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Mike McConnell aka the "Kolonut Pundit" posted his latest blog in definition of why some deaf activism from the Deaf Bilingual Coalition to the anti-AB 2072 activists would be according to his interpretation, technically defined as such an extremist group(s) within the Wiki enclosure.

Has Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell and Gloria Sutton and Russell the Deaf Bunny and the White Hood (Ghost) been familiar with the Founding Fathers - George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other prestigious statesmen being the TRUE RADICALS?

THE FOUNDING FATHERS were pretty seen as such an extremists to denounce the Crown of England like the subtrean rebels (term from Paddy Ladd's "Deafhood") fighting back against the roots of AUDISM.

Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell would be seen as the Loyalists, the defenders of King George if they lived back in the 1770s. They defended the status quo and authority and wisdom within the Crown (Tony Mendoza and the California Coalition treating the deaf children as unlimited commodity and wealth). The Founding Fathers were seen as the true patriots for fighting back against the true tyranny of "government without direct representative." The deaf and parents of deaf children and babies stakeholder were out in the cold without being consulted and embraced for such a law being made without being properly represented within the government.

The AB 2072 opponents are seen as the true patriots and rebels against the system for imposing such unjustifiable means upon deaf children and babies. The Founding Fathers embraced the actions of rebellious behaviors from the Boston Tea Party to the concept of jury of their peers and lawful warrant and search.

Patrick Henry's memorable quote - "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" which Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell ought to embrace the ideals of non-internventional government which the AB 2072 bill designated to be steering the emotionally vulnerable parents of deaf newborns and children to the government-approved agents - audiologists for their expertise of imposing biased and prejudiced referrals in conformity with their own ideals of what the deaf child and baby ought to be in the image of the status quo.

More wisdom coming from Patrick Henry quotations which Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell need to refresh their inner thoughts and behaviors what the extremist groups are all about -

The Founding Fathers and other subterean rebels were the true radicals of their time which they embraced the divinity of the Almighty God and the ideals of direct interactions and self-analysis with the higher authority beyond men and laws.

The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were the spiritual movement which the Deaf America embraced very similar concepts of seeking the whole truth like the "Deafhood" movement via workshops and endless group discussions to explore among themselves what were their purpose in life, etc.

The likes of Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gloria Sutton and the White Hood (Ghost) ought to learn some stuff from the real wisdom of the Founding Fathers : An Age of Realism -

Wherever the real power in a government lies, there
is the danger of oppression. In our Government the
real power lies in the majority of the community....

Power naturally grows . . . because human passions
are insatiable. But that power alone can grow which
already is too great; that which is unchecked; that
which has no equal power to control it.

I, Robert L. Mason (RLM) rest my laurel on the fruitless and osfectuious discussion on the so-called extremism within the Deafhood and the AB 2072 opponents. Let's END all the bogus discussions for all.!! We need to rest and catch up with the reality of life than spending all the time on the stupid and pointless deaf blogsphere!!!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason , RLMDEAF blog

FCC Press Release on VRS Rates

John Yeh, Parade Magazine

Jack Anderson wrote a feature article on John Yeh for the Parade magazine back in 1988 -

"Success In A World Of Silence"

John Yeh, a deaf mute, couldn't get a bank loan, but he started his own business anyway by Jack Anderson

Parade Magazine, pp. 10, 12
January 31, 1988

Impairments and impediments have differing effects on different people.

To some they are obstacles to be overcome, to others they are barriers. John Yeh always has traveled the higher but rougher road. His path brought him from obscurity and poverty in Taiwan--by way of Brazil in a cargo ship--to acclaim and fortune in the U.S.

His accomplishment--founding the high-tech company Integrated Microcomputer Systems and turning it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise--would be admirable in itself. But there's another dimension to his story that makes it more than admirable.

More than 12 percent of the 375 employees of IMS are either deaf or hard of hearing, and half of those with normal hearing use sign language--it's the best way for them to communicate with their boss, John Yeh, who is a deaf mute.When he told his story at a Congressional hearing in 1985, "there was a deadly silence in the committee hearing room," former Rep. Parren Mitchell (D., Md.) reported afterward to the House. He added, "The deadly silence was occasioned by Mr. John Yeh."

The indomitable Yeh, moving his hands in the swift, silent gestures of sign language, recounted to the gathered committee members his years of frustration and rejection until a government loan enabled him to go into business. The loan, obtained through a special program of the Small Business Administration (SBA), was the start of his success story--a success that went beyond the most quixotic dreams of his difficult youth.Born deaf from an unknown cause, he grew up in a succession of places in China and Taiwan, seemingly without much hope, shut off from all sound.

His older bother Joseph still recalls the day when the family moved from the Taiwanese countryside to a large city. The neighborhood children decided to test and tease the newcomer, then 10, by setting off a firecracker behind his back. Of course, the small deaf boy never heard the explosion.

The humiliation drew tears. How did John cope with the cruelty? Did he fight back? No, says Joseph, "John made friends with them."John learned patience and tolerance from his devout Christian parents. "Our parents accepted the deafness--it was God's will," says Joseph Yeh. "They believed children are a gift from God and that parents should do the best they can as stewards of this gift."Yu Yeh, a civil engineer, and his wife, Lin Yeh, had fled Mainland China for Taiwan with their children several years before Mao Zedong took over in 1949. Their other children, James, Joseph and Jeffry, have normal hearing; the two youngest, John and his sister, Fanny, are deaf.

Their parents resisted the urge to overprotect and treated all the children the same, except when it came to communication. Mother and son wrote notes back and forth. John's mother now knows sign language but still reverts to writing notes to him in Chinese and English.In search of the best education possible for their two deaf children, John's parents left Taiwan for Brazil in 1960. But their eyes, peering through the mists, were always upon America; like so many of the world's wayfarers, they hoped to reach the land of opportunity.

Joseph vividly remembers John, at 13, on the cargo boat from Hong Kong to Brazil. By the end of the month-long trip, John had not simply made friends with most of the crew--they treated him as an honorary deckhand.After two years of financial sacrifice and bureaucratic paperwork, the family finally settled in the U.S. in 1962. John Yeh arrived in America surrounded by a cocoon of awful silence. To break out of the cocoon and communicate with those around him, he had to learn two new languages: First, he had to learn to read and write English; then he had to learn to translate it into sign language. "I carried a Chinese-English dictionary with me everywhere," he recalls.

His determination paid off: John graduated from the Kendall School and then its affiliate, Gallaudet College. Both are in Washington, D.C., and were founded to educate the hearing-disabled. He earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1971.

Despite his accomplishment, John found that doors were closed to him--the land of opportunity apparently offered opportunities only to those who could hear. "I was interested in becoming a mathematics teacher in high schools," he explained in sign language through an interpreter. "I was turned down. Some said because my English was weak, others said it was both my deafness and my English. If two people's skills are the same, they will choose the hearing person."Undaunted,

John Yeh resolved to slip away from the safe, familiar haunts of the deaf to try a more hazardous course. He enrolled in the master's degree program in computer science at the University of Maryland. "The university was very hard," John recalls. "I worked seven days a week on my studies. In those days, I had to find my own notetakers and interpreters." He got his degree and, soon after, his American citizenship papers.But still he found that prospective employers were unwilling to take a chance on him.

Because his three hearing brothers already were established in the computer field and John's grades were good, he had expected to find a job fairly quickly. "I sent out hundreds of applications for jobs," he recalls. "I either didn't get a response or was turned down. Many didn't feel comfortable with me. Many didn't know how to work with the deaf. I tried for a year to get a job."In the end, reluctantly, he retreated to the world he knew--the world of Gallaudet College, where he worked for five years as the school's computer programmer. But he didn't let go of his hope for something more.By the late '70s, John decided that only way a deaf mute could succeed in business was to start his own company. He asked his brothers to help him in setting up a new company to develop computer software--an idea the brothers had kicked around for several years. "We said, 'If you really want to do it, we'll support you,'"

Joseph Yeh recalls. John's struggle, of course, was just beginning. Every bank rejected his loan application, despite his parents' offer to put up their home as collateral. Then he heard about the Small Business Administration Handicapped Assistance Loan Program. To be eligible, he needed three rejection letters from banks: He got all three letters in one day.John applied for the special program and in the meantime taught himself accounting and business management through SBA workshops and books borrowed from the library.

In 1979, the persevering Yeh got a $100,000 loan at 3 percent interest from SBA. Integrated Microcomputer Systems was born.For the first year, John Yeh took no salary from the company. He relied on his wife, Mary, who is also deaf, to support him and their family on her income as a teacher of the deaf. Hard work, long hours and other federal programs have helped John build the company from two paid employees to nearly 400.Today, the company, situated in Rockville, Md., specializes in software development, telecommunications, office automation and systems engineering. John's brothers are company vice presidents, and his sister Fanny, woks as coordinator between the hearing and deaf employees and teaches sign language.

Revenues totaled $21 million last year, and revenues of $28 million to $30 million are projected for 1988. IMS also has captured multimillion-dollar contracts from the Army, the Navy and the Justice Department.What distinguishes IMS from hundreds of other computer companies? It's the small touches: An employee asking a colleague for a cup of coffee in sign language even though both can speak and hear; the 4-inch plaster statue of three hands signing "IMS"; the company's special project to connect deaf people to the hearing world through personal computers that translate telephone voices.

Nine years after his company's inception, John Yeh, at age 41, still puts in a 70-hour work week, keeps his office door open to all employees and reinvests most of the profits in IMS. He also still lives in the same housing development where his parents, brothers and sister have made their home since coming to the U.S.

