Monday, April 5, 2010

WikiLeaks Captioned the U.S. Army Survilleance Video

WikiLeaks recently issued the CAPTIONED U.S. Army surveillance video from the Apache helicopter(s) in Iraq which the Pentagon and the U.S. military tried to cover-up the murder of Iraqi civilians and children and American journalists. WikiLeaks wonderfully put the subtitles on the decrypted video smuggled from the Pentagon or someone inside the U.S. military. The enclosed tape was fully unedited and uninterrupted along with subtitles which have not been shown in any mainstream media yet.

Real impressive with the WikiLeaks progressive-minded individuals devote to the ideal of societal equality for the full and equal access to the posted videos via online. We ever do not have the passage of the H.R. 31o1 legislation yet. We never know who really run the WikiLeaks.

What is the WikiLeaks? It is the private-run website funded by financial donations and devoted to the society's "right to know" to expose the corporate and government corruption(s), wrongdoings and secrecy. Here is more detailed info about the WikiLeaks.

Ever the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence agencies and dictatorship governments around the world find the WikiLeaks as a real threat to them.

You could read the list of search results within the Huffington Post website what the WikiLeaks done in past years since 2008.

That would be real nice for us having our own "DeafLeaks" to expose all the form of audism within the monopolistic Sorenson VRS and Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf(AGBad)'s internal office memos and correspondences and phone conversations for us to keep abreast of what are going on with the audists and oppressors of the deaf. Don't you agree?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Does the Violates DeafRead's Policy?

Jamie Berke's "About Deafness"'s latest e-blog posting caught my attention about the "iDeafNews". Some arising issues concerned Jamie Berke and the "" posting.

First of all, Jamie Berke's "About Deafness" posting on the "" seems violates the DeafRead's guideline policy #6 - about the links to the commerical websites. All reputable journalists and news jockeys and bloggers/vloggers ought to be really careful when comes to the apparent endorsements of "paid links".

What we should do about Jamie Berke's blog postings? Should Jamie Berke be suspended temporarily from posting anything on the DeafRead? Policy is policy.

Always enjoy reading Jamie Berke's blog postings, but always cringe after seeing the use of term -"deafness". When will Jamie Berke finally understand about the poisonous use of "deafness" inflict the societial attitude toward deaf people and reflect badly upon ourselves?

Many of us, DeafRead readers and viewers already knew about the extent of pathological intentions comes with the word use of "deafness". How would Jamie Berke feel about us apply "womanness", "blackness", "jewishness", "muslimness", "latinoness", "asianness"and other more? We need to think deeply what and how we apply such word term to ourselves. We avoid using "deafies", too.

Jamie Berke could do is to blur the enclosed commerical links regarding the "iDeafNews" as approriate tactic if she want to post the link to the "iDeafNews" according to the DeafRead policy #6 -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason