Wednesday, July 21, 2010


STOP THAT, HANDFUL OF DEAF BLOGGERS WHOSE MISCONSTRUCTED, TWISTED AND UNDERMINED the progressive deaf movement to regain our cultural and linguistic identity and successful educational footings from the shackles of century-long AUDISM. Refer to such deaf bloggers like Mike McConnell aka the Kolonut Pundit, Barry Sewell aka the Holism, Gina Sutton aka Candy and Russell aka the Deaf Bunny.

Shelly Herrod dearly paid for telling her story truthfully what happened back 24 years ago as a coordinator of nonprofit organization at the NCCAP conference last April 2010. She was not a government employee at that time. The institutional and advert racism were very complex in our American history which too many people deny such existence of systematic racism. People dealt with racism in many ways from "reverse racism" to "sleath racism". The USDA backpedaled on the forced resignation of Shelly Herrod without reviewing the whole thing carefully. Uh-huh! NCAAP also issued its own regret for saying such unflattering thing about Herrod in the first place.

The likes of Mike McConnell, Barry Sewell, Gina Sutton and Russell and the conservative blogger usually put their own ideology first without being willing to examine, analyze and review the extent of audism against the Deaf Eyes for more than a century.

The Deaf Blog/Vlogsphere ought to encourage the atomsphere of rational and honest revelations and discussions without resorting to such cheap shots.

Hopefully will see the changed attitudes among the deaf bloggers who diss, mock, sneer and whoop at the issues from Deafhood to Systematic Audism in near future.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)