Monday, May 17, 2010

McC's "F*ckYDC" Another Skokie Controversy??

McConnell's blog -'Fu*k You, Deaf Community" much reminder of the horrific and shocking Skokie incident occurs more than 30 years ago in the Chicago suburb with the large Jewish population He had the galls to post his latest blog posting from the perspective of hearing parents of deaf child with CI last weekend. Had he McConnell done the blog posting in rational behavior or intentionally drag the deaf community at large into unnecessary audism?

The white supremacists got the permit of marching through the Skokie community in military-style uniforms with swastika and abusive posters targeted the Holocaust survivors in 1977.

The Skokie community had their arms up in air to protest the planned march to invoke the painful memories of systematic extermination among most Skokie neighbors.

The Skokie controversy ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of freedom of expression and speech whether the white supremacists had the constitutional right to march and harass and intimidate the former Holocaust survivors and targeted minorities. http://http//

The majority of Americans were very offended about the idea of the white supremacists marched through the quiet suburban neighborhood back at that time as compared to the apathetic state of the DeafRead readers and DVTV viewers about the increasingly audisitic environment by agnostists from the likes of Barry Sewell, Mike McConnell, Russell via Deaf Bunny, White Ghost and other audists.

The Jewish groups fought back with the military-like stands- like the anti-AB 2072 group and the Audism Free America and Deaf Bilingual Coalition and the Deafhood Foundation.

From the unidentified woman, 4/25/1977 in response to the National Socialist Worker Party (Neo-Nazis) protest march request during the Skokie Village Ground meeting -

Because we will not for the sake of our children, as long as we are alive

Boy, age of 12 begs ...


there should be no way that we should allow them to march in Skokie under any circumstances because the amendment say "freedom of speech" .....

Guess what? Frank Collins, the leader of proposed Nazi march and member of the NSWP (Nazis), was an ethnic Jew himself!! Collins had been charged on child molestation and went to the prison.

The Netflix have the DVD rental copy for . It was produced by the CBS-TV in 1981.

Everyone know that karma is a real b*tch. The deaf audists and Karl White will see their time come to haunt them later in life thru the mystique of karma like Frank Collins turned against his own people ever his father, Holocaust survivor. Don't worry, the pro-Deafhood and anti-AB 2072 bill proponents!

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


What Mike McConnell Don't Know About the AB 2072

Mike McConnell's "F**K You, Deaf Community" blog piece surely reflected the true color of what and who Mike McConnell is all about. *expose piece below*

Mike McConnell really have no clue what is really going on with the "behind the scenes" maneuverings of the AB 2072 bill to have Rep. Tony Mendoz as just a horse jockey for the unscrupulous bettors, who gamble on the future of deaf kids and their educational needs.

Here is the enclosure of what the major financial company publicly support the White House financial reform bill, BUT they fight against it behind the scene with lobbyists swarming the Capitol Hill -

What Mike McConnell and the backers of the AB 2072 have in common. They said "See that we are for ASL". Every of you and I KNOW that those people really do not embrace the true diversity of language and cultural paradigm! They f**k our deaf community and ASL in big way.

Of course, Mike McConnell and the supporters of the AB 2072 embrace the concept of "capitalist pigs" like the Goldman Sachs and other financial leeches bleed the American society dry for quick bucks and dump the endless mess on us to take care of f**ked-up deaf kids from the denials of language acquisition and social/intellect development too many times over 100+ years.

Remember Mike McConnell's infamous mockery of Pepsi Cola ads' "Uncle Bob's House" which he defied the common courtesy of the DeafRead and Deaf Community at Large by his refusal of using the ASL. McConnell knew ASL, but chose to speak verbally -

Here is the real shameful blog of Mike McConnell's -

Why would I post McConnell's disrespectful blog? I want to be fair to everyone else.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

"Desperate Housewives" Done to Us, Deaf People Again!

Marc Cherry, the producer of ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives" done again to us, deaf people by paternalistic attitude with the given dialogue - "Oh God, he's deaf!" by Mike Delfino character.

The storyline involved the deaf kid when the Susan and Mike character accidently sold M.J.'s favorite toy, "rubber dinosaur" to Roy, the elderly neighbor. M.J. asked where was his T-Rex??

Susan stumbled and told M.J. - "Remember that you put your unwanted toys in the "sell" pile?" M.J. asked the question "what is "sell" pile?" Susan said "Oops, we sold the T-Rex to Roy". Susan and Mike went to Karen McClusky's house where Karen and Roy, the elderly couple
live together.

Roy answered the door (you could see the 17.00 running time scene where the deaf kid appeared) as Roy's grandson). Yes, the finally caption its tv shows on the official ABC-TV website - Forward (FF) to the 17:00 if you want to see the presence of deaf kid.

Danik Soundakoff, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR) appeard very brief in less than 3 minutes as Roy's grandson. He held the T-Rex toy.

The real question about the questionable dialogue like "Oh God, he's deaf!" What you make out of this dialogue? Is that acceptable to you or what?

To me, that was not really necessary to say "Oh God, he's deaf!" Why can't the Mike Delfino character said something like "Oh well, another kid to be dealt with"? The presence of deaf people ought to be the "non-issue" and treated like everyone else, instead of being callous about the deaf kid.

Another question - "Will Roy's grandson be a regular character on ABC-TV's "Desperate Housewives" next television season?

For your information, Actor James Denton, who played Mike Delfino character. James' real-life uncle had been the principal of the Tennessee School for the Deaf. That's how the Carlos character had been temporarily blind on the "Desperate Housewives". The info about James' uncle being the principal of the TSB came from the Bonnie Hunt Show, the syndicated weekday talk show -

ASLize yours,

Robert L. Mason (RLM)