Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Believe it or not! The Vatican recently created the new defense in light of the recent church sex abuse scandals - Priests Not Guilty of Padeophila (Pedophilia) If Deaf Boys were Post-Adolescents -

Pope Benedict and the Vatican are surely dismissing the whole deaf community as some kind of casualty of war which they FAILED to DO SOMETHING TO STOP the authority figure within the school of the deaf from exploiting deaf boys and girls for the sexual gratification of priests.

The Vatican's public relations and high-powered attorneys said that the 1962 documents are

just the "smoking gun" not proved anything. They said that the Pope ought to be treated as the head of state. What the fuck???

Look at the Newsweek article about the latest court case in Kentucky against Pope Benedict and the Vatican -

Ever the Vatican attorneys dared to say that the clergy are not the employee of the church and should be not responsible for the act of priests and related clergy staffers!

In the past, the Pope ever sold their priest's wives and children into slavery after making the new church policy for the vows of celibacy.

Very common of the Catholic Church and the Vatican turned the BLIND EYES to the physical abuses and malnurtiton of the Catholic Church female parishioners and children for many years.

My deaf Escplopian mother plead with the Catholic Church for help with the domestic violence from the Catholic hearing husband of hers for years until she realized that the church coddled the wife beaters and left women and children defenseless. The Catholic Church protected the wife beaters by getting in touch with the law enforcement officers to dismiss the charge of physical battery. Ever the sexual molestation of my deaf mother's only daughter by the same individual.

My deaf mother finally had the sense of leaving the Catholic hearing wife beater and went into the hiding and lived off the welfare. She married someone else to get away from the wife beater and the Catholic Church.

Guess what? The local Catholic church helped my deaf mother's separated husband to hide in their church and provided the shelter and foods and clothing. The Catholic Church chose my mother's husband for $$$ over the human decency of protecting the family from any kind of harm.

My deaf mother had to move into another state to get away from the Catholic husband every steps to get the divorce in the 1960s which the divorce laws hadn't been commonly enacted yet. My deaf mother waited for years to get the legal divorce from the court with the help of her new husband (my hearing stepfather). I was a bastard from the forced rape by someone unknown.

My deaf mother was horrific to see her still-legal husband came down the next morning after last night's rape and gave the devilish smile and left off where she attempted to hide from the husband. My deaf mother attempted to abort me in her fetus, but failed at it.

I ended up sent to the foster home after the unimaginable birth (C-Section) on my beautiful deaf mother against her own will. My maternal grandmother kept reminded my deaf mother that I was also deaf like her for few weeks. My deaf mother decided to get me back from the foster home, but had to face the judge. The local welfare agency opposed my deaf mother's petition to regain the custody of me and told the judge about my deaf mother being deaf, deaf, deaf. The judge ordered my maternal grandmother to shut up and forced here to remain silent for the entire court proceeding.

The foster family brought me without any clothes in very frigid cold weather at that time to the courtroom and dropped me slightly on the table and left off. My deaf mother took me back into her arms and raised me all her life.

My deaf mother turned to alcoholism to dealt with the real disgusts at the Catholic Church for its failure to protect the wife and children from any physical and verbal abuses. She finally stopped drinking irrationally on the day of her wedding to my hearing stepfather in 1970s.

The Catholic Church and the Vatican seems keep doing the same cycles of destruction within children everywhere around the world.

The Vatican ordered the Jesuits to poison the Jamestown colony of Virginia to terminate any Protestant settlement(s) in North America after viewing the PBS documentary "Secret of the Dead" few years ago, but couldn't possibly find any specific references to the Vatican's involvement. Not really surprised at all that the Vatican spewed the Internet search engines to remove any unfavorable historical documents about the "Whore of Babylon".

The Catholic Church via the Vatican shipped the British and Irish orphaned children to the "Down Under" (Australia) to inflict upon the majority of deaf Aboriginals and systematically molested and abused the children in name of Anglo-Saxon Catholicism supremacy (1920s and 1940s and 1950s).

The Catholic Church done the infamous "Spanish Inquisition" all over the world - Europe, Mexico and Latin America by tortured, imprisoned and forced the human subjects to convert their religion preference against their own wills.

Ever Francois Goya, Deaf artist, witnessed the evils and corruptions of the Catholic Church and wrote down in his memoirs. Goya knew about the highest church authority impregnated the beautiful young female , 20s from the wealthy family of the Jewish descendants. The wealthy family already paid a lot of money to free the innocent daughter from the church's wet and cold dungeon, but never seen her again. The daughter ended up pregnant with the church authority.

Here is the link to the Samuel Goldwyn's "Goya's Ghosts" film -

You ought to view the "Amen" fact-based controversial film (2006) about the Vatican and the Catholic Church played the sinister role in Hitler's Final Solution of exterminating the Jews -

Ever the Catholic Church persecuted the respectable scientist of their time - Galileo and imprisoned him under the house arrest for his whole life. Galileo supported another scientist's theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Everyone knew that was all factual, but not the Catholic Church until 350 years later. The Church finally admitted its own mistake -

The Catholic Church usually re-write the history what the church done to the people with the whitewashing of church history. Pope Benedict and Cardinal Rodgenizer want to lead the Catholic Church away from the democratic means of its church as a "people's church" to more hierarchical system back to its glory day monopolizing and ruling the world with the final authority on everything.

Let's put the Catholic Church and the Vatican, Inc. out of business for good! I could go much further but I will do the Part 2 to put the stick into the pig's eye of the Catholic Church.


ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Larry King and the CNN Didn't Hire Certified Interpreter For Interview

To my surprise, Larry King and the CNN did not hire the certified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for last night's nationwide television interview with two deaf victims of sex abuses. Why???

Gigi Budzinski, the Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) daughter of Arthur Budzinski was assigned as the sign language interpreter for his own deaf father.

What reason for Larry King Live producers let the non-certified ASL interpreter to appear on the nationwide television show? Was the deal made between Arthur Budzinski and the Larry King Live producers of insisting that her CODA daughter be an interpreter for the interview?

Or the Larry King Live producers asked Arthur Budzinski to bring his own ASL interpreter as many of us, deaf people commonly experience lately?

That would send very troubling message to the American society to make all right for leaving all the dirty works to deaf interviewee to secure hir own ASL interpreter.

The CNN broadcasting people and Larry King Live producers ought to know better about the real importance of professionalism for news reportings, not leave to the amateur people like Gina Budzinski to relay the spoken and sign language back and forth.

Not all the CODA individuals being an effective and qualified ASL interpreters! My own hearing sister and brother ever DO NOT understand what I say. Could you imagine? My siblings have their own deaf mother and deaf cousins and still do not fully understand me. How sad!

Will the Registry for Interpreter of the Deaf do something about the "Larry King Live"'s lack of professionalism for not hiring the certified sign language? NAD?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Transcript from "Larry King Live" Regarding Deaf Sex Abuse Scandals

From reading the enclosed transcript from "Larry King Live"'s 3/30/10 telecast, Larry King, interviewer, seems preoccupied with Sinrad O'Connor, anti-Catholic activist than spending quality time with three deaf victims of Father Murphy. King chose to do the first segement with Sinrad O' Connor, then the recent avoidable bullying incident in Massachussetts.

Not able to view the video how Larry King expressed himself when interviewed the deaf victims. King seems little dismissive toward deaf victims like quoting "believed to be 200 deaf boys molested by Father Murphy".

Here is the transcript from "Larry King Live, 3/30/10 telecast -

If you have the DVR recording of "Larry King Live" telecast with deaf victims, please post yours on this blog posting via comment. Thanks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Editoral Cartoons in Wake of Deaf Sex Abuse Scandals

There are numerous "specific" references in editoral cartoons to the Catholic Church's latest sex abuse scandals against 200 deaf boys at several parochial schools for the deaf across America -

The Scranton Times Tribute local newspaper of Scranton, Pennsylvania (PA) published John Cole's cartoon in regard to the recent sex abuse scandals and church's dismissive attitudes toward deaf sex abuse victims -

We ought to question whether this enclosed cartoon (above) to be approriate or fair to the deaf sex abuse victims or not. Is the cartoonist, John Cole being rational or a bit mockery of deaf sex abuse victims? You, the readers decide!

No questions about the Scranton Times Tribute newspaper being very familar with deaf people due to the fact about the Scranton School for the Deaf located in very same city. Is the newspaper treat deaf people fairly?

Other editoral cartoons had field days with the Catholic Church's latest sex abuse scandal blow-ups -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

RLMDeaf blog


There will be the Larry King Live interview with three deaf former sexual victims and OPEN QUESTIONS FROM you, deaf viewers on CNN broadcasting.


Show our solidarity for our deaf sexual victims tonight on CNN!

Many thanks to Karen Kingrey, the proud graduate of the WV School for the Deaf for submitting the info on her Facebook "Wall to Wall" posting.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Monday, March 29, 2010

Marlee Matlin Said Publicly "Grateful for Being Deaf",,20355491,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

'Miracle Worker" Broadway Play FLOPS!!!

Remmy Barb DiGi's past vlog postings about her eyewitness of the "Miracle Worker" Broadway play audition for the Helen Keller role. DiGi was very shocked to learn that the producers of "Miracle Worker" play CHOSE the hearing girl to play Helen Keller, not any top-notch and capable young deaf actresses. SEE THAT????? Karma is BITCH!

Here is the link to the recent breaking news -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Count Yourself Deaf and ASL for the Census Day, April 1st

The first of April 2010 is the official U.S. Census Day (Thursday, April 1st) across the United States.

Let's count ourselves as DEAF and our primary language usage, the American Sign Language (ASL) publicly on the U.S. Census Day (April 1st). That is NOT the April's Fool Day stunt!

We could simply wear the message on our shirt and front yard sign and white poster inside your car and apartment window - "Hey, PLEASE COUNT ME IN FOR THE U.S. CENSUS 2010 AS A PROUD DEAF PERSON AND AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE (ASL) USER!"

Karen Kingrey, a deaf activist and retiree living in the state of Texas. She had a good talk with her elected representative what Karen could do to identify herself as a proud deaf person and her language usage.

Here is her Facebook posted message with the permission granted -

Deaf FB members, I spoke with US Census rep. on phone. They will send us the short forms. They random to send the long forms. If you receive a short form from 2010 US Census, you can put DEAF on "other" on short form. We can push our Congress to write a new law about adding DEAF on the short form with the questions for... 2020 US Census. We do need Deaf to be counted for the future grants.

Please ask your Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) , Kids with Deaf Adults (KODA), hearing relatives and friends and neighbors and former hearing schoolmates and whoever use ASL partially and occasionally and frequently to identify themselves as the ASL users themselves on April 1st. THAT IS REAL IMPORTANT AND NECESSARY TO SHOW OUR SOLIDARITY as DEAF PERSON AND ASL USER!

Go to the local media and launch the impromptu protest in front of the television station and newspaper office and any media outlets to declare yourself as a deaf person and ASL user which our federal government never formally declare our own existence as a cultural and linguistic minority and protection of minority language from any kind of societal oppression.

Wear your "I'm Deaf and ASL User" shirt to your workplace, shopping and wherever you go!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Saturday, March 27, 2010

In One Week, Forces Within Turn of Events Before Our Deaf Eyes

Many of us, Deaf America witnessed riveting forces in turn of events with the celebrity's deaf newborn son and unimaginable sex abuses against 200 deaf boys at the deaf school in just less than one week (March 21-27th 2010). Our reactions varied within the following events lately.

More than hundreds pluses of deaf people made the history of being involved in the public participation via comments regarding the celebrity's newborn deaf child. Deaf people finally could influence the public opinion in very direct way without any media filters and distortion what Joe and Barrett McIntyre ought to do for their newborn deaf son with 180 comments on -

The revelations of deep secrets against 200 deaf boys out in the open which led to the gutsy calls for the resignation of Pope Benedict around the entire world for his questionable handling of internal church affairs in concerns of "too many" sexual abuses within the Catholic churches and schools.

We finally get the whole world to see the real existence of audism affecting the lives of deaf people everywhere by the unseen forces. We know about audism pretty long before the society at large seen the extent of it.

We still see the troubling pattern of audism within posted comments by audiologists and pro-cochlear implant (CI) supporters and defenders on web page with the high-spirited article on Pop Singer Joe and his wife's deaf newborn son, Rhys. Audiologists and pro-CI defenders surely refuse to quit their lucrative and greedy and selfish agendas of their own to instill the forced CI surgery on deaf babies and youngsters without the consents of involved deaf children.

Luckily, many of us, deaf people keeping fight for the best interest of deaf children everywhere with the solid foundation of language and intellectual development and ASL-centered education with Joe and Barrett McIntyre's deaf son, Rhys.

We, the Deaf America aren't quite surprised about the common attitudes within audism by the hearing people on the matter of "could be avoidable" sexual abuses against 200 deaf boys at the St. John School for the Deaf, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) spanned more than fifty years (1950 til present include dismissive and prejudiced attitudes).

Sadly, the Vatican and Catholic Church chose to see deaf people as some kind of disposable and expendable human beings below the worthiness of humanity in the form of audism.

One of the anonymous commentator left hir own comment on another blog posting of mine about ONLY ONE DEAF PRIEST ORDINATED, Father Thomas Coughlin in the entire North America with the once largest body of religious followers around the world - Father Thomas Coughlin often faced the problems of audism with the Catholic Church hierarchy regarding his pastorship and recruitment of new deaf priests in footsteps of Coughlin. He once quoted ""We are not the problem. We are the solution!"

Unknowingly how many number of ordinated deaf priests over centuries. The poor-kept records by the Catholic Church on numbers of deaf nuns except Teresa de Cartagena as philosopher and writer in the 1400s.

Ironically, the very first documented records of formal schooling of deaf youngsters were done at the Catholic church in Spain -
It led to the creation of formal education of the deaf in other countries like France and England and America.

Both historically-based "The Devils" film and "The Godfathers" comic book are the sure things for endless bashing of the Catholic Church after the news reports of sex abuses against 200 deaf boys and unreported incidents among deaf victims -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Another NTY Article Imply Audism Within the Vatican

The Vatican chose to keep Father Murphy cuz he was a successful fundraiser for the Church. It chose to ignore the pleas from deaf victims for years. Murphy was a school prinpical himself.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Latest Celebrity Have Deaf Son

Within the Facebook (FB) "Wall to Wall" posting from Diane Squires which she made an acknowledge about the well-known celebrity have the 3-months old deaf son.

Diane Squires' friend, Jennifer Burnam posted this link enclosure on Diane Squires's FB page from the People magazine.

The celebrity is Joey McIntyre, the singer of the New Kids on the Block, very popular boys band in the 1980s.

You could read an enclosed article to see for yourself what and how Joe McIntyre and others reacted to his deaf son.

So the open discussion leave to all of you to post your comment(s).

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Open Video Message from Deaf Female Survivor of Sex Abuses at St. Rita School for the Deaf

Open Video Message from Deaf Female Survivor of Sex Abuses at St. Rita School for the Deaf -

This video was originally posted on Jack's Eyes vlog site, but Jack have not posted anything on the DeafRead for pretty long time.

Kudos to this deaf female survivor fight off the powerful Catholic Church!

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Media Want To Get Your Side If You Attend the St. John School for the Deaf in the Past

The Wisconsin mainstream media want to inquire any of the past students from the St. John School for the Deaf in Milwaukee, Wisconsin if you know Father Lawrence Murphy.

Please click on the enclosed link to get in touch with the media.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexual Abuse Coverups Against 200 Deaf Boys

Within the growing scandals threatening the existence of the Catholic Church for the past cover ups and refusal to dismiss the particular priest whose endangered DEAF BOYS at the St. John School for the Deaf, St. Francis, Wisconsin.

Reverend Lawrence C. Murphy sexually abused more than 200 deaf boys for 24 years.

For years, the allegations against Rev. Murphy for ruining the lives of 200 deaf boys had been repeatedly ignored and refused to take any disciplinary actions against the sexual predator in its midst.

Hundreds of people already had demonstration at the St. Peter Square via Vatican this Thursday morning to demand that Pope Benedict to resign for his role in the enduring cover ups of priests' sexual abuses against countless child victims for decades.

There will be a major protest outside the Westminster Cathedral in London, England next Sunday, March 28th.

If any of you have been victimized by any priest or nun or parochial school staff member. Please contact the U.S. based Survivor Network of those Abused by Priest (SNAP) -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Many People Want to Send Deaf Person on One-Way Plane Ticket!

There is the recent PayPal account setup for the fundraising effort of $1 dollar per person for the one-way plane ticket to send the particular deaf person to the likely destination to live up to hir own promise. If this deaf person refuse to accept the generous offer, then the donation will go to the non-profit organization.

WHY NOT we urge the generous donors to change the possibility of targeted choice from the Planned Parenthood organization to the DEAFHOOD FOUNDATION???

If many of you really know the history of the Planned Parenthood's eugenics practices of weeding out such human undesirables back in the last century. That includes us, deaf people.


Do we really count Rush Limbaugh as a deaf person?? Nah! At least, we could seize the real opporunity of cashing in Rush's motormouth and serve our own deaf interests at his own expenses. :)

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Will the H.R. 3962 "America's Health Choices Act of 2009" Cause Spikes In Number of Forced CI Surgery on Deaf Babies and Youngsters?

Within the Section 222 (9) broadly states the offer of hearing services along with tonight's historic vote of our first health care reform known as H.R. 3962 bill involved government intervention - (Sec. 222) Defines an "essential benefits package" as health benefits coverage that: (9) well-baby and well-child care and oral health, vision, and hearing services, equipment, and supplies for children under 21 years of age; and

This inserted language above was off from the page of H.R. 3200 generally known as "America's Health Choices Act of 2009". Not able to find the official posting of the H.R. 3962 on Section. 222 (9) whether the language concerned the hearing services remain unchanged or changed.

Stumbled upon the Section 222 (9) language to be pretty troublesome since it generalizes the hearing services, equipment and supplies for children under 21 years of age: and

Such a vague language like 9) well-baby and well-child care and oral health, vision, and hearing services, equipment, and supplies for children under 21 years of age; and

Look at the wordings of hearing services, equipment, and supplies for children under 21 years of age. That defintely meant the broad requirement for issuing the cochlear implant surgery and device.

Kinda puzzled why the language said "for children under 21 years of age". Our constitutional recognizance of any citizens to be legally declared at age of 18" Why it said "age of 21"?

Is that a real violation of our U.S. Constitution for the definition of all the citizens to be age of 21, not the age of 18?

The Twenty-sixth Amendment (Amendment XXVI) to the United States Constitution standardized the voting age to 18 -

Section 1. The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Will the Early Detection Hearing Intervention (EDHI) upcoming bill definitely pave the unstoppable way for forced cochlear implant (CI) on deaf babies and youngsters without their consents and permissions?

Will we finally see the days of health care providers resort to the forced cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and youngsters against the wishes of deaf parents and other parents of deaf children and leading advocates of deaf communities?

ASlize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)



Friday, March 19, 2010

Texas State Board Left Helen Keller All Alone!

How can you imagine that the omittance of "Deaf President Now" and "Unity for Gallaudet" and "Deaf Bilingual Coaltion" and "National Association of the Deaf" from the social studies textbooks in our pre-college classrooms?

Past social studies classroom textbooks briefly did refer to the peaceful protests like "Deaf President Now" as part of the subject on civil rights activities within the United States.

Could you envision the imaginable situations involved paternalistic and audist teachers whose feel that the subjects from tjhe "DPN" to the existence of deaf signers NOT BELONG to the pages of social studies and history textbooks?

That's what happened with the major shockwaves across the nation like ignorant state board members on the revamping of state curriculum standards for teaching history and social studies in Texas.

According to Kenneth G. Samson's BilioMarket deaf blog why the Texas State Education Board chose to leave Helen Keller all alone within the revision of school curriculum for history and social studies classes, why not delete her from the list of undesirable historical figures. Samson pointed out about the whole absuridity of revamping the classroom curriculums without any professional historians and sociologists and other professional means for such feedbacks. Samuel wrote very impressive blog entries from his deaf viewpoint.

From what the Gablers in the 70s objected to the classroom teaching materials about the corruption of Watergate break-ins and criticism of Vietnam War. The Gablers never had any college education. Those people ever came from Texas.

For years, the political conservatives and religious zealots attempted to seize the textbook markets by getting on the state and local education boards to force Texas and California schools to purschase the classroom textbooks to their own likings and whims. So many Christian schools across the nation, could buy textbooks much cheaply than getting them from specialized Christian educational suppliers.

What a big deal about Helen Keller within this subject? Samuel pointed out that Helen Keller was well-known for her socialist causes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also had the thick files on Keller and her socialist actitivies from the 1930s to 1970s. Keller had been greatly influenced by her socialist boyfriend.

More and more people begin to sense the real dangers of classroom curriculum revisions without balancing facts and historical significances within the latest Texas state education board decisions greatly affected the mentality of entire nation's future citizens. That will affect your quality of life as a deaf person in near future, too.

Our country's educational system ought to strive for balanced classroom curriculms to help the students into independent thinkers and solvers, not the bunch of feeble-minded sheeps running over the cliff.

How would you feel that the comphrensive deaf history be banned from the classrooms of the deaf and hearing students to explore and appreciate and understand our own existence as a great nation?

Yes, history sadly often write by victors, not citzens and educators together to develop the apporiate classroom materials for our youngsters from develop critical thinking and analysis skills. That's what Howard Zinn and Jack Gannon done with their history books changed the course of our national consciences.

Don't you recall WHY the portrait pictures of all the President of the United States around the classroom walls of the education of the deaf ? How come didn't any posters or pictures of deaf individuals, who were significantly contributed to the humankind on the deaf classrooms?

Robert Guillory, Gallaudet graduate, once told me that I ought not to be an educator of the deaf cuz of my unwillingness to be fawned by President Ronald Reagan's charms due to his questionable policies for domestic affairs. Preferably teach both sides and pros and cons of historcial events and figures to students to make their own assessments on essay papers, not "multiple choices" or "true or false".

Look at Robert Guillory now. He turned from the rabid Republican to die-hard Democrat! After years of research history throughly on his own. Democrats and other poltiical parties are no saviors anyway.

Too many American students often find their history courses to be real pointless and illogical and ask themselves why bother with the old stuff about our forepeople (forefathers). We must make our social studies and history curriculm to be more liveable and transparent and balanced without letting extreme political ideology seep in our youngsters' mind.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Laurent Clerc's Great, Great, Great Grandaughter's Presentation

Some of you probably be interested in attending the upcoming presentation by Laurent Clerc's great, great, great granddaughter, Susan Galloway in the Nation's Capitol area (Washington, DC and Germantown, MD) next April 10th and 11th. Galloway will bring some artifacts belonged to Laurent Clerc for the presentation.

According to Alice Hagemeyer, former librarian of the deaf at the DC public library and the Laurent Clerc Facebook page. Sue Galloway's mother discovered many artifacts and personal belongings of Laurent Clerc from the family trunk in the mid-1970s.

Sue Galloway still sift over her great, great, great grandfather's stuff to assess and catalog Clerc's remaining stuff which all of the items are secured at the local bank vault.

For more info, here is

DC Public Library Adaptive Services Division and Montgomery County Public Libraries
present "The Legacy of Laurent Clerc"with Sue Galloway, Librarian, Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Sulphur, Oklahoma .

Saturday, April 10, 2010
2:00 – 3:30 PM
Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G Street, NW, Washington, DC

Sunday, April 11, 2010,
2:00 – 3:30 PM
Germantown Library
19840 Century Boulevard
Germantown, MD 20874

Sue Galloway, Librarian at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf, is also Laurent Clerc's great great great granddaughter. Laurent Clerc was the first deaf teacher of the deaf in America. She will talk about Clerc's life and importance to deaf education, and show some of his papers and books.
Montgomery County Public Libraries' program is funded by the Friends of the Library - Germantown Chapter.


For District of Columbia Public Library’s program, contact Library Services for the Deaf Community: Voice (direct) 727-2145; Voice (via Video Relay Service) 866-570-7364; ask for Janice Rosen; Videophone (direct) 559-5368; TTY 727-2255; E-mail:

For Montgomery County Public Libraries' program, contact Library Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community: TTY: 240-777-0902; email: ; Videophone (direct, by appointment only): 240-637-2964; voice: 240-777-0001 (leave a message for Susan F. Cohen)

Gil Eastman, deceased Gallaudet professor had the lifetime collection on Laurent Clerc which donated to the Gallaudet University Archive, Kendall Green campus, 800 Florida Ave, NE, Washington, DC 20001.

Hearty thanks to Janice Rosen, the current librarian of the deaf at the Martin Luther King public library, Washington, DC for the notification of this significant event.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Irish and Deaf People Have in Common

Every St. Patrick's Day surely remind us much of systematic oppression and societial prejudices against deaf people and its use of sign language over decades.

Americans in general, have such distorted visions for Deaf Americans and other deaf people around the globe what we are supposed to be all about.

Irish and deaf people keep clinging to their proud legacy and existence. The Brits systematically oppressed the Irish people under its brutal occupation. Deaf people everywhere begun experienced the systematic assaults by hearing and "Uncle Tom" deaf individuals and corporations what they knew better for us.

Both of us, deaf and Irish people had been reglated to the lower societial postitions and employments over decades.

One major difference between deaf and Irish people nowadays, the Irish people begin to be embraced well by the society, Deaf people still face the identity revision alternatives by hearing occupiers and "Uncle Tom" with the forced installment of cochlear implant surgery on our deaf babies and youngsters.

Irish people were forced off their lands. Deaf people were forced to assimilate much further to please and satisify hearing imperialists and ignorant ones like suppressing the use of sign language for greater language and intellectual development among deaf children.

Deaf people are often treated as total strangers in their own lands since the audist society were preoccupied with the normalization and assimilation of everyone else.

Why can't we simply celebrate the beauty of human diversity which make our lives more interesting and fruitful?

Note: This blogger is not an Irish or have any drop of Irish blood, but always feel soliditary with the Irish people to celebrate the annual St. Patrick's Day. Hopefully for the Irish community to return their soliditary with deaf people everywhere. :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Re-telling Stories About Bernard Bragg in Ireland

In the celebration of St. Patrick's Day 2010, Deaf actor Bernard Bragg shared many exhilarated stories about his visit to Ireland in the 1970's.

From the NAD's deceased annual publication, Bernard Bragg recalled how he encountered the systematic division of deaf Irish people by hearing imperialists.

Bernard Bragg rode in the car with two deaf Irish hetro couple which he witnessed such an endless disputes between this deaf couple during the regular driving time. Bragg asked that couple why they keep bickering and fighting what was the right use for sign language, blah. The deaf couple were coming from the SAME town where they raised in. Why bicker over the use of
sign language whether they are right or not.

The deaf Irish couple replied "We were from different schools, one deaf school for the boys and another deaf school for the girls. That's how we always fight over the use of sign language what is right or not. "

Very common of many hearing and "Uncle Tom" deaf people resort to the stealth methods of splitting and weakening deaf people's strongholds on their own productive and festive lives like installing the codified system like "Signing Exact English", "Cued Speech" and other things.

Forced cochlear implant surgery upon deaf babies and youngsters without their permission or consent are another latest example of hearing imperialists and "Uncle Tom" deaf individuals, who usually turn our vibrant and culturally rich community into their own mirages and illusions.

Here are numerous excrept from Bernard Bragg autobiography book's "Lessons in Laughter" about his unforgettable visit to Ireland and Irish deaf people (check out page 157-161) -

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


After reading the AOL daily news feature on the revolutionary device for the visually deprived individuals. I said to myself "Aw, kinda great for someone to regain hir own vision ability with the use of technological marvel". This individual is a war veteran, who lost hir own vision during the battlefield duties.

Why didn't I object to the technological option for the blind people? That are much difference between forced cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies & youngsters AND optional desire to regain the lost vision and other body functions.

Technology should be not used to impose upon people against their own wills without any individuals' permission/consent. What about the GPS monitored ankle bands on people under the legal system to keep eyes on non-violent criminals? I would be for this kind of technology solution for some good reasons like the cost control purposes and pragmatic solutions which the forced cochlear implant surgery and device do not offer at all.

We must master and control the existence of technology, not let them control us. Forced cochlear implant surgery upon deaf babies and youngsters are all about the issue of medical ethics, identity alternative approaches, long-term health consequences, misguided educational applications without workable and effective methods of producing the well-balanced individual.

The new technological device to regain vision is "removable", not "permanently etched into the human body".

Will the young blind people accept the idea of forced surgery to drill the invasive method and leave the unpleasant sight of monstrous device on their face to remind the society at large what the freak they are? I don't think so!

That's what many deaf people object to the idea of cochlear implant forcibly imposed upon deaf babies and youngsters without embracing the functional and effective use of language for the visually-spatial individuals.

Respect and appreciate the existence of deaf people are the two-way street, not the one-way street by the hearing imperialists to re-define what we ought to be.

Every human beings have the right to control hir own destiny, not by someone else.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Particular Deaf Person Embrass Our Own Deaf Community Again!

Why this particular deaf person keep embrassed our own deaf community at large with hir own idiotic talks??

That very same deaf individual really do not knew what he ranted and ranted. One reporter asked hir where he will go for

Sure thing about anyone deaf with cochlear implant screw up hir mind process!

Or this individual count as a deaf person or what?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, March 8, 2010

What will you say to this New York Post cartoon?

The New York Post newspaper recently published the editoral cartoon as a cheap shot or real hilarous at the current governor -

How would any of you feel about this similar cartoon taking all the unnecessary swipe at deaf individual and the interpreter of the deaf in that manner?

Governor Patterson of New York will raise such questions whether culturally deaf individuals will be able to lead the government due to the bumbling performance by someone, who are deaf, blind and other kind of societial labels.

Of course, many of us, deaf people hardly consider ourselves to be part of the disability group anyway.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM))

Friday, March 5, 2010

More and more people scrutinize all unncessary surgery

Deaf people are NOT only expressing their outrages and legitimate concerns toward medical surgery.

Other segment of human population DO question the legitimacy and ethical practices of barbaric surgery on teenagers and young kids.

Here is the link -

Keep drumming against the identity alternative design on deaf babies and kids without their consents or permission with forced cochlear implant surgery.

That is NOT about the protection of deaf culture as I have been falsely accused in the mainstream media last month. Medical ethics and language/intellectual development play the major role in my endless opposition against cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and kids without drawing the natural instincts among visually-oriented youngsters.

Naturalism always will defeat technology anyway.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Deaf Person's Fifth Avenue (NYC) Apt. With 18 Rooms on Sale!

Who is really the richest deaf person among us? John Yeh seems fall off from the list of richest deaf individuals after the Viable, Inc. scandal. What will happen to Yeh's Potomac house?

One of the richest deaf individual is putting hir own personal possession on the market of the exquisite New York private-owned apartment unit with 18 rooms lately after personal wrath with the Patterson administration for levying highest tax percentages on anyone, who earn more than $500,000 per year.

Guess who? Of course, we never consider the leading radio host as one of us, deaf people. It's

Why not for Rush Limbaugh donate 3/4 of his profit from the sale of his Fifth Avenue apartment unit to the Deafhood Foundation - ?

The newly-created Deafhood Foundation desperately need the immediate millions in American dollars to help this foundation to launch successfully from there.

Please do the letter/email campaign to urge Rush Limbaugh to donate his 3/4 profits from the house sale to the Deafhood Foundation. Here is the contact info for Rush Limbaugh -
Rush Limbaugh's public e-mail address is He also has a private e-mail address but it is for 24/7 members only.

Ever please send the copy(c.c.) of letter and email message to the Deafhood Foundation via Rush Limbaugh -

What the Deaf Republicans will say about this one? Here is the Deaf Republicans Facebook site -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


One media reporting indicated that the middle finger is a part of "little sign language". Is that really the middle finger "sign language" or just a gesture?

Here is the link to Eddie Runyon's Bluegrass State U.S. Senator's offensive gestural sign -

When people decide that the middle finger is really a "sign language"? What the middle finger is?

Here is the links to the so-called profanity signs within the American Sign Language (ASL) from the Internet -

Many of us, deaf Americans know what the deaf Japanese people usually use their middle finger for the Japanese Sign Language of "brother" -

How interesting about the use of text for middle finger - ..l..

When and how the "middle finger" begun used by people as an offensive gesture. Here are the links -

Many Americans including me as a little kid never forgot our own Vice President Nelson Rockfeller of the Republican Party extended his famous middle finger at people during the Ford presidency (Gerald Ford) -

Photos of famous people's use of "middle finger" (please scroll down for more pictures) Okay?

Many countries use gestural sign of profanity to express their thoughts and feelings -

Americans usually use the gestural sign for "okay" which consider truly offensive in other countries. You would be punched by someone else when you use "OK" gestural sign -

Other places considered the gestural sign for "victory" to be offensive -

Pretty much for the United States' own major political party like the Republican Party elected officers engage in offensive gestural sign. The Republican Party often declare itself as a party of "family values". *stratch head*

Will the American Sign Language Teacher Association (ASLTA) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and other linguistic departments across the United States send out the letter of correction in dispute with the media use of middle finger as part of "little sign language"?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Executive Director Search for Buffalo-Area Deaf Service

Deaf and hard of hearing community within the Buffalo area in New York are actively seeking the right "Deaf" individual to run the community-based organization in serving the deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Handful of deaf and hard of hearing community leaders were very upset with the Western New York Deaf Service Association (DSA) board's past decision for hiring the hearing individual with questionable qualifications and background. Eventually, the hearing individual ended up leaving the center in no time.

The DSA board realized what they done to the given community. They finally embraced all the inputs and feedback from the Buffalo-area deaf and hard of hearing community what the new executive director ought to be.

Here is an email message from Emily Glenn-Smith, a deaf community leader within the Buffalo-area last month -


You are receiving this email because you have shown support in the past of the Western New York Deaf United - WNYDU protest against the hiring of Tom Burns at Deaf Adult Services, Inc. of Buffalo, NY. As you may already be aware, Tom Burns DAS after 6 short months so he could move on to a job he really wanted. While it may have felt like we failed at the time because the board refused to "listen" to our requests, I feel that our fight did not go unnoticed. The board of directors at DAS has reached out to local community organizations for their support in finding a new director for the agency. I am going to go and represent WNYDU and assist in Deaf Adult Services finding a new permanent director. I am asking for all of your support in spreading the word. We said we wanted the job to go to a Deaf person, a qualified person that can sign - well, now is our chance. We need to get resumes and interested, qualified people to apply for this position to make Buffalo a better Deaf community to live in and be a part of. Please forward this email to as many people as you know that are willing to help us fill this position here in Western New York. Thank you support and I will continue to update you as we move forward.Thank you!Emily Glenn-Smith & Western New York Deaf United

Emily Glenn-Smith

American Sign Language Program Director Linguistics Department University at Buffalo State University of New York

606 Baldy Hall North Campus OFFICE: MOBILE EMAIL: AIM: EMILYGLENNSMITH Office: (716) 204-7431

Here is the link to the Deaf Services Association website for job description and qualification and application deadline -

Wish you, all the best within landing your employment opportunity with the Western New York Deaf Services Association.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)