)?

What will the Deaf Republicans do with Mike McConnell's divisive and anti-deaf people rantings?

Hopefully that more of you calls for the "Deaf Hate Crime" presentations come to your town and invite the police officers and politicians to be aware of the ongoing "deaf hate crime".

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

McC's "DeafHood? No Thanks" FB Site Is All BS!

For your own information, Mike McConnell of KP, is really an agitator and fact-twister, who would do anything to manipulate and deceive anyone into being feeble-minded to his own agenda and interests to keep the deaf community DISFRANCHISED all the way. That's where
get us right now in the seas of confusion and uncertainty and audism.

If you take a close look at Mike McConnell's past blog postings to see the pattern of his ideology what the society should be all about. McConnell keep defending President George W. Bush's actions and records without being pragmatic and reasonable if someone done the wrong thing.

McConnell is the kind of person, who would NOT admit to any misjudgement or illogical thing.

I would criticize President Obama's horrendous handling of the "BP's disastrous oil spills" if I did vote for Obama in 2008. I rather be doing the right thing than saving my own face unlike Mike McConnell's staunch Republicanism to the end. Mike McConnell would not diss any Republican elected officeholders at all.

Mike McConnell is the new Alexander Graham Bell of the 21th century! Bell, an eugenicist, divider, schemer, profiteer, exploiter, saboteur, "wolf in sheep's clothing", sadist within countless experiment on defenseless animals (vivisectionist), thief, gold digger, egomaniac, would be VERY PROUD of Mike McConnell for what he is doing now with the deaf community to keep it divided, weakened, non-unified, disfranchised and powerless to make deaf people fully whole and functional as true human beings, not less than the dominant society.

Does Mike McConnell really understand the educational and language needs of deaf kids and babies? Does Mike have any children of his? Does Mike employed in the educational facility for deaf kids? I don't think so!

Have Mike McConnell attend the past conferences that concerned deaf youngsters what we could help those kids to excel in the educational system to be real equals to hearing peers? I do not think so!

Did Mike McConnell volunteer for any charity cases to help people like the Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake Relief and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster? McConnell is a trained geologist (soil and rock stuff) which he never express any concerns or urges to help the disfranchised residents within the Gulf of Mexico region.

Did we see Mike McConnell offering any long-term solutions for the deaf community? Nope!

The deeply concerned deaf individuals are not going out to destroy Tayler Myers. They just expressed such concerns about how the DeafRead and DVTV getting more and more audistic. instead of being more balanced aggregators.

The likes of Russell aka Deaf Bunny owner (note- Mike McConnell was the first deaf blogger to post about the Deaf Bunny while his Republican Party heavily promote the family values) and Barry Sewell aka Dr. Hoockom and another fictional alias of his, dehumanized the proponents of strong deaf leadership to lift the Deaf America out of its misery into the real success and achievements among us.

Here is the proof of Mike McConnell praised the corruption of deaf people thru pornography -

Mike McConnell did blast the Deaf Expo for shutting down the Deaf Bunny vendor BECAUSE many deaf parents objected to the Deaf Expo organizers for letting the deaf porn merchants
have the vendor booth in front of children. McConnell have no sympathy or understanding for deaf parents wtih kids. He rather defend the rights of pornographers to corrupt kids with such degrading materials of human beings to exploit for the private pleasures.

Many deaf individuals within the Deafhood movement HAVE THEIR OWN CHILDREN AND EXTENDED FAMILY MEMBERS TO TEND AND TAKE CARE AND NURITIFY AND RAISE . Ever they are in the long-term relationships and marriages. Those people KNOW how to be PART of the community!

Look at Mike McConnell's social status for how he interacts with people in general. Many ASL users interact with the society at large very well.

Respect and embracing other human beings to be part of the community is the REAL KEY!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Karma is Bitch to Audists for What They Done to the NCSD!

Pretty Good Victory for the Education of the Deaf in America! The North Carolina State Senate took the North Carolinia Schools of the Deaf AWAY from the NC's Department of Health and put the schools under the state Department of Education where the schools rightfully belonged to the approriate department.

What the state department of health have to do with the oversights of the education of the deaf and quality of education for deaf youngters in the first place?


See that we, Deaf America's fightings against AUDISM do pay off with good karma!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proudly Introduces Danielle Reader ......

Hi DeafRead (DR) readers,

I am proudly introduce Danielle Reader to the new family member of the DeafRead. Some of you probably read her blog postings - "Thru Mother's Eyes". Danielle is very amazing and admirable parent of deaf son currently enrolled at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, CA.

Danielle Reader is really one of the fine example within too many parents of deaf children being victimized by the myriads of systematic deceit and manipulation in regard to the educational opportunity for her own deaf son and other millions of deaf children. She is not just a "blip" into the cracks of systematic failures. Other million and million parents of deaf children going through very same "cycle of Machiavellian systematic games" in name of exploiting deaf children for just ungodly profits to fatten the very few people.

Just read Danielle's poignant letter to the radio station after hearing the radio interview with the opponents of AB 2072 -

Danielle Reader wrote another blog posting after she met Rep Tony Mendoz. She vividly described her encounter with Mendoz -!/notes/julie-rems-smario/hearing-mother-of-deaf-boy-expresses-her-experience-with-tony-mendoza-author-of-/391061191777

You could find Danielle Reader and her son, Jaden on the Caliornia School for the Deaf (Fremont)'s web page -p. 8-10. She expressed her endless gratitude to the CSDF for saving her son from the educational and language development "failures" -

You will find Danielle's writing - "A Hearing Parent Speak Out" on the second entry-

Jaden Reader was included in the Douglas Tilden's CSD alumni mural wall - in the time for the CSDF's 150th Anniversary last Fall 2009.

Jaden Reader was one of the CSDF participant in the National Family Literacy Day at the CSDF campus -

Danielle Reader posted her second blog posting on DeafRead -

An interesting note about the original location of the CSDF was in San Fransisco before moved to the Berkeley site.

Wow! Our Deaf History are full of surprises!

ASLIze yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, May 17, 2010

McC's "F*ckYDC" Another Skokie Controversy??

McConnell's blog -'Fu*k You, Deaf Community" much reminder of the horrific and shocking Skokie incident occurs more than 30 years ago in the Chicago suburb with the large Jewish population He had the galls to post his latest blog posting from the perspective of hearing parents of deaf child with CI last weekend. Had he McConnell done the blog posting in rational behavior or intentionally drag the deaf community at large into unnecessary audism?

The white supremacists got the permit of marching through the Skokie community in military-style uniforms with swastika and abusive posters targeted the Holocaust survivors in 1977.

The Skokie community had their arms up in air to protest the planned march to invoke the painful memories of systematic extermination among most Skokie neighbors.

The Skokie controversy ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of freedom of expression and speech whether the white supremacists had the constitutional right to march and harass and intimidate the former Holocaust survivors and targeted minorities. http://http//

The majority of Americans were very offended about the idea of the white supremacists marched through the quiet suburban neighborhood back at that time as compared to the apathetic state of the DeafRead readers and DVTV viewers about the increasingly audisitic environment by agnostists from the likes of Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Russell via Deaf Bunny, White Ghost and other audists.

The Jewish groups fought back with the military-like stands- like the anti-AB 2072 group and the Audism Free America and Deaf Bilingual Coalition and the Deafhood Foundation.

From the unidentified woman, 4/25/1977 in response to the National Socialist Worker Party (Neo-Nazis) protest march request during the Skokie Village Ground meeting -

Because we will not for the sake of our children, as long as we are alive

Boy, age of 12 begs ...


there should be no way that we should allow them to march in Skokie under any circumstances because the amendment say "freedom of speech" .....

Guess what? Frank Collins, the leader of proposed Nazi march and member of the NSWP (Nazis), was an ethnic Jew himself!! Collins had been charged on child molestation and went to the prison.

The Netflix have the DVD rental copy for . It was produced by the CBS-TV in 1981.

