Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is Joseph the MetroWeekly's Coverboy Dysconscious Audist?

DC's Metroweekly glossy magazine available every week for DC area's GLBT community. The magazine usually feature the selected guy within DC area to be their coverboy of the week.

This week's Coverboy happened to be the graduate of Gallaudet University - Joseph, an Asian 20s guy. Not available at this online posting yet. His photo and Coverboy Confidential data already went out on the printed copies of Metroweekly, but not posted online yet. Joesph was adopted as a kid from South Korea and raised in the Hawkeye State (Iowa).He also raised in the farm with 14 siblings.

That Joesph seems not wanted to disclose himself as a deaf person or really the HUG (hearing graduate) himself? His study major was government and had been in the student internship for Honorable Tom Harkins, U.S. Senator, D-Iowa. Joseph greatly admired the senator for his endless advocacy for disabled people as what Joesph said within the interview.

Joesph's exact quote for MetroWeekly's Coverboy Confidential interview :

Who is your greatest influence?

Tom Harkins. He's not only been an advocate for people with disabilities, but he's voted his conscience, what he thinks is right. Since I've been able to vote, I've voted for him.

Why I bring up this guy? Joesph might have the future political career of his. From what Joseph told the interviewer -

Define good in bed.

I wouldn't mind answering something like that, but I work with the government. And I have plans to run for office someday.

Joseph did not mention anything deaf or truly proud of being a deaf person. Or the Metroweekly magazine interviewer and editor rather omit any reference to him being deaf or really hearing himself?

The past deaf individuals like Lee Trevathan and Dan and Cesar Ayala have been featured as the Metroweekly's Coverboy. Lee Trevathan and Cesar Ayala made into the final selection for the annual Coverboy of the Year few years ago.

Look at the photo of Lee Trevathan for the MetroWeekly's Coverboy of  the Year 2005 from Ridor9th's "Observe, Do Not Interfere" blog -

Dan, another Coverboy got mentioned about being deaf and studied to be the CDI (Certifited Deaf Interpreter)  -

More of deaf guys being featured for the Metroweekly's Coverboy of the Year 2009 like Cesar Ayala -

RLMDEAF will keep you, readers abreast of any future online posting developments about Joseph, the graduate of Gallaudet University to be available on

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