Wednesday, July 24, 2013


After viewing the YouTube posting of the Access Hollywood's latest interview with Sean Berdy on the issue of cochlear implant storyline within ABC Family Channel's " Switched at Birth" (SAB)  tv show.

No open captions or visibility of American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter in front of camera for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube viewers to  understand and follow what the given questions to Berdy by the Access Hollywood interviewer.

That is so unfair to deprive the Deaf and Hard of Hearing TV audience to struggle or feel lost what is going on with the Berdy interview.

Sean Berdy and his agent and the ABC Family Channel publicity unit is also responsible for the lack of accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing YouTube viewers. All involved parties should make
sure that the accessibility for the Deaf and Hard if Hearing YouTube viewers being provided with open captions either provide the transcript readily attached to the YouTube posting.

The Access Hollywood should re-post the Berdy interview with open captions real soon as possible for the fans of ABC Family Channel's " Switched at Birth" . Thanks in advance.

Please look at this enclosed link -

I personally urge u to contact the Access Hollywood and Sean Berdy and the ABC Family Channel via email directly - (Sean Berdy) 

Reach Sean Berdy via Twitter -

Ever call all listed phone numbers! 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason of Los Angeles and Washington, DC
RLMDEAF blog/ vlog

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Truth About Our Fourth of July!

Truth About Our Fourth of July !

FYI, the pre-revolutionary colonists were real bratty and spoiled ones, who expected everything free or at no cost. 

The British king and the Parilament made the major mistake with the "salutary neglect" during the colonial rules until the end of "French and Indians" War. 

The British government was in deep monetary debts from spending on wars. So the colonists did not pay their fair shares on the cost of security and protection against the Native Americans after the Proclamation Line of 1763 got issued. 

The pre-Revolutionary colonists had most "freest" people on the world at that time, but they just don't want to pay the fair shares on taxes! In the end, the colonists just whined and revolted the words of Thomas Paine, an author of "Common Sense". 

Look at today's America! Our government declared the war on whistleblower s like Snowden, financed the forced cochlear implant surgeries on our Deaf babies and kids without their own consent/permission like the cattle brandings and "Listening and Speaking Language" programs against Deaf signing kids. 

Why didnt America prosecute the Big Banks for the major economic damages against the American people??? Our government didnt these things from what the Icelandic government done in past few years!

I could go much further, but let's stop for now. We need to take a hard look at our country what we are all about. 

I like the quote - We are Americans, but create our dependency on China to supply and discharge our cheaper fireworks. 

What are we really doing to ourselves?? Celebrate the Fourth of July ?? Don't think so!