Sunday, February 28, 2010

Technology of Future for Deaf and Hearing People

Real amazing to see the future of stove top without the use of pots and pans and whatever they are -

What will be in for us, deaf people in the future with the use of useful technology? Will we be truly optimistic for our signing community?

The futuristic society would be more likely to ban any kind of physical violence against human beings from such unnecessary surgery on deaf babies and youngsters.

I personally envision the future of technology to be the efficient backlash against the so-called social engineering of audists' perspective of human flaws and imperfections like helping deaf signers achieve the real full societal equality for very first time in the humankind history.

Deaf signers could show up at any public events at very last-minute decision without such hassles of making all arrangements in advance for sign language interpreter.

Or deaf signers could be running for the public offices without any communication obstacles or language gap. They could appear on the talk shows within instant electronic translations which will put less burden on interpreters of the deaf. Interpreters could run the behind the scenes to make sure that everything go smoothly and accurately within deaf signers run the entire show.

So the parents of deaf babies and youngsters do not have to resort to such barbaric methods of cochlear implant surgery on their own kids. They would let all deaf kids to be real unique and productive citizens without suppressing the use of sign language.

We, deaf signers must fight together for better future of our own linguistic and cultural community against the evils of inhumane approach to resolve the so-called problematic in minds of audists and social engineers and geneticists.

We must seize on the real advantages of futuristic technology into our hands to reshape the human society against audists and clueless and ignorant parents of deaf babies and kids.

Hopefully that we, deaf signers will take the guilty party whose inflict very inhumane methods against our deaf babies and kids to the court. Ever parents of deaf kids whose had them implanted with cochlear implants without kids or babies' consent or permission, will also face the court of law why those parents resort to barbaric practices against their own offspring. All kids are no longer seen as a private property within parents which they are much part of the society as equals. Deaf kids and adults could enjoy the fruitful aspect of futuristic technology without removing their so-called flaws and still be DEAF.

More futuristic technology like elegant hearing aid look like a real jewelry -

The new humanity could be free of human prejudices and ignorance and systematic discrimination against deaf signers if we really fight, fight and fight and get things successfully done.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deaf People Not Only Object to Questionable Medical Procedure

Deaf community at large are not only the enclave whose challenge and question the medical procedure whether they are necessary. More and more people begin to stand up to the medical profession and speak out against all kinds of unnecessary medical practices which have done nothing to do with the health of infants and kids.

One commentator publicly asked me whether I am circumised or not. So the commentator could point out such hyprocrisy within me. I chose not to answer Toby Wyler's question directly. Check out the dialogues between Toby Wyler and me on the blog posting - "Is the U.S. Government Declaring Sleath War Against Deaf People"

February 23, 2010 5:47 PM

Toby Wyler said...
Robert,Are you circumcised? If yes, are you upset at your parents for having your genital trimmed at a very young age with your consent? Same difference.
February 24, 2010 12:27 PM

Toby Wyler said...
Correction: withOUT your consent
February 24, 2010 1:12 PM

RLM said...
Toby,That is very PERSONAL question to be asked in the open public area whether I am circumised or not. To preserve my own personal intergity from answering your own question. Real sorry! Circumise the baby male which remove more than 1,000 nerves from the male foreskin. Pros and cons of male circumision I have to spell out in very lengthy details. I will come back when I have some substantial time. Okay? I have to go to the store tonight before the sale receipt expire today for returning shirts. RLM
February 24, 2010 8:24 PM

I personally dislike seeing the presence of uncircumised males or male foreskin which I find them to be grossly disguisting. What give me the right to decide for the days-old infant or kid which greatly affect their entire lives for just a sake of appearance or so-called health purpose or functionability?

So everyone have their own biases and preferences what we ought to be all about to the likeness of our own human images. That's what many parents of deaf babies and kids tend to preoccupy with their own images and reputations to the given community.

There are many botched male circumisions and life-altering experiments on male babies. Handful of doctors purposefully altered the sexes of newborn infants in name of medical experimentation as what happened in Canada. One of the doctor publicly admitted that he purposefully done to the male infant to study two male twins how the sexual identity affected their lives over years. One remained as normal male, another infant had been altered as girl by removing his natural-born male gential.

Here are several links via discussions on the pros and cons of male circumision as similar to the ongoing discussions and disputes and opposition to the cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and kids -

The opponents of male circumisions held the sign - "FORESKIN IS NOT A BIRTH DEFECT". So the opponents of cochlear implant surgery would say "BEING DEAF IS NOTHING WRONG. WE ARE PERFECTLY FINE. WHY INTERFERE WITH THE NATURE OR GOD'S WILL?"

I am blessed to be circumised, but would wonder what I really miss out on male foreskin. Same thing with deaf babies and kids would curse their own parents for taking out "deaf" out of them.

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hilarous la Vidéo Sourde de la France sur l'Implant de Cochlear

The blog title is "Hilarous Deaf Video from France on Cochlear Implant" -

Je ferais n'importe quoi pour frapper l'implant de cochlear pour notre amusement. Sourire
Amusez-vous voient cette vidéo sourde fermée. Performance excellente!

English translation:

I would do anything to bash the cochlear implant for our entertainment. Enjoy yourself to view the enclsoed deaf video. Excellent performance, too.

Grâce à Harold Crane de Miami pour m'envoyer cette clôture vidéo.
ASlize le vôtre,Robert L. Maçon RLMDEAF blog

English translation:

Thanks to Harold Crane of Miami for sending me this video enclosure.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After recently viewing the Audism Free America (AFA) website. The AFA enclosed its announcement from the Clarke School for the Deaf (CSD) regarding the name change for that school and other four extended schools.

Not everyone happy with the CSD's decision to rename its school, especially former CSD alumnus.

The official announcement from the Clarke School for the Deaf -

Clarke School for the Deaf specialized in oral methods of educating the deaf children which Alexander Graham Bell (AGB) had deeply involved in creating this school based on ideology, not practicality for the education of the deaf.

Clarke School for the Deaf had a long history of physical and mental and sexual abuses toward their own deaf students.The school and their annex schools had systematically forbade any deaf students from using any kind of sign language or manual communication. The Clarke school faculty and staff personnels often used the wooden sticks to beat their students' hands and other known methods.

How appalling of the century-old school for the deaf engaged in revisionist history of erasing "deaf" from its own existence! See that? What happened to our own deaf existence if we let people to re-write the history of deaf over time?

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


See that? WHAT will the proponents of so-called perfect society and forced cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and youngsters say about this one??

This deaf guy do very well without his arms and adjust to life beautifully. See for yourselves!

Enough with the ideals of perfecting and correcting the society with meddlesome and intervention with invasive tools against the humanity.

Many thanks to Scott Wilson for sending me this YouTube posting. I truly appreciate his generosity. :)

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is the U.S. Government Waging Sleath War on Deaf America?

After learning new historical facts about what the U.S. Government done to us during the Prohibition Era (1920-1933). If any of you
are not familar with the U.S. history. Here is

The U.S. Government was much than willing partner to sabotage the health of Americans in name of crisis management. Same historical parallels within numerous U.S. government's past efforts involved the past 30+ years of sleath campaign against the Deaf America.

What the U.S. government have done to the Deaf America so far? The U.S. government is really willing to encroach our peaceful existence as a linguistic and cultural minority status with the creation of the Center for Deafness under the National Institute of Health, a federal agency with nearly annual multi-million dollars budget -

The U.S. government is clearly declaring the war on Deaf America by subsidizing the funding of forced cochlear implants upon deaf babies and youngsters without their consents or permissions.

Why in the world for our own government identify and label our own existence as "disease control and prevention"?

See that several prominent deaf individuals serve on this advisory board how to wipe out our own existence as DEAF people -

Guess how much the U.S. government spend annually for the National Center for Deafness?

Nearly 300 million dollars in 2008!!!!!

Americans would be better off by using $300 million dollars to hire millions of unemployed deaf individuals to save, repair and build the new intrafrasctures within the United States of America to make our country employed, strong and proud.

Remember the infamous Tuskegee experiment on African Americans in the South from the 1910s to 1940s -

The U.S. government was the willing partner of exposing the unsuspecting African Americans to compromise their overall health over the longitude study. Not only affecting the African American males. The sinister health study also affected the innocent bystanders like wives and girlfriends and children of study participants in the long run.

We ought to demand the immediate stop to the real wasteful and ineffective and impractical government spending on the de-existence of truly beautiful and superior linguistic and cultural minority - US, DEAF SIGNERS AND NON-SIGNERS WHOSE VICTIMIZED BY FORCED COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGERIES AGAINST THEIR OWN WISHES OR WITHOUT THEIR CONSENTS.

This blogger is neither a part of the idiotic Tea Party movement or anti-government activist. Just wonder how our own national government could misprioritize and misspend our hard-earned American taxpayer money in name of linguistic-cultural eradication.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our endless deaf activism against audism and the concept of normalization of what people and other living things should be. Many of you, deaf activists, deaf readers and viewers and bloggers and vloggers inspired people outside the realms of deaf blog/vlogsphere! :-)

One leading activist group used our own tactics to fight off the so-called human perfection -

This activist group blasted the dog breeders in name of perfection and desire which often dump the undesired ones at the animal shelters head for terminating their lives. One protester held the sign "MUTTS RULE!"

Many puppy mills engaged in deceptive and unhealthy practices of doing the dog breeding and passed off the defective puppies in name of so-perfect breeding to unsuspected dog lovers.

You could see the same parallel within the idealistic conveyor belts within deaf babies and children and beloved puppies what they face suffering situations against their own wills.

*Waving hands* to this activist group whose also critical of the invasive cochlear implant experimentation on defenseless creatures without their own consents , too.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Will the VRS Workforce Data Be the Next to be Closely Scrutinized?

We, Deaf America could use the Labor Department workforce statistic data to expose the underemployment of qualified deaf individuals within the management level of video relay service companies and professional organizations serving the deaf.

From what more and more interest groups fishing out reliable information datas from several federal agencies against publicly-traded companies.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

We Really Could Dig Up Past Dirt on AGBell, Proponents of CI and Audism ..

For past few years, we, the Deaf America have been dealt with numerous setbacks to weed out audists and fight off such injustices affecting many of us, deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Some activist groups resort to the legal way of neutering and destroying the so-called enemies against their own legitimate interests for the betterment of humanity and society at large.

We, the Deaf America have to take off our gloves and make great things happen!

Look at this link -

We are NOT only the minority being affected by such ignorance and bigotry and prejudices. Other minorities also dealt with the powerful interest groups and professionals trying to change the targeted minority for who and what they are.

We could learn several things from this growing movement to take off their gloves and play rough and dirty.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

That's Why We Really Need ....

There is an excellent way of having an equal access to the modern technology which often deprives DEAF PEOPLE on everyday basis.

Look at such options enclosed at easily available within finger click.

Simply click on the subtitles of our own choice of language for viewing the enclosed video posting on the Internet.

That's WHY we must mobilize ourselves to make the H.R. 3101 bill to be passed for the sake of real humanity within equal accessibility for deaf Internet viewers and users.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gallaudet University Closed Unprecedented For More than a Week!

Gallaudet University of Washington, DC, seems closed their campus for everyday functions from classrooms to other extended services by unprecedented means more than a week due to the snowstorm.

Not any known history of Gallaudet University/Gallaudet College and the National College for the Deaf Mutes on the Kendall Green campus had been shut down more than a week in response to the weather inclement situations.

Gallaudet College have been closed for a week during the Deaf President Now (DPN) protest in March 1988.

Gallaudet College had faced the 1968 racial riots and other chaotic times and kept its door open. The college had dispatched the D.C. National Guard to protect the Gallaudet students from any possible harms during the 1968 racial riots after the MLK assassination.

How interesting about the NTID/RIT keep the campus open in despite of regular snowfalls up north in Rochester, NY!

Dr. Harvey Goodstein, the retired Gallaudet professor, often sighed at the idea of closing up Gallaudet campus over few drops of snowflakes back in 1989. He quipped "Many DC-area drivers really do not know to drive during the snowy weather".

Gallaudet Campus Security, Campus Grounds and Cafeteria personnels could report to the campus anyway to keep the campus functioning.

Some people speculated about what Gallaudet students are to do during the snowstorms - "party, party, party". Weren't the students partying or what?

In the modern technology like vlogs and email messages, Gallaudet professors probably have to remind students that the classes are remaining open thru the virtual world.

No questions about the Kendall Green campus being truly a magical landscape within snowy dumps from heavens! Look at Fred Weiner's enclosed photo above the attached link!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Actress Betty White Incorrectly Postioned "ILY" sign. Look at That!

More and more celebrities and politicians attempt to say the classic ASL "I Love You" (ILY) gesture lately. The "ILY" ASL sign seems out of fashion for many deaf people in general.

Ever handful of deaf people roll the eyes when hearing people proudly sign "ILY" in one dominant hand.

Actress Betty White recently attempted to use "ILY" ASL symbol in such an inaccurate hand postiton. Let's take a look her

Yes. Actress Betty White get unexpectedly popular since her appearance on the "Snickers" candy bar television ad during the Super Bowl XIL. More than 125,000 thousands already mobilized the NBC-TV thru the Facebook campaign to have Betty White to host the "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) late comedy tv show to show our true appreciation for her often "underappreciated and underrated" television actress of our time.

Will anyone from the Deaf America gently remind Actress Betty White about her incorrect ASL symbol postiton?

