Sunday, October 17, 2010

Too Important to Ignore This One ...

There are the growing resentment toward disabled people getting the front row seats across America as what the MSNBC Twitter mentions 15 hours ago -

Not able to read or view the enclosed blog and video regarding this subject.

I do not know if this MSNBC video refers to the so-called special privilege for deaf people getting the front row seats without paying any exclusive seating cost in demand.

I am sure that too many hearing people resent such idea of seeing "able-bodied" deaf individuals come in and grab the front seat rows without paying any kind of "supply and demand" prices.

Of course, deaf people need to get in the front seat rows due to the visual means for keeping up with the American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters.

No questions about deaf people with visible CI devices on their heads caused such resentment among hearing people asking themselves - "Why deaf people with CI or digital hearing aids help these people such ability to hear and get the front seat privileges?"

You could see how and why the CI (cochlear implant) and expensive digital hearing aids footed by the taxpayers and health insurance companies really hurt deaf people as a homogeneous group and cause such societal backlashes against us in general.

CI, digital hearing aids and the influxes of various communication methods from SEE, LOVE, PSE (Language Contact), Cued Speech and AVT created by audists as a sole purpose of dividing our deaf community into the Tower of Babel with communications and unnatural & artificial devices to weaken our cohesive standings for political, social and economic power.

Just think about that! I am still keeping my words of leaving the DeafRead until circumstance changes for me.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I, Robert L. Mason known as "RLMDEAF" or "RLM", regretfully inform you, my readers that I am leaving the DeafRead for several reasons, ex.

Systematic censorship on DeafRead which too many of my blog postings never manage to get published by the DeafRead to reach the wide audience like you, all.

I really sometimes do not understand WHY handful of my blog postings never get published without any explaination from the DR editors.

Many editors in general, usually inform the writer why hir article will be not published, etc.

I want my blog postings to be "uncensored" without any fear for not able to pass the DR's editorship. I often restraint my thoughts and expression so I could get my blog postings published on the DR.

I often wonder why too many "unworthy" blog postings of mine tend to get published while other "worthy" ones hardly get published.

I rather get my own blog posting published without making any concessions, concerns and limits.

I will explore what will be my next option for getting my thoughts and expertise in gathering information and facts for my loyal readers.

I want to thank every of you make my blog postings to be much possible. I truly appreciate your faithful readership for about five years.

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

See That?

Did you recently see the latest vlog posting from the Deaf Iron Maiden lecture and scold James Kittell?

We are really thankful for this gutsy and courageous deaf vlogger! I am the one, who plant the seeds of revolt among us against James Kittell and Ricky Taylor aka Ridor9th (Ridor) last week!!

No questions about Ridor9th eventually land in the prison for milking $$$ from the Deaf America for almost six years. He participate in the scamming of Deaf America.

Please pay me back $50 dollars plus appx. $40 dollars for drinks and other generous help
ASAP or I will testify against you. Thanks!

Don't F * C K with me, RLM! Caspice? Stop twisting lies about me!!!! Grow up, Ridor!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

1st Harsh Audit at WVSD&B

The following educational quality audit from the team of educators and educational specialists found the issues with administration leadership, questionable security system, quality of meals, dormitory living, instructional materials lessons plus building upgrades and teachers credentials were among the Oct. 6 findings by the West Virginia Department of Education audit team at the West Virginia Schools for the Deaf and the Blind

Open Letter to Ridor9th

Why not you, Ridor9th take the page from your favorite blogger and rehabilate yourself?

Deaf America is keeping the eyes on you after too many gay suicides among gay youths. Comprend?

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

It's Time for Us to Send Ridor to the "Phantom Zone"!

Don't we get real tired of Ridor9th, Ridor9th, Ridor9th??? We must take some real action of sending Ridor9th to the Phantom Zone for his own good! So the Deaf America could have the
real peace of mind from Ridor9th's slimy warts.

What is the "Phantom Zone"? Many of you, non-comic book readers and film viewers of Richard Donner's "Superman" film back in late 1970's and early 1980's which the Jor-El, Superman's real father sent out the hyper-dangerous and evil criminals to the crystal glass container over space to protect any harm from human beings and Kyptronians.

Ridor is a certified BULLY within the Deaf America. Let's send him to the smokehouse, too!

James Kittell STOLE My Idea About "Son .....

*Scoffs* James Kittell never give me any credit for his legendary "YouTube" vlog posting. Look at the enclosed date on his vlog date mark- August 27, 2009.

Look at my blog posting dated "April 27, 2009" -

You, James Kittell never give me any credit for the intellectual property coming from my blog posting. I wait for your formal response via vlog posting. Thanks.

