Monday, June 11, 2012

Mark Gobble, Former Texas School for the Deaf Principal DIED

Mark Gobble, the former Texas School for the Deaf principal and current associate professor at Boston University (MA) tragically died at very young age (30s). Gobble got struck by car in "hit & run" manner while he jogged. The police were looking for the suspect so far.

Actual info from Kerri Ann Johnson with more details about the last moments of Mark Gobble via Facebook comment posting  - Kerri Ann Jansson : The gist of it is that he was struck down by a car, a neighbor who happened to be a doctor saw it, and tried to save Mark's life performing CPR. Mark was then taken to the hospital where he died.

If any of you do not really know who Mark Gobble is. You either could do look up Mark Gobble on Facebook search (type Mark Gobble). Okay?

More information on Mark Gobble's professional accomplishments (click on CV) and other related information. Please check out his own website -

Mark Gobble just got the postiton as an associate professor at Boston University last May 2nd. How tragic! His speciality was educational psychology which Gobble often gave professional lectures on the issue of Deaf Education.

My heartfelt sympathy go to Mark Gobble's loved ones and dear friends. Mark Gobble rest in peace.


ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)