Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo of Jon Dresser with Cochlear Implant As Perfect Deaf Audist!

Here is the enclosed newspaper photo of Jon Dresser with cochlear implant (CI) -

You could see that Jon Dresser perfectly looked as a deaf audist in that kind of body pose!

Let's ask an question if many people say that the cochlear implant will help the quality of life for deaf kids and adults. How come did Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand as Jon failed to use his own CI to the real opporunity of communicating verbally with the arrested officer (police officer) to prevent any bodily harm.

We could see the real birdbrain of any deaf adult to choose to get the CI. The future studies would show that the CI will lessen the IQ's of any deaf kids and adults. Hope so!

Culturally deaf people would not get their hands hurt like Jon Dresser. They know how valuable hands and eyes are. Those people would be not stupid to jeopardize their main body parts like Jon Dresser.

Look forward to learn how Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand thru the courtroom proceeding.

The newspaper had incorrectly labeled Jon Dresser's CI as hearing aid. How ignorant of that newspaper!

This deaf blogger have nothing against anyone deaf with CI if he or she have been victimized by their parents or audist guardian. Just like to mock any deaf audist with CI if he or she hurt other deaf individuals for any kind of reason. That is the kind of entertainment we really need among ourselves.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)