For relaxation, he spends time with his wife and their three children. they have two daughters--Mei Ling-Hi, 10, and Ming Hui-Chung, 8--the first born deaf, the second with Down's syndrome. Their 4-year-old son, Jason Tai-Wei, is hard of hearing.When Yeh testified before the House Small Business Committee in 1985, he said he was "certain" that he would not have been able to start of to expand his company without SBA's help.Recently, he encountered an officer of a bank who had turned him down for a loan. "I told him about my business," Yeh says. "His expression showed shock. He was surprised we had grown."John Yeh has a demeanor of great gravity. He takes matters seriously and is careful not to offend. But he can't suppress a smile as he remembers the look on the bank officer's face.[End article]

[photo caption:] John Yeh, 41, now heads his own flourishing enterprise.
[Inset headline:] 'I want the business world to understand that any person has capabilities and can work well'[Inset headline:] At IMS, sign language is the best way to communicate with the boss
[Photo caption:] John Yeh with his sister, Fanny, also deaf and an IMS employee.[Inset headline:] John Yeh, with his brothers' help, created IMS--now a thriving multimillion-dollar business
[Photo caption:] The Yeh brothers in conference: (l-r) Jeffry, John, James and Joseph.


Note: Official death records show a person named "Yu Yeh" who passed away in Potomac, Maryland in 1995 at the age of 87.

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Pope Benedict Was Very Upset About Beligian Law

The sex scandal case of 200+ deaf boys at the St. John School for the Deaf rocked the Catholic Church last winter 2010. How fast we forget about this sex scandal against deaf boys and deaf victims everywhere!

Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church got the real shock from the Eastern Europe country how the Beligium authorities marched in and rounded up priests within the current investigation of sex abuses against children.

Will we see the similar action in the United States on the behalf of deaf victims of sex abuses in the near future? That would be real interesting if we will see one deaf ordinated priest getting arrested for rumored allegations against past deaf parishoners. That deaf priest is in another country right now - Costa Rica which he is no longer in the United States.

Will we see more vigorous efforts to weed out the sexual predators within the education of the deaf and residential facilities of the deaf on the way? That should be the way!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)
RLMDEAF blog * I put BR's enclosure to be a workable link from NYT -

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Transcript from the AB 2072 hearing

Here is an excerpt from the transcript of the AB 2072 hearing last June 23rd -

Transcript of comments by Senator Gloria Romero during Wednesday's proceedings of the Senate Health Committee of the California state legislature

SENATOR ALQUIST: Senator Romero.

SENATOR GLORIA ROMERO: Thank you, Madam Chair. I have looked at this bill and I am urging the--I'd like to urge the Assemblyman to consider the amendments and to adopt the amendments that have been brought forward by the opposition.

Madam chair, I appreciate the work of the committee, some of these I think I can share, but others I do have concerns about. As a psychologist and educator myself, I do think that it sends--intended or not--an unintended consequence that by moving this out of Department of Education into DDS [Department of Developmental Services], it clearly establishes this in the medical model. If we keep it within the Department of Education, I think it reaffirms that language is learned. And in looking at American Sign Language, this is not just a popular language, this is the third most popular language in this country.


SEN. ROMERO (cont.): I think it is--

SEN. ALQUIST [to audience]: Excuse me, we will have no clapping. The sergeants are here. We will have it quiet, so we can all [pause] understand what is going on. Thank you very much.

SEN. ROMERO: So as I approach--and as I have learned quite a bit from both the opponents and proponents, and from mothers who I know in my own life--the question that I start with asking is: [pause] What are we trying to fix? That's the question that I have to ask: What are we trying to fix? Are we trying to fix deafness? And I would have to answer--if that is the question, then I would say: No. [pause] Because, American Sign Language is a language--maybe one that maybe many of us are not familiar with, but it is a language. It's recognized. And if we start from the premise of asking: What are we trying to fix? then I would have to ask: How far are we willing to go? Are we going to fix gay children? Are we going to fix dark-skinned infants and give brochures to parents saying: "This is how you can bleach skin"? Are we going to fix the curl of the hair?--I mean, I must honestly ask this question, because I think these are some of the concerns. And I'm not saying it's intended in this bill, but if we're talking about fixing, those are questions, even in the history of this state, that I think--look at this beautiful mural [gesturing], but there's another mural that we could perhaps paint of California.

So that's the question: What are we trying to fix? [pause] In terms of looking at the amendments--and that's what I fundamentally believe that by moving it to DDS it clearly establishes it in the medical model in need of fixing something, as opposed to the Department of Education, which maintains that this is a linguistic skill, ability and opportunity to continue to oversee. I think, just a--So I would ask the author [gesturing to Assemblymember Mendoza] to consider that [gesturing to the Chair] and the Chair as well, my views.

In terms of the question of the audiologist, I do believe that this is an inherent financial conflict of interest, and I would not feel comfortable by having the audiologist, with a clear financial interest, to be the gatekeeper to parents for information on issues related to hearing.

In terms of--I mean, there's other issues as well that we can raise--The advisory committee that's been proposed I think is balanced and fair, from the opponents. I would ask us to look at that, but I go back to that fundamental question [said with emphasis]: I do not understand what we are trying to fix.

And it does become a question of understanding and embracing the culture of deafness, a language which exists, a language which is the third most popular in this country--a language which I've tried to learn, in fact, as well, and haven't been good at it. So I would ask the author, I appreciate your efforts. I understand, I think [gesturing toward Assemblymember Mendoza] good intentions in bringing this forward, but I am compelled by the [arguments of the] opposition--and would ask you to consider adopting the amendments that have been offered by the opposition.

[Transcript is unofficial.]
LINK TO VIDEO (00:58:37 to 1:03:10):

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DE Shared More Details What Happened at the AB 2072 Hearing

David Eberwein (DE), the current principal of the California School for the Deaf via Fremont, shared many details what really happened at the AB 2072 hearing on June 23, 2010 on his vlog posting.

From Eberwein's ASL version of the AB 2072 hearing was pretty accurate with the observation of the AB 2072 supporters which showed their TRUE COLORS. He done the good job of summarizing the hearing process with Part One and Part Two vlog entries.

Part Two vlog will be showcased first, then Part One vlog -

Part One -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Minnesota CBS-TV News Report on Deaf Reaction to iPhone 4G

The Minnesota CBS-TV station reported on the news of the iPhone 4G presence brought such happiness to the deaf communty with mobile video callings -


The Captiol Weekly, the online newspaper cover the California government and politics which feature the main story on the post-AB 2072 hearing by Michael Panush. It covered all issues what the opposition against the AB 2072 bill and mentioned two past attempts by the California Coalition and the Option Schools with different state senators turned down the legislative request.

Here is an article -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surreal Incident with Deaf Latino and Rep. Mendoza

What a surreal experience for the AB 2072 opponent bumped into Rep. Tony Mendoza at the Pyramid Brewery restuarant after the hearing! That was Elena Ruiz, deaf Latino clicked very well with Rep. Mendoza and chatted for awhile. Mendoza felt connected with Elena due to their similar ethnic hertiage. Politics surely make a strange bedfellow!

Here is Elena Ruiz's own words -

Elena M. Ruiz we were all gathered at pyramid brewery, and it just so happened that mendoza came in with a troupe of his own. thanks to sharing a pitcher of IPA beer with some friends, i felt bold enough to wave to him-- apparently, he recognized me from last week when i passed by him on the street wearing my yellow anti-ab 2072 shirt, shooting him a haughty look. so he came over to me, shook my hand, and we started chatting.after introducing myself as a Latina Deaf woman with parents in the field of bilingual (Spanish-English education,) I was really blunt to him. i told him i felt he was letting down us Latino Deaf people, and that he was contributing to the oppression of us. I told him that his bill reminded me of Prop 227, and he instantly said "i'd never do that, i'd never do that." i also said that i hope we all can work together to make sure that Latino Deaf children dont have to have hearing aids on their ears or stuff implanted on their skull to feel like complete human beings, that they can be ASL users and still be a total part of both the hearing Latino community and the Deaf community. He kept agreeing with everything I said. Then I went on to ask if he had had a change of heart today, and he said yes and that he really wanted to work with us. the convo was prob around 10-15 mins long, and it was photographed and videotaped. i'm sure i'm leaving some more details out, but those are definitely the big points...thank god for that IPA buzz for giving me the ganas to do that.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Inspirational Message for the AB 2072 Detractors!

This inspirational message are for the naughty deaf naysayers undermine the attempted unity and teamwork of CDNIS (Deaf California) to bring such joy, community-building, elevate the deaf child's educational opporunity to the fullest potentials and sparks within our enriched language, American Sign Language free from the destructive pathological medical viewpoints.

Happened to stumble into one of the website which surely bring the inspiration to many of us -

Dr. Martin Luther King said this in a 1957 sermon: " An individual has not begun to live until he can rise above the horizons of his particular individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. Every person must decide, at some point, whether they will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgment. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"

Look forward to sit together with all of you, deaf naysayers and drink and eat merrily together and embrace the real community unity in the name of Deafhood and Deaf Empowerment and Deaf Unity.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


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Mikey McConnell aka the KOOKNUT PUNDIT often CENSORED my comments on his blog for past two months while he allowed the factual errors and loony comment by the Freezepop about the AGBad not responsible for the decline of quality of deaf education after the Milan Conference 1880.

Look at the Kooknut Pundit moderator never took any action to correct the Freezepop's comment -

Anonymous said...
John Egbert,

Before you go any further, there was no evidence that AG Bell was responsible for
destroying ASL for the last 50 or so years. Milan Convention during 1880 did not
ratify from US Senate and it was never brought to a Senate floor. US Education has
never been affected by Milan Convention.Since 1880 to 1980, state schools with sign
language grew 50 which includes Fremont School for the deaf, Riverside, New Mexico,
Colorado Springs, Vancouver, etc. Sign Language grew thousand fold during 100 years.
Did AG Bell destroy it? Not really. They never bother them, NEVER! They ran their own
business and minding their own business. They have over 30 private schools including
Clarke Schools. Clarke has expanded to 7 private schools. Vincent Cerf is the father of
internet who happens to be a member of AG Bell. AG Bell members have been front runner
of technology like TTY and relay system. Sprint, Purple, other relay companies still
sponsoring AG BELL. AG Bell has a yearly camp for the kids and they do have sign l
language counselor. You haven't seen it since you're biased with information.Audiologist
and pathologist who are member of AG Bell do believe ASL to teach their students to
speak effectively. AG Bell has been open minded about every sources and they do believe
that once a child can benefit from hearing devices will do well in speech. John, look up the
word called "Fanatic" and that's who you are. We cannot change your mind or subject. You
refuse to see what AG Bell has to offer. Now, with AB's effortless for supporters of
AB 2072 because you guys acted like a fool. More parents will move away from the deaf did.Good luck with dying breed because the opposition of AB 2072 didn't make
any sense and it does die itself.
2:49 PM

Someone intelligent like Mikey McConnell should know better to be a responsible blogger to ensure the accuracy of historical fact like the Milan Conference 1880s do not require the U.S. Senate to ratify the Milan Conference 1880 accords. Or Mikey really being a dishonest and untrustworthy blogger to avenge his own ideological points by allowing the White Ghost (Karl White???), Barry Sewer of the Hooliganism, Russell the Deaf Larry Flynt and Gina Sutton aka the Candy Stripper and CENSOR someone like me.

Freezepop just admitted that he justified for the private companies to exploit deaf children as part of marketplace commodity, not the educational subjects to fatten the pockets of audists and impose the unworkable ideology upon vulnerable parents of deaf children and babies.

I guess that I would say "Looney Tunes, That's All, Kooknut Pundit!"

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM))

The California Channel Flunk Big Time!

The live television coverage of the California State Senate hearing on the "AB 2072" bill surely flunked in big time without providing any open captions for deaf non-signers and deaf television viewers at home and across the nation. The presence of ASL interpreter do not help very much when the television camera turned to the senator(s) spoke before the audience. Huh?

The California Channel is operated and funded by the private cable television industry. Please check out the following link for more info -

That is definitely the violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other civil rights laws, especially California's own equality laws.

NAD and California Association of the Deaf and other organizations of the deaf ought to file the legal lawsuit against the California Channel and the California State Legislature for their failures of providing the equal accessibility to the deaf television viewers, especially deaf non-signers.

Guess what? Mike McConnell of the Kooknut Pundit, Gina Sutton aka Candy, the White Ghost (Karl White?), Barry Sewer of the Hooliganism and Russell the Deaf Larry Flynt never gave any damn about our rights to the equal accessibility and accommodation. Doesn't they?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Yeh Trial Postponed Til Next Fall 2010

Just the flash news regarding the Yehs trial have been formally postponed til next Fall 2010.

The prosecutor said that this trial is too complicated to start with.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Twitter Message Updates on AB 2072 Lobbying

The opponents of "AB 2072" bill sent the updated Twitter messages within their lobbying activities like the supporters had the meeting with Polomonc, the hired lobbyist for the "Stop AB 2072" this Wednesday morning at the hotel.

Mendoza's staffers took the pic of the AB 2072 opponents in their yellow t-shirts from the office of Assemblyperson Tont Mendoza.

Other more Twitter messages sent by the AB 2072 opponents.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Corns Planting - Poor and Rich Soil Within the AB 2072

In response to the deaf naysayers on the issue of the AB 2072 legislative bill. The naysayers ought to read the 2009 non-fiction book - "Intelligence and How to Get It - Why Schools and Cultures Count by Richard E. Nisbelt which Jim Holt, the New York Times Book Review editor called the book "A meticulous and eye-opening critique of hereditarianism.

This book is also supported by the National Science Foundation and other scientific thinktanks.

Many rational and intellectual deaf individuals from Ella Mae Lentz to Don Grunskin to Shelley Potoma to Julie Remo Smario to Barb DiGigi to John Ebgert have surely understand and know how the importance of social and linguistic development along with the cultural upbringings to be a well-rounded individual with such ability to do the problem-solving and logical approach.

That is not about the preservance of deaf culture and language. It is about the necessity of functionable skills with emotional intelligence, instead of sprouting off too many emotional damaged deaf indivudals mostly seen among the mainstreamed and oral students and students undergoing the AVT therapy.

Here are the past social and congitive psychology research works done by Dr. Richard E. Nisbelt -

We must vigorously oppose the AB 2072 bill along with the appalling ploy of last-minute amendment by the "increasingly desperate" proponents of the illogical legislative proposal for the sake of deaf kids and their academic success.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo of Jon Dresser with Cochlear Implant As Perfect Deaf Audist!

Here is the enclosed newspaper photo of Jon Dresser with cochlear implant (CI) -

You could see that Jon Dresser perfectly looked as a deaf audist in that kind of body pose!

Let's ask an question if many people say that the cochlear implant will help the quality of life for deaf kids and adults. How come did Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand as Jon failed to use his own CI to the real opporunity of communicating verbally with the arrested officer (police officer) to prevent any bodily harm.

We could see the real birdbrain of any deaf adult to choose to get the CI. The future studies would show that the CI will lessen the IQ's of any deaf kids and adults. Hope so!

Culturally deaf people would not get their hands hurt like Jon Dresser. They know how valuable hands and eyes are. Those people would be not stupid to jeopardize their main body parts like Jon Dresser.

Look forward to learn how Jon Dresser get hurt with his hand thru the courtroom proceeding.

The newspaper had incorrectly labeled Jon Dresser's CI as hearing aid. How ignorant of that newspaper!

This deaf blogger have nothing against anyone deaf with CI if he or she have been victimized by their parents or audist guardian. Just like to mock any deaf audist with CI if he or she hurt other deaf individuals for any kind of reason. That is the kind of entertainment we really need among ourselves.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Was Bill Gate Greatly Influenced By Deaf People?

Not many people realize how much the deaf presence greatly influenced Bill Gates' own destiny of revolutionizing the computer data information transmitted over the telephone line. Gates got fascinated with the text transmission from the acoustic amplifier to the teletype known as the TTY (teletypewriter) from another teletype machine (formerly used as a rapid telegram machine for the newspaper bureaus and other media outlets). Gates saw the TTY machine and asked someone to demonstrate how it works. Gates examined the acoustic amplifier and got an idea about the future of data information highway over the telephone lines.

Bill Gates and another co-founder of the early Micro-soft (before it turned into today's Microsoft) sold the BASIC computer programming to the IBM (International Business Machine) company with sizable numbers of deaf employees with expertise in cold data processing. The IBM company was very prestigious company of its time which many people want to be hired by this very same company with excellent salaries and prestige. The IBM got stumbled in the 80s by the personal computer revolution.

Stanley Kubrick, the film director, had the hidden message about the IBM being the likely monopoly and corporate dominant within the everyday life in "Space Odyssey 2001" classic 1960s science fiction film. The villainous character in "2001" was the HAL, the computer mainframe controlled everything in the space station. HAL was subtly coded as IBM without getting any earful lawsuits from the very powerful corporation of its time. Let's deconstruct HAL after every letter = H (I), A (B) and L (M). The HAL really stood for the IBM.

Why said the cold data processing? It was an opposite to the "off the hot press" known as the time-consuming Linotype dealt with hot metal iron case to print something. The cold data processing became the nowadays' word processing (WP) in many personal computers.

After viewing the ABC-TV's "This Week" television interview with Bill Gates, the founder of "Microsoft". Gates apparently used more hand gestures than usual for any hearing Americans.

The use of hand gestures during interviews or political speeches and social conversations usually done by many Europeans, but Bill Gates was not raised in Europe or lived in Europe. Adolf Hitler of Germany was one of the fine example of hearing person overly used hand gestures along with his speech ramblings.

Let's view the video enclosure and wait for more than three minutes of video after the enclosed ads of ABC-TV's. You will see Bill Gates had his flying hands unlike many hearing Americans -

Quick biographical glance of Bill Gates and his accomplishments -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

New "Non-Fiction" Book on Deaf Serial Killer

Gallaudet University Press recently published the new non-fiction book from team of husband and wife on the first known "deaf serial killer", Patrick McCullough, the former student at the Maryland School for the Deaf.

Many former students at the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) in Frederick, MD, had the recollections of troubling young deaf Patrick McCullough with his frequent and violent outbursts at the residential advisors or houseparents and school staffers. The new book had many former MSD students pretty surprised to see the former alta mater being the feature subject of the book like a serial killer.

The Washington Post also published an article on the convinction of Patrick McCollough for manslaughter of his girlfriend and other victims back in December 2001:

A Deaf Man's Troubled Life, Death; Md. Carpenter With History of Manslaughter Convictions Kills Girlfriend, Then Self
The Washington Post December 27, 2001
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Patrick McCullough and Randi Lawrence were supposed to be each other's salvation. They fell in love in April, a month after McCullough had been released from a three-year prison term. Both were recovering from substance abuse, and friends said Lawrence, a 48-year-old single mother who worked at Rosecroft Raceway, was full of compassion for McCullough, a deaf and speech-impaired carpenter who had been convicted in two Annapolis homicides in the 1980s. She even began to study sign language so she could better communicate with him. "He had found Randi, and Randi was going to help …

Thanks to Scott Wilson for submitting the attached link at the upper part of this blog posting. If not for Scott, I would never know about this new book. I don't know why I am no longer receive any e-announcements from the Gallaudet University Press so far.

See that the Gallaudet University Press isn't doing any good job with the outreach part. I already registered for the latest e-notifications from Gallaudet University Press and used to receive theirs until last year ago. I don't know why!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Is RLMDEAF Slanderous/Libelous Toward Jon Dresser?

Several anonymous commentators accused me of being slanderous and libelous toward Jon Dresser as an abuser from what the RLMDEAF wrote the headline title of blog posting.

RLMDEAF like to point out the general definition of "abuse" have multiple meanings from physical abuse to negligence/mistreatment. That could be the verbal abuse to emotional abuse to mental abuse.

RLMDEAF still stand by defining Jon P Dresser, the former WIC employee as an abuser due to his action of leaving three deaf vulnerable clients in the suffocated and unbreathable van on my latest blog posting.

Excellent link to the meaning of abuse in general via definition -

Here is the link to the definition of "abuse" -

Not many people realize that the interior temperature of any vehicle(s) are more hotter than the outdoor temperature. Look at the enclosed link -

443 American children died from being left in cars over 10 years. For example, 83'o temp outside, but 123'o temp inside the vehicle(s) -

Any questions? Any more accusations hurled at me? RLMDEAF answer all your replies and accusations.

RLMDEAF stands for the right to know, right to speak out, right to express freely without any restriction or any kind of censorship.

Here is the very shocking video of how human treated other living creatures in that manner - *WARNING* VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

At Last, Here is Photo of Jon Dresser, Alleged Deaf Abuser

Jon Dresser didn't show up for his court arraignment today which he was hospitalized.

Some people joked that Jon Dresser probably ended up in the psych ward.

Here is the latest article with photo of Jon Dresser -
Many deaf people were pretty surprised that Jon Dresser doesn't have the Master Degree (MA) and obtained the employment postiton as the VR counselor.

Is Jon Dresser really a con artist himself? Keep tune in for the RLMDEAF!

Some people replied that I slandered Jon Dresser as an abuser. Look at the enclosed link which define "abuse" with many meanings like "mistreatment" and "neglience" -
Thanks to Diane Squire for the link of attached article!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

NO,NO, NO to the Unacceptable Ploy of the AB 2072 Amendment!

Candy, the blogger really have NO clues what the National Institute Health's Center on Deafness and Communication Disorders (NICD) is very audistic (A U D I S T / A U D I S M) and largely focused on the PATHOLOGICAL view of deaf people to fix their hearing loss. Go check out the NCID website to SEE for yourself!!

Why should the state education agency refer parents of newborn deaf babies to the NICD website with complicated written language? Not all the parents have the Internet access at all or not know how to? The NCID website and the agency itself view as anti-DEAF. No argument!

Candy the blogger herself is clearly biased against the deaf-centric people. Look at her quote - I also warned her about the ASL extremists in her blog posting -

Look up the tenth (10th) paragraph where Candy wrote "I also warned her about the ASL extremists" to the parent of newborn deaf baby. She also said "This, to me, is much more balanced and it shows that Mendoza, again, went to such lengths to be as fair and balanced as possible."

What the F*CK Candy is talking about??????? Mendoza as fair and balanced assembly person??? He did write the legislative bill without any kind of inputs from the deaf community and dismissed any concerns or attempts to work together among the deaf community.

Candy is totally wrong which Mendoza have nothing to do with the amendment to the AB 2072. That is the California State Senate's Health Committee's doings from one of the member to amend the bill with some provision as part of ploy and deceptive tactics.

Many deaf people said publicly that they are the real experts on deaf people themselves as compared to audiologists spending only two years on the ontology functions of the human ear.

Too many audiologists NEVER MEET real culturally deaf individuals and see the real superiority of American Sign Language (ASL)

Moreover, Candy should not give such an unqualified and untrained referrals to that parent of newborn deaf baby with attached links. That's what Candy done is real criminal since she should not give any kind of biased information like "watch out for the ASL extremists". No such thing like the ASL extremists!

We ought to ask ourselves who is really "Candy"? Why hide behind the alias name or not disclose the full name and picture?? It's a time for the dysfunctional audists to show their real faces and full name! We must pull down the Mask of Benevolence like Candy, White Ghost, Barry Sewell, Russell the Deaf Bunny, Mike McConnell and rest of you, dysfunctional audists whose love to osfecuate to make themselves feel needed and superior to see more and more deaf children miserably fail their own education.

SHOW YOURSELF, CANDY! That's what the GOP presidential candidate, Nelson Rockfeller challenged the political chameleons like Richard M. Nixon during the late 1960s GOP primary race.

Ever Jesus of Nazareth asked his own enemies and the corrupted Roman Empire to SHOW themselves, not hide behind the darkness.

Since Candy posted the video of beautiful ocean waves which symbolized the deceptive image of what the entire ocean really is all about. We still do not know what the 80 percent go down the ocean .

So I enclosed the comedy video to lighten up how idiotic Mendonza and other audists are all about -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Info on Alleged Deaf Guy For Leaving Three Deaf Clients

Why in the world Jon P Dresser chose to do the moonlighting job with the Work, Independence and Community (WIC) agency while he earned nearly $60,000 per year as the Vocational Rehabilation counselor for the Bay State (MA)?

We are still reeling from the worst economic recession borderline on the major depression since the Great Depression of the 1930s-1940s. How can Jon P Dresser justify of hogging another job for himself while other deaf unemployed(s) struggle to obtain the gainful employment? Is he trying to pay off his CI surgery and device while the state government health insurance do not cover his optional surgery?

Jon P Dresser is seen as a classic audist and Uncle Tom, who discount the value of deaf mentally-challenged individuals and deaf person with celebral palsy (CP) 's own existence as an annoying spit in the bucket and stuff the minimal earning. That could go to someone deaf truly decent and caring individual value the worth of deaf vulnerable individuals.

How interesting about Jon P Dresser's relative or his wife works for the same agency! What about the "conflict of interest" within Jon Dresser and the ASL interpreter with same surname? Ruth Dresser, the staff interpreter or Karen Dresser?

Unforunately, no existed photos of Jon P Dresser so far.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Deaf Guy Repeatedly Endangered Three Deaf People By Seperate Three Incidents

Jon Dressler, the Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in the Bay State (Massachusetts) also done the moonlighting job as a caretaker for the Work, Independence and Community agency commonly known as the WIC.

The MetroWest Daily News via Norman Miller reported that Dressler had been seen leaving the three vulnerable deaf individuals in the van without A/C or heat in seperate three incidents.

Dressler was rumored using the cochlear implant (CI) device and use American Sign Language (ASL). He had been unfavorably impressed by the VR deaf clients. That probably led to his employment dismissal from the state Vocational Rehabilitation.

The news of Jon Dressler's arrest had been the heavy news buzz within the Boston Deaf Community so far.

Here is an article from the MetroWest Daily News with more details like Dressler's age, clients' full name and past incidents involved Dressler's irresponsibility for the care of two mentally challenged individuals and one deaf individual with cerebral palsy (CP) -

Jon Dressler will be arraigned tomorrow due to the availability of legal interpreter. Only four to five certificated legal interpreters within statewide in Massachusetts.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Logical Rebuttal From Deaf Canadian Why We Ought to Oppose the AB 2072

This is one of most logical ASL vlog posting on the rational discussion why we ought to oppose the AB 2072 bill in the California Assembly (legislature body). Skyxavier make all good points about the so-called choices/options for deaf child's educational opportunity. We need more people like Skyxavier whose is much willing to explore the issue facing all of us, deaf people beyond "black and white" or own personal bias -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Audistic Employee Left Three Deaf Mentally Challenged Guys in "Cooked Van"

How unbelievable of one employee left three deaf mentally-challenged guys in the cooked van in the mid-80s temp while the guy chose to mow the lawn -

Yes, I feel justified to use "audistic" which the employee would not do such things to hearing clients that way.

Thanks to Diane Squires for this newsreport tip!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well-Known Deaf Personality Get Married Tommorow (Sat)!

The well-known deaf personality will get married tomorrow Saturday afternoon which will be his fourth marriage. The personality use the cochlear implant as his crutches to assist himself getting around in life. *scoffs*

Not fully sure if Mike McConnell of "Kooknut Pundit" get the wedding invitation from the so-called deaf personality. Very inconsiderate of this very same deaf personality for not sending me his wedding invitation. (Enclosed photos of his Palm Beach estate, too)

More details with attached link below about Rush Limbaugh's personal life whom he married in the past. Much ironic for Rush Limbaugh rally for the Republican Party since the party is well-known for their family values. Why Rush get married for the fourth time. *rolling eyes in disbelief*

From what mentioned in the Wiki Enclopyedia -

Personal life -
Limbaugh was first married on September 24, 1977, to Roxy Maxine

McNeely, a sales secretary at radio station WHB in Kansas City, Missouri.
They were married at the Centenary United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau,
Missouri. In March 1980, McNeely filed for divorce, citing "incompatibility." They were
formally divorced on July 10, 1980.[1]

In 1983, Limbaugh married Michelle Sixta, a college student and usherette at the Kansas City Royals Stadium Club. They were divorced in 1990, and she remarried the
following year.[1]

On May 27, 1994, Limbaugh married Marta Fitzgerald, a 35-year-old aerobics
instructor whom he met on the online service CompuServe in 1990.[104] They were
married at the house of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who officiated.
[105] They were separated on June 11, 2004.[106] Limbaugh announced on the air, "Marta
has consented to my request for a divorce, and we have mutually agreed to seek an
amicable separation." The divorce was finalized in December 2004.[107]

In September 2004, Limbaugh became romantically involved with then-TV
personality Daryn Kagan, and they broke up in February 2006.[108] He has dated
Kathryn Rogers, a party planner from Florida, since 2007.[109]

Hopefully, Rush Limbaugh and his new bride will donate their wedding presents to the Deafhood Foundation as part of tax-deduction. Rush always is a big believer in private charity.
Isn't he?

Why not Rush practice what he always preach to his feeble-minded listeners? I am still waiting for Rush Limbaugh donate the sale of his New York City (NYC) penthouse to the Deafhood Foundation.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Pretty Inspirational Story About Unscathed Deaf & Blind Boy Survived in Wood Full W/ Bears & Moose!

Could you imagine that the 12 years old deaf and blind boy came unscathed from the wood full with bears and moose? He got wandered from his family house and ended up in the wood where many bears roamed.

See that deaf & blind child COULD MANAGE and SURVIVE ON HIS OWN without any high-tech like cochlear implant or retina surgery. Animals surely respect someone, who is part of the humanity than being a pretender.

How can we imagine if this 12 years old deaf & blind boy equipped with cochlear implant consisted of very limited channels and difficulty to detect the noises from nature itself? He surely will get worsened when bears hear electronic hums and strike anyone not being consistent with nature.

So parents of deaf and blind children NEED to respect the nature itself and not intervene with it in any way. Naturalism is a real beauty than artificalism!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deaf Guy Appeared on Last Night's Network TV Show

The 25 years old DEAF guy from Glennwood, Illinois - Jarrell Robinson appeared on last night's "So You Can Dance", a reality contestant show for showcasing everyone's dance talent skills.

Many people felt that Robinson was not given any fair chances by the show's judges. Here was the comment from the host of tv show -

Of course, I can't forget to mention the warm fuzzies brought to us by 25-year-old deaf dancer Jarrell Robinson, someone I wish the judges would have given a chance to after seeing his amazingly astute attention to rhythm and timing. (It's not like they haven't supported deaf dancers in seasons past!)

Here is the video enclosure from last night's tv show -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)