Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gifts for ASL/Cued Speech Interpreter???

When I read Jamie Berke's submittance on her "About. Com: Deafness" blog on the issue of gifts for sign language interpreters derived from the About.Com: Health's Disease and Condition content reviewed by the Medical Review Board (How interesting!!)

Well, I do not have any problems with the idea of giving gifts to sign language interpreters if anyone deaf have the SAME interpreter over and over at the workplace or enterprise or lecture. That is up to deaf clients shower the sign language interpreter to show hir own appreciation for underappreciated and hardworking interpreter Why not!

The problems with Jamie Berke's blog submittance without being more specific and give list of recommendation and any examples.

Not all sign language interpreter being well-paid for interpreting assignments until they are formally employed with the sign language agency. Handful of freelance sign language interpreters DO NOT HAVE any health insurance or regular paychecks.

Let's suppose that any deaf client/corporation make very last-minute request for freelance sign language interpreter for an emergency conference. That interpreter give up hir own plan like accompanying hir own child's birthday party. The deaf client/corporation would be perfectly generous to the assigned sign language interpreter to show their appreciation for anyone, who sacrifice hir own personal life. Either give out the free corporation gift for the interpreter's child as a birthday present.

I am sure that there are many thoughtful and considerate deaf clients of sign language interpreters with our deaf community.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Hey! Iam confused and I do NOT understand what you mean? Can you vlog, please??? Don't be shy from your own web com and then pls do explain your points! Smile and hugs, Shawn

  2. Sorry, no gifts for terps because they already make money from us. Most of them have been overcharging by requiring the minimum of 2 hours even though they are needed for about 30 minutes. Terps should give gifts to Deaf consumers. Good idea? Smirk!

  3. Good idea but a little bad news. I don't mean there might be negative toward the interpreters. I noticed that many interpreters began their less time to involve the deaf community. The deaf community will show their appricated toward them. Lately our many interpeters are not involved much in my state.

  4. Good point! We can send gift to good perform interpreter. This topic also become hot topic on active deaf community . It has blog and forum feature..