The shocking revelations about actress Betty White as a person. Look at this - "V8" info!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That Will Not Happen at Deaf School ......

Repeated incidents left the parent of deaf daughter very upset about the extent of audism and lack of effective communication to keep the deaf student physically safe.

This kind of incident would be not happened in most deaf schools of the deaf where the constant language use of American Sign Language (ASL) will not deprieve the deaf student from compromised situations involved poor communication system within the audistic settings.

Many thanks to H.C. of Miami, Florida for supplying this enclosed link. I truly appreciate his constant contributions on deaf news in the state of Florida. I did see the tv news report about this feature story this early evening.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Ridor, a deaf vlogger and blogger, mentioned that the "Late Show" ads during the Super Bowl telecast was not captioned at all on his latest "YouTube" vlog posting. He was very disappointed with lack of captions for several tv commericals (10 of them).

Here is the transcript of "The Late Show" ads what the CBS-TV did not choose to caption that very own promotional material of theirs -
Oprah, Leno, And Letterman Team Up For Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

Letterman grumbles, "This is the worst Super Bowl party ever."

"Now, Dave, be nice," Winfrey urges.

A disgruntled Leno replies that Letterman is only complaining "because I'm here."

In a whiny high voice, Dave mocks what Jay has just said.

Oprah shakes her head and sighs.

That's it. The spot only lasts 15 seconds.

LET'S BOYCOTT THE CBS-TV to let them know that we, Deaf America, ought not to take for granted.

The CBS-TV have the long history of being disrespectful toward deaf people over years like the telecast of 'Your Name is Jonah" telemovie with Jeff Bravin in the 1980s without any captions. The CBS-TV refused to caption their own tv shows while other major televison networks - ABC, NBC and PBS faithfully captioned their tv shows.


ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

CBS Had Chosen Not to Air Much of the National Athemn in ASL. Why?

Nothing new about the CBS-TV's indifference and attitudes toward deaf people from time to time.

Brian Riley, the "Save Our Deaf Schools" (SODS), an e-commentator and coordinator, personally urged Dr. Alan Hurwitz to brush up his protest skills against the CBS-TV to inquire why the network broadcaster of the Super Bowl not to air the full segment of the National Athemn in American Sign Language (ASL) by the Florida School of the Deaf students. Riley pointed out that Dr. Hurwitz got involved in the past protest against the CBS-TV for not captioning its own tv shows while other national networks - ABC and NBC and PBS already captioned many tv shows in the early 1980s.

That is evidently the growing movements and trends to suppress the existence of American Sign Language (ASL) within the American corporations in favor of so-called miracles - cochlear implants and deny such opportunity for deaf babies and youngsters from using ASL for their language and intellectual development.

Real SLAP ON THE FACE of Florida School of the Deaf students travelling pretty far to Miami from St. Augustine, FL! More than 6 hours of traveling times for those students and chaperons!

PLEASE write a letter of disappointment to the CBS-TV to ask why the network chose not to air the full segement of the National Athemn in ASL or post the segment of FSDB students signed in ASL on the CBS-TV's website.

Here is the e-link for expressing your thoughts to the CBS-TV:

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Future Phone for the Deaf - Visual Sounds

Here is an interesting prototype picture of "future of the phone for deaf people" via Visual Sounds-

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is Audism Involved with the NFL Contest?

There is an official National Football League (NFL) contest for the elementary kids to submit their written essassies (essay) for meeting the football players at the XI Super Bowl in South Florida area.

The WTVJ televised newscasts of young deaf girl with cochlear implant made her presence for television viewers without any use of American Sign Language or any kind of sign language.

The media portrayals of this very same deaf CI user to be seen as a true miracle and success without any "deaf' features. Very troublesome about how the deaf youngster being portrayed in that manner without any balanced and objective newsreportings.

Is the real counteroffensive tactics within the Alexander Graham Bell Association (AGBell), American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and other proponents of cochlear implants, ex. medical professionals? That seems the way as the National Association of the Deaf (NAD)proudly announced the close working relationships with the NFL to bring the students fromthe Florida School for the Deaf and other schools with deaf programs with the use of ASL.

Why every Super Bowl time like last two years ago' Pepsi tv commericals create such an opporunity for the AGBell Association to steal all the thunders from the effective display of
true beauty and eloquence of American Sign Language (ASL) within the presence of Florida School for the Deaf students?

The Pepsi carbonated drink manfacturers decide not to do any Pespi tv commericals for the annual Super Bowl tv commericals which they make the recent press statements about rather spending $20 million dollars for the introduction of new carbonated (soda) drinks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason