Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That Will Profoundly Change Our Deaf Lives

Many deaf people's fear come true about the monopolistic cable companies when they decide to impose additional fees on your monthly cable bills due to the constant video relay service (VRS) and videophone (VP) uses. The Comcast v. FCC federal court decision eventually change the Deaf America for much worse. http://gawker.com/5510720/your-cable-company-can-now-tax-your-favorite-websites

The cable companies and ISP providers will make sleazy agruments that they could not handle the greater bandwidth capabilities within the VRS/VP uses. So that would be real justifable for the companies to rake in more $$$ of yours.

Guess that would be the END OF GOLDEN PERIOD FOR VRS AND VP USES among us, deaf Americans.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Will The Recent Court Case Affects the H.R. 3101 Bill?

The federal judge recently struck down the FCC's mandatory requirement for the ISP providers to offer the bandwidth services to other providers. The FCC tried to change the bandwidth network system to be really fair to everyone living in urban and rural areas and keep the major ISP companies from monopolizing the bandwidth access.

How will the recent federal court case affect the implementation of H.R. 3101 bill to require all the online video broadcasters to caption the video enclosures?

What about the latest FCC policy imposed upon the video relay service (VRS) companies?

Is that unconstitutional for the FCC to write up the policies and enforce them without any congressional-imposed policies and laws?


The Bush II adminstration successfully deregulated the information service highway and won the court case in 2005 to keep it that way.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)