Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is Recent Gally Misincident A Premontion To Come for Much Worst??

Is the recent unfortunate incident within the construction of new SLCC building occurred on the Kendall Green to be a symbol of premonition for worst things coming on the way? Karma and fate have the interesting way of showcasing their unexplained power to make strange things happen.

The ethereal beings of past Gallaudet alumnus and deaf leaders probably spin in their graves lately about the issue of audism being not resolved. They had to correct the existing situations like the systematic dismissal of growing and logical concerns about the questions of SLCC floor plans involved the audiological department and language science of the deaf. Those eternal souls probably had enough with Gallaudet's history steamrolling over people, who deeply care about the Gallaudet University as an institution. They surely were offended about Mercy Coogan's lavish retirement party. The ethereal beings probably were disappointed how the Gallaudet University celebrate their 150th anniversary of the Kendall Green. They surely don't approve the 3-days conference depriving many people campuswide from being part of the significant celebration for the appreciation of Kendall Green. Amos Kendall was probably one of them rattling over the SLCC as a symbol of "increasingly audistic" atmosphere. Ever with the upcoming appearance of I. King Jordan giving the keynote speech. Their unimaginable ploys sending the direct message to the Gallaudet University doing something real about the SLCC and other issues facing the Gallaudet community.

We kinda do not realize about the existence of alternative universe beyond our human logic. Who knows? Everything is possible! Whether we embrace the possibility of paranormal universe or not!

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