Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I was the FIRST to expose Tom Bertling as Lexie Cannes/Courtney O' Donnell Pretty Long Time Ago!

I, Robert L. Mason, was the F I R S T deaf person to expose Tom Bertling as "Lexie Cannes" and "Courtney O' Donnell pretty long time ago like last Fall 2011. I left the urgent message on Ella Mae Lentz's Facebook (FB) Wall to warn her that Lexie Cannes/Courtney O' Donnell was really Tom Bertling, the destructor of Deaf Language/Community and other things. That was the phase when Lexie Cannes/Courtney O' Donnell.promoted hir own film release.

Trudy Suggs also inquired on my Facebook Wall how can I be sure about Tom Bertling being Lexie Cannes and Courtney O' Donnell.

How DID I find out about Tom Bertling being Lexie Cannes/Courtney O' Donnell thru his film publicity release, ex. "pretended interview by someone notable journalist, ex. Courtney O Donnell??? I noticed the similar facial resemble via face shape and hir own writing styles.


I regretfully not write out the blog in the first place which I would look up past blog postings to back up my own claim.

Well, Ricky Taylor a.k.a Ridor9th was very stupid to chew out Tom Bertling a.k.a Lexie Cannes/Courtney O' Donnell on Deaf Queers and Allies. I kept my cool by not being confrontational to Lexie Cannes/ Courtney O' Donnell. Just used the common sense!

Look at nothing new about Ricky Taylor a.k.a Ridor9th getting kicked out of handful of deaf blogs snd vlogspheres!!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)