Everyone know that karma is a real b*tch. The deaf audists and Karl White will see their time come to haunt them later in life thru the mystique of karma like Frank Collins turned against his own people ever his father, Holocaust survivor. Don't worry, the pro-Deafhood and anti-AB 2072 bill proponents!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


What Mike McConnell Don't Know About the AB 2072

Mike McConnell's "F**K You, Deaf Community" blog piece surely reflected the true color of what and who Mike McConnell is all about. *expose piece below*

Mike McConnell really have no clue what is really going on with the "behind the scenes" maneuverings of the AB 2072 bill to have Rep. Tony Mendoz as just a horse jockey for the unscrupulous bettors, who gamble on the future of deaf kids and their educational needs.

Here is the enclosure of what the major financial company publicly support the White House financial reform bill, BUT they fight against it behind the scene with lobbyists swarming the Capitol Hill -

What Mike McConnell and the backers of the AB 2072 have in common. They said "See that we are for ASL". Every of you and I KNOW that those people really do not embrace the true diversity of language and cultural paradigm! They f**k our deaf community and ASL in big way.

Of course, Mike McConnell and the supporters of the AB 2072 embrace the concept of "capitalist pigs" like the Goldman Sachs and other financial leeches bleed the American society dry for quick bucks and dump the endless mess on us to take care of f**ked-up deaf kids from the denials of language acquisition and social/intellect development too many times over 100+ years.

Remember Mike McConnell's infamous mockery of Pepsi Cola ads' "Uncle Bob's House" which he defied the common courtesy of the DeafRead and Deaf Community at Large by his refusal of using the ASL. McConnell knew ASL, but chose to speak verbally -

Here is the real shameful blog of Mike McConnell's -

Why would I post McConnell's disrespectful blog? I want to be fair to everyone else.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

"Desperate Housewives" Done to Us, Deaf People Again!

Marc Cherry, the producer of ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives" done again to us, deaf people by paternalistic attitude with the given dialogue - "Oh God, he's deaf!" by Mike Delfino character.

The storyline involved the deaf kid when the Susan and Mike character accidently sold M.J.'s favorite toy, "rubber dinosaur" to Roy, the elderly neighbor. M.J. asked where was his T-Rex??

Susan stumbled and told M.J. - "Remember that you put your unwanted toys in the "sell" pile?" M.J. asked the question "what is "sell" pile?" Susan said "Oops, we sold the T-Rex to Roy". Susan and Mike went to Karen McClusky's house where Karen and Roy, the elderly couple
live together.

Roy answered the door (you could see the 17.00 running time scene where the deaf kid appeared) as Roy's grandson). Yes, the finally caption its tv shows on the official ABC-TV website - Forward (FF) to the 17:00 if you want to see the presence of deaf kid.

Danik Soundakoff, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) appeard very brief in less than 3 minutes as Roy's grandson. He held the T-Rex toy.

The real question about the questionable dialogue like "Oh God, he's deaf!" What you make out of this dialogue? Is that acceptable to you or what?

To me, that was not really necessary to say "Oh God, he's deaf!" Why can't the Mike Delfino character said something like "Oh well, another kid to be dealt with"? The presence of deaf people ought to be the "non-issue" and treated like everyone else, instead of being callous about the deaf kid.

Another question - "Will Roy's grandson be a regular character on ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives" next television season?

For your information, Actor James Denton, who played Mike Delfino character. James' real-life uncle had been the principal of the Tennessee School for the Deaf. That's how the Carlos character had been temporarily blind on the "Desperate Housewives". The info about James' uncle being the principal of the TSB came from the Bonnie Hunt Show, the syndicated weekday talk show -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Saturday, May 15, 2010


Too many deaf people rolled their eyes whenever someone deaf brought the service dog "hearing dog" into the bar for the Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH) or bowling alley or nightclub, etc which have done nothing to ensure the real necessity of service dog.

Someone deaf brought the service dog into the bar with heavy cigarette presence! Ever some deaf people brought that dog to the nightclub with VERY LOUD MUSIC which rattle dogs' very sensitive hearing capability, etc. Ever the nightclub attendees keep stomping on poor service dog within the dark environment. The owner of that hearing dog kept dismissed many deaf people's objections and concerns.

More and more Gallaudet students brought their so-called service dogs into the main campus in Washington, DC and left them all days in the dormitory settings while they attended classes.