See what James Kittell via ASL Media, Inc said lately on his vlog posting regarding this very vlog posting based on my own idea.
ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Ridor's Empire Crumble?

Look like that Ridor's own fear mongering empire crumble bit by bit.

Zurfer made very courageous video reply to Ridor9th in regard to his unethical way of

promoting James Kittell's latest ASL Media publication - "What Audiologists Tell You ..."

Let's REVOLT against Ridor and his loyalists protecting the empire of lies, deceits, manipulations, fear mongerings, smear campaigns, threats, character assassinations

and other endless lists of Ridor's evil empire.

Luke Sykwalker is a symbol of "Deaf America". Darth Vader is one of the courageous Ridor9th loyalist to defy the evil Emperor -

It's a time for us to say "CHARGE" and ride on armored horses to shake the foundations of Ridor's Evil Empire!

Perfect Cartoon Feature Ridor!

Why not we do the roast of RickyTaylor aka Ridor this month? Ridor insulted me that I do not know what "roast" meant. Uh-huh!

I grew up watching "Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast" tv show.

So everyone know that Ridor is a Scorpio born on November 9th. He is a bad Scorpio -

Everything perfectly put together in the 1960s cartoon. I am a Spidey webbing the evil


Issues about Intentionally Blank Page on Deaf Books

James Kittell and Ridor tried to spin the damage control with the issue of claims to "intentionally blank pages" in the nonfiction book - "What Audiologists Tell You ......", but other books usually have the blank pages at the end of book for some kind of purpose to scribble down thoughts, etc.

Look at this enclosure -

Ridor and James Kittell of ASL Media ought to put the disclaimer on the front of book or put it on the ASL Media website.

Nearly $15 dollars for more than 50 pages of blank page warranted the real "train robbery" on part of Ridor and James Kittell, the queen of scammers across the Deaf America.

ASLMedia ought to reduce the price of "What Audiologists Tell You ..." book to less than two dollars per book or get the hundred of book copies off the market by avoid the defrauding Deaf America.

One extremely nice and sweet deaf lady strongly felt in her own word - "I feel FOOLISH" for buying the ASL Media's latest book -

Here is Ridor's vlog comment in response to Zurfer which he call us, deaf people "DUMB"
and consider hearing people to say "CLEVER!". $15 dollars???

Ridor9th says:
October 12, 2010 at 11:54 am
for cnastelli

Seek Geo is absolutely right about Ridor and James Kittell wasting the hundreds of tree trunks to make this real trash! More and more deaf people come forward to say "Come on, what kind of scam?"

Ridor get the ZERO credibility and ethical lapses now. I forget to add "f" FOW!!!! 'TARD"!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Ridor's Ethical Lapses with ASL Media Book Promotion

More and more of us, Deaf America begin to see "increasingly ethical lapses" within Ricky Taylor aka Ridor9th, deaf vlogger and the ASL Media, Inc when come to the slealth book promotion on his YouTube posting.

Ridor haven't been honest with the Deaf America when come to his regular vlog entries. He stealthily peddled James Kittell's latest ASL Media publication , "What Audiologists Tell You..." without disclosing his true nature and positron with Kittell.

Is Ridor a paid employee of the ASL Media, Inc or what? If yes, Ridor ought to come clean with his viewers that he apparently have the contract or informal agreement with the ASL Media, Inc.

Why Ridor being present at the ASL Media. Inc. table for people to come down and purchase the latest book release - "What Audiologists Tell You ..."? Techinically, Ridor would be seen as an employee of ASL Media, Inc. if he is being present at the ASL Media, Inc.

Ridor ought to be real careful when come to the product promotion on his YouTube postings for commerical purpose -

Many companies do have their own code of ethics especially ethics within advertising -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Are Ridor and Kittell Frauding "Deaf America"?

Are Ridor and James Kittell committing any fraudulent practices when come to the retailing of ASL Media's latest book?? Look at the enclosed YouTube video of what the deaf lady found in that book!

According to the federal and handful of state and local laws to protect customers from being deceived by any retailers or business. Look up what do you have the customer rights under those laws -

First of all, contact the ASL Media via James Kittell first to inquire why either of you find out that there are blank pages in "What Audiologists Tell You ..." nonfiction book and get the full refund free ASL Media materials for emotional distress and inconvenience for cost of your precious time and gas commuting. You still are entitled to free book from the ASL Media.

If the ASL Media fails to do, please contact the state attorney general office in your state immediately. That is a serious matter for distressed customer being deceived by the ASL Media and Ridor9th, deaf vlogger! Stand up for your customer rights.

Another deaf victim of the ASL Media, Inc had been not given any purchased materials as what she paid for the customer product and never received them!

Hope get book from ASL Media

Other questionable issue involved "trustworthiness" of the ASL Media from UK

Look at James Kittell's damage control video regarding the latest book!

Any promoter like Ridor9th will be still liable for fraudlent practices within the ASL Media, Inc.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Scientists Discovered Deaf Brain Rewirings for Visual Functions

I told you so, the Nambling Naboors and other skeptical deaf individuals and clueless hearing parents TOO MANY TIMES over time about our deaf babies often get their brain rewired during the gestational development (pregnancy) pretty long time ago!

This article revisit the new development of congentially deaf cats had their brains rewired naturally for their survival means -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maryland Governor Had the Half-Flag Mourn for CODA Son

Governor Mike O' Malley of Maryland, the "Free State" had the entire state to pay the honor the fallen solider, who was happened to be "Children of Deaf Adults" (CODA) with lowering the flag".

From the ABC-TV news broadcast shown Lance's deaf parents -

Deaf America stand together to salute Sergeant Lance Herman Vogeler. We say the beloved farewells to him! We bless Lance's deaf parents for bringing up the patriotic son to fight and
defend America.

Farewell, Lance Vogeler!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is Ethical for Ridor to Recommend This Book?

Is ethical for Ricky Taylor aka Ridor to make any book recommendation while he receives free book like this book from James Kittell?

That's why the Consumer Reports magazine refuse to accept any freebies from companies and individuals. They rather buy all products and evaluate them without appearing any biased or conflict of interest.

You, Deaf America ought to ask yourselves whether Ridor is doing an unethical stuff.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)

New (???) Book Came Out to Challenge Audiologists ...

Not reviewed this enclosed book yet, but Ridor gave it "thumb up". James Kittell wrote the book which he expanded it lately.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

In Defense of Ken Davis, Deaf

First of all, Ken Davis NEVER, NEVER, NEVER claim to be a journalist. Davis is purely a news jockey to deliver his ponficiations (opinion, commentary) which he have much right as other vloggers and bloggers.

In the seas of Internet, there are too many unfiltered news reportings like Perz Hilton, very influential news shaker or Matt Drudge with many inaccurate news reportings.

Deaf NEVER, NEVER claimed to be the credible journalism or newsreporting. Ken Davis just use "NEWSPAPER" as a reminder of many fine deaf newspapers and "Little Family" tablets among deaf schools until 1950s.

Newspaper itself as a term meant printing news on cheap paper sheets. Ken Davis's "Deaf have to do nothing with the existence of newsprint paper sheets. His commentary/op-ed comes with the use of visual materials. Ken Davis do not hide behind the anonymous blog aggregator like Gina Sutton aka Candy. Ken came openly with his face and
ASL signings. Deaf America know that Ken Davis's news vlog postings really are not "newspaper".

Ken Davis would be properly called "columnist" or "op-ed" to share his thoughts. Davis's interpretation of the "AB 2072" coming from his own GUT FEELING what the AB 2072 bill really meant to him in personal way. Davis could see what the AB 2072 bill would lead to the next thing like the systematic path to quicker and easier implementation of getting deaf child to be cochlearized implanted thru the so-called gatekeepers' titled influences (audiologists and AVT greedy carpetbaggers).

Almost all newsreportings come with bias no matter how much we deny ourselves!

From what many deaf people across America get the first impression of the "AB 2072" bill after learning their experience with the "Early Hearing Detection Intervention" federal law known as EDHI.

At first, the Deaf America welcome the EDHI with open arms or no objections. Deaf Americans finally realized what the EDHI was really all about widening the path for the medical community to put the cochlear implants on many deaf babies and children as they could get on our deaf people.

Deaf Americans originally thought that the EDHI will be very helpful for parents to identify their deaf children and get them educated at early age, but they see the EDHI differently. More and more and more deaf babies and children ended up getting the CI, not introducing them to the world of deaf education. Deaf Americans had enough with the misleading intentions of so-called laws.

So the Deaf California rose against the AB 2072 bill since the deaf community NEVER got consulted on any legislative bills which greatly affected them as a social and linguistic community.

Deaf California and the Deafhood movement do NOT lose their face at all. They done very brillant political brinkmanships to defeat the AB 2072 bill by adding the lead metals on bill itself to sink and get vetoed. They were against the AB 2022 bill all the way while Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Candy and others flip-flopped on that bill through the whole process.

From the beginning, the "California Coalition" sleathly pushed for the AB 2072 bill thru Rep. Tony Mendoza without any inputs from the Deaf California community. The AB 2027 supporters among Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Candy and others along with the California Coalition GOT
EGGS ON THEIR FACES in the end, NOT the AB 2072 opponents.

Deaf California and Deafhood supporters were brilliantly played the California Legislature and Governor "Terminator" like the "Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby" folkfore.

Every of us could see who are outsmarted, outmanuevered, outwitted by the cultural and linguistic community with little money and humanpower. Deaf California and Deafhood supporters are the real 'Brer Rabbit" while the California Coalition, California Legislative
and Governor "Terminator" were the 'Brer Fox".

"Brer Rabbit" Deaf Community thumped and thumped and hopped and hopped in real joy to
defeat the AB 2072 bill thru brillant manuvering against the finanical Golitah - greedy audiologists, money-hungry CI manfacturers and exploitive AVT schools, clueless legislators
and budget-conscious Governor with the Kennedy name heavily hung on his neck especially Maria Shriver squeezed Arnie's balls.

Deaf America did outsmart, outwit and outmanuever the Hearing Establishment with the Deaf President Now 1988 protest, the Unity for Gallaudet 2006 protest and the Ab 2072 bill opposition all over again.

Mike McConnell denounced the Unity for Gallaudet 2006 protest and the AB 2072 bill opposition. Mikey and Barry Sewell and Candy and White Ghost were the ones whose got
eggs on their faces!

Ken Davis is also the Brer' Rabbit. Never underestimate the former deaf minister like Ken Davis. He is not really a dumb guy! Ken Davis is a great Deaf American with his stylish ASL signings! Look forward more of Ken Davis in the near future!

Who get the last laughs?? Of course, Deaf America! We laugh so hard on the floor and amuse at ourselves how we are really brilliant. Audists are real dummies along with Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Candy and White Ghost!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Are Deaf American Children Being An Experimental Rat?

More and more U.S. government's past experiments on human beings are revealed lately.

Worst of all, the U.S. government conducted very unethical and illegal human experiments outside the country on unsuspected individuals without their consents.

So the fair question is asked among us, Americans whether our deaf children are being
experimented without their consents like the forced cochlear implant surgery on very
young deaf infants and youths. Why our own U.S. government are so interested in doing
the social engineering of eradicating the existence of deaf people badly?

Political conservatives like Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell would lash out at the media revelations about such unethical human experiment on human beings by the federal
government of the past.

Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell and other deaf Republicans never done anything about the
real wasteful spendings on the study of deaf people's genetics and cochlear implant development
within the National Institute of Health cost the American taxpayers billion and billion dollars.

Provide all the necessary tools for successful education and cultural/linguistic embraceness toward deaf youngsters are the real key to lead the productive and independent lives, NOT the use of CI or other systematic tools to keep deaf youngsters from reaching their true potentials.

The cochlear implant testings on human beings went back to the 1940s and 1950s. The latest discovery about AGB conducted the failed CI experiments back in early 1900s.

Study on Quality of Life Among Deaf Youth CI Users

Harold Crane, the loyal blog reader of mine sent me this newspaper article about the latest study on the quality of life among deaf youth CI users whether the device really help them or not.

One deaf teenager admitted to her parents that she felt real NORMAL without the use of cochlear implant!

Look at this enclosed article -

Many thanks to Harold Crane, my dear friend from the Sunshine State for sending me this enclosure!

Audism-Free America also received this newspaper article from Harold Crane, too.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

New Captioning Law in Maryland!

This new landmark law in Maryland give much-needed rights to deaf people in the public area.

So the providers via public area could not deny any deaf individual upon their request to turn on the captions, ex. bars, coffeehouses, resturants and other public places.

*Waving hands* to the Deaf Marylanders for their hard work and effort to make this new law happen.

We finally are treated as equal citizens like everyone else in the public area!

Mike McConnell surely will criticize this new law as some kind of big-government regulation shove down the providers via public area. Or seen it as a costly incentives for business to accompany the needs of deaf patrons or customers?

You, all Deaf America know how Mike McConnell and Barry Sewell are against anything that really benefit the Deaf Citizenry. That's why Deaf America must not vote for Republicans this year to teach them for being an obstructionists so far!

Look at the new Maryland captioning law -

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

What Do You Think of This Video Mocking Deaf Vlogger?

The deaf vlogger seems got his own wish come TRUE, but not in the sense of what he wanted!

Real CHAMP about another deaf vlogger took out on the "most infamous and watched" deaf
vlogger in America!!! Her YouTube/DVTV posting was quite superbu and WOW! Wanna see more of this deaf female vlogger!! Yes, the deaf vlogger surely cleaned out Ridor in her own way of roasting Ridor.

Perfect for both Ridor haters and worshippers to view this enclosed video!