Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Corns Planting - Poor and Rich Soil Within the AB 2072

In response to the deaf naysayers on the issue of the AB 2072 legislative bill. The naysayers ought to read the 2009 non-fiction book - "Intelligence and How to Get It - Why Schools and Cultures Count by Richard E. Nisbelt which Jim Holt, the New York Times Book Review editor called the book "A meticulous and eye-opening critique of hereditarianism.

This book is also supported by the National Science Foundation and other scientific thinktanks.

Many rational and intellectual deaf individuals from Ella Mae Lentz to Don Grunskin to Shelley Potoma to Julie Remo Smario to Barb DiGigi to John Ebgert have surely understand and know how the importance of social and linguistic development along with the cultural upbringings to be a well-rounded individual with such ability to do the problem-solving and logical approach.

That is not about the preservance of deaf culture and language. It is about the necessity of functionable skills with emotional intelligence, instead of sprouting off too many emotional damaged deaf indivudals mostly seen among the mainstreamed and oral students and students undergoing the AVT therapy.

Here are the past social and congitive psychology research works done by Dr. Richard E. Nisbelt -

We must vigorously oppose the AB 2072 bill along with the appalling ploy of last-minute amendment by the "increasingly desperate" proponents of the illogical legislative proposal for the sake of deaf kids and their academic success.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)