Why in the world for Gallaudet students bring the service dogs to the Gallaudet campus with
every means of accommodations and accessibility being available to students?

Ever the service dogs at Gallaudet University get their own campus I.D. with pictures!

Too many deaf people surely abuse the real intentions of ADA laws for service dogs at appropriate necessity for having their services to assist deaf individuals.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Former CSDR Graduate Will Appear on ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives" Next Sunday, 5/16/2010

The California School for the Deaf (CSDR) via Riverside website posted the news announcement few days ago about its former CSDR graduate appeared on next Sunday's ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives", May 16th episode at 9pm (EST).

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

What Do You Really Think of Sorenson's Rebuttual Video?

Someone posted this video posting from the Sorenson VRS which the VRS company made the "rebuttal video" with other naysayers on the proposed FCC/NCES rates.

Should we demand to see the hard data on the operational costs of the Sorenson VRS to embrace their concerns?

What about the transparency among the VRS companies?

Will we see the congressional hearings on the proposed rates for VRS companies in the near future?

Who is this deaf lady or hearing lady in the enclosed video? No questions about how presentable and effective signer the lady is. Of course, her clothes are very appropriate as compared to the NAD video promos for Philly conference. NAD could take some lesson from
many presentable video promos within the VRS industry and other deaf video presenters.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inaccurate Reporting on AB 2072 Bill

Erroneous reporting about the California State Senate Health Committee went forward with the committee votes last Wednesday late afternoon whether the committee kill or send the AB 2072 bill to the General Assembly for the up and down votes.

From the reliable source like Karen Kingrey which she shared her information with numerous deaf individuals like this. With her permission for printing her comments on Facebook -

Karen Kingrey
Let me explain about the CA legislative process... CA. Senate Rules Committee sent AB 2072 to CA Senate Health Committee today. It reaches Sen Health Committee and will be sent to researcher/analysis staff of Sen Health Committee to review and analyze AB 2072 first. The chairperson of Sen. Health Committee will wait until get a report of analysis on... See More AB 2072 from researcher/analysis. Then chairperson will announce the date of a hearing on AB 2072. The support and opposite groups will give their presentations at health committee hearing. After the presentations, they will vote on AB 2072 to support or kill.

Karen Kingrey
encourage the deaf people in us and california to call CA Senate Health committee at 916-651-4111 starting now. Their office opens at 9 am (Pacific Daylight Time)
Yesterday at 7:12pm

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Karen Kingrey, former deaf lobbyist and activist, eventually found out that the AB 2072 bill within the California State Senators' Health Committee begun on the voting process TODAY, not TMW!

Karen Kingrey was told by the California Senators' Health Committee that the AB 2072 bill was most "hottest bill" ever they encountered in the Senate Rules Committee. Both opponents and proponents of the AB 2072 bill, surely fought endlessly to see the bill being dead on arrival (DOA) or going through for the General Assembly votes.

Everyone within the opposition of the AB 2072 bill from Julie Rems Smario to Ella Mae Lentz and the backing of the California Association of the Deaf znd Deaf Californians made the real difference in defeating the inhumane bill.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jon Ziev Disputed Sorenson's Claims About VRS Being Endangered

Jon Ziev, a deaf consumer advocate, disputed with the latest Sorneson's usual fear tactics about the VRS industry being endangered.

Here is Ziev's vlog posting -

Steve Baier aka the Deaf Sherlock posted the Sorenson's video to mobilize the deaf VRS users to call the FCC in protest of the commission's new proposed policy -

"Under the Hill" blogger also posted the NCEA's proposal and Sorenson e-video-

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Friday, May 7, 2010

What's Up With Awful NAD's Philly Conference Promo Video?

Was the NAD out of mind for allowing Kirsen Poston done the promotional video with her shabby t-shirt and distracted hairdo for the NAD's 50th Conference in Philadephia, PA?

Pretty shocked to see someone dressed that way for NAD's conference promo video. Everything is about image how we present ourselves.

How come didn't NAD furnish the decent wardrobe for Kirsten Poston to do the video presentation? If the NAD respond about not having enough money to cover the cost of approriate wardrobe. That is called the investment in image presentation for the good impression of the NAD.

George Verditz wouldn't caught dead in wearing the underwear shirt in his classic NAD film presentations on the preservance of sign language.

Kirsten Poston kept looking at something behind the camera. Couldn't Poston memorize the script and be presentable before the camera? Or find someone, who could be an effective and marketable sign presenter without appeared unprofessional and questionable.

Poston's video appearance caused more attention on her "what the hell" shirt and hairdo than the message itself.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

KPFA Radio Interview "Transcript" - "Attack on Language"

The progressive-minded radio station, KPFA of Berkeley, California took up the radio interview with the the opponents of "AB 2072" legislative bill with the presence of ASL interpreter. The radio station consisted of unpaid staff by posting the transcript from the actual radio interview with the deaf activists and former deaf oralists.

Here is the enclosed transcript -

The Wiki enclosure about the KPFA radio station -

An official KPFA website -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Monday, May 3, 2010

IS WNCSD Another "Berkeley" Plot?

Is the attempted closing of the Western North Carolina School for the Deaf (WNCSD) part of the valuable real estate grabs in name of state budget difficulties? Too many hearing people keep refer to the extremely beautiful campus architectures of the WNCSD and made the frequent suggestions for the regional university take over the WNCSD campus.

WCNSD and Berkeley Schools for the Deaf campuses were officially registered with the National Historic Places Register before the school closings.,_North_Carolina

Many deaf people across America are very familiar about how the "California School for the Deaf of Berkeley" was legally stolen from the Deaf California. The state officials and University of California of Berkeley conspired to snatch the "extreme valuable"real estate from the Deaf California and deaf kids attended the Berkeley school campus thru false pretenses of being highly prone to earthquake(s). Those audists successfully did for the purpose of the University of Berkeley campus expansion thru the use of legal deceptions and fear tactics.

The "California School for the Deaf of Berkeley" (CSDB) survived the 1906 earthquake incident which left just left some minimal damages like the interior "pencil-like" cracks

The "unjustifiable" takeover of the real beautiful and majestic CSDB campus left the former CSDB graduates, former faculty members and staff personnel "emotionally and mentally violated". That still affect the present and future generation of deaf Californians which are much similar to the situation of U.S. Southwest and pre-California region also illegally snatched from the Mexicans.

The enclosed image of CSDB building -

Many CSDB graduates and faculty members had great memories of the exquisite city of Berkeley which were not likely offered at the relocation of CSDF (Fremont).

The future sale of WNCSD campus ought go to the untouched state account within future monetary resources for the deaf. No "buts:, "buts". Every school of the deaf properties are
belonged to the deaf taxpayers, not the audists' decision. Comprendo?

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Shocking Revelations about Similar Groups for AB 2072 and AZ 's New Law

Many of us already knew about the entire" California Coalition" consists of audistic people whose pushed and pushed to rein in 16,000 deaf kids into the money-making schemes and deprived the very most vulnerable youngsters from acquiring the good educational foundation.

More and more interest and hate groups are behind the scene to remake America into their own fanastyland -

So we are not the only victimized by the so-called hate groups like the California Coalition, but many and many foreign-speaking citizenry face such similar treatments.

Another example of how the American media and society at large surely engage in systematic bias against foreigners and their own language-

Figure out who is really a racist and audist. That would be NOT Ella Mae Lentz.

David Eberwein (DE) already explained in his vlog posting on the Alexander Graham Bell's legal arms like the Children's Legal Fund (CLF) which were much similar to the hate groups pushed for Arizona's recent immigrant law by checking and verifying the citizens' legal residency.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Todd Silvestri Passed Away Yesterday

No, no, no, no. That couldn't be possible for someone like Todd Silverstri passed away. No official confirmation how Todd died. In Loving Memory of Todd Silvestri

Everyone at Gallaudet University and MSSD and the Deaf America and countless deaf communities knew who Todd Silverstri was. Nobody overlooked this amazing and coolestand generous deaf guy walked among us.

All sympathy and concoldences go to the Silverstri family and friends during their difficult times.