Monday, May 3, 2010

IS WNCSD Another "Berkeley" Plot?

Is the attempted closing of the Western North Carolina School for the Deaf (WNCSD) part of the valuable real estate grabs in name of state budget difficulties? Too many hearing people keep refer to the extremely beautiful campus architectures of the WNCSD and made the frequent suggestions for the regional university take over the WNCSD campus.

WCNSD and Berkeley Schools for the Deaf campuses were officially registered with the National Historic Places Register before the school closings.,_North_Carolina

Many deaf people across America are very familiar about how the "California School for the Deaf of Berkeley" was legally stolen from the Deaf California. The state officials and University of California of Berkeley conspired to snatch the "extreme valuable"real estate from the Deaf California and deaf kids attended the Berkeley school campus thru false pretenses of being highly prone to earthquake(s). Those audists successfully did for the purpose of the University of Berkeley campus expansion thru the use of legal deceptions and fear tactics.

The "California School for the Deaf of Berkeley" (CSDB) survived the 1906 earthquake incident which left just left some minimal damages like the interior "pencil-like" cracks

The "unjustifiable" takeover of the real beautiful and majestic CSDB campus left the former CSDB graduates, former faculty members and staff personnel "emotionally and mentally violated". That still affect the present and future generation of deaf Californians which are much similar to the situation of U.S. Southwest and pre-California region also illegally snatched from the Mexicans.

The enclosed image of CSDB building -

Many CSDB graduates and faculty members had great memories of the exquisite city of Berkeley which were not likely offered at the relocation of CSDF (Fremont).

The future sale of WNCSD campus ought go to the untouched state account within future monetary resources for the deaf. No "buts:, "buts". Every school of the deaf properties are
belonged to the deaf taxpayers, not the audists' decision. Comprendo?

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

Shocking Revelations about Similar Groups for AB 2072 and AZ 's New Law

Many of us already knew about the entire" California Coalition" consists of audistic people whose pushed and pushed to rein in 16,000 deaf kids into the money-making schemes and deprived the very most vulnerable youngsters from acquiring the good educational foundation.

More and more interest and hate groups are behind the scene to remake America into their own fanastyland -

So we are not the only victimized by the so-called hate groups like the California Coalition, but many and many foreign-speaking citizenry face such similar treatments.

Another example of how the American media and society at large surely engage in systematic bias against foreigners and their own language-

Figure out who is really a racist and audist. That would be NOT Ella Mae Lentz.

David Eberwein (DE) already explained in his vlog posting on the Alexander Graham Bell's legal arms like the Children's Legal Fund (CLF) which were much similar to the hate groups pushed for Arizona's recent immigrant law by checking and verifying the citizens' legal residency.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)