Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Truth About Drew Gutches

Many deaf individuals are clearly upset about malicious comments/false accusations remained on RLMDEAF's "Drew Gutches Passed Away Yesterday" blog posting. I could not able to delete those following comments without removal of an entire blog posting about Drew Gutches passed away. I really do not know how to. I did check out the comment moderation forum, but doesn't say anything about deleting particular comments. RECENT ACTION - SUCCESSFUL DELETION OF MALICIOUS COMMENTS AND FOLLOWING COMMENTS FROM 27 COMMENTS TO 11 COMMENTS.

I really didn't see comments until next day, Monday early evening around 5:27pm. I wrote the blog posting about Drew Gutches passed away last Sunday late afternoon around 5pm. I was supposedly checked out any comments on early Monday morning. I didn't. I had to go out without accessing to the computer til later in the day.

I have to compose another blog posting to make the DeafRead readers to be aware of false accusations against Drew Gutches which he have no way of defending himself or responding to such ugly accusations.

To my own knowledge, I checked out the D.C. Sexual Offender Registry website to see if Drew Gutches was really a registered sexual offender or not. Nothing found on that particular website.

I was really puzzled about someone claimed about Drew Gutches having HIV. I did not see any physical signs on Drew Gutches had HIV. I did not see anything about Drew Gutches having HIV before he passed away.

I could completely understand how Drew's friends, supporters and associates feel about how unfair to Drew Gutches in many ways.

I have been a victim of falsehoods and ugly rumors pretty many time among the deaf DC community. I do sympathize with Drew Gutches' friends, supporters and associates.

The last thing is I want to muzzle or silence victims of sexual abuse if something really happen. I have to ask the so-called victims of Drew Gutches to email me privately if any of them have been victimized by the deceased person. So I could check out the story whether they tell the truth or not. Here is my email address -

Few remaining questions:

#1 Why Drew Gutches was allowed on the main Gallaudet campus if he was accused of something unthinkable against someone? The Gallaudet Department of Public Safety would surely ban Drew Gutches from coming on the campus. They didn't!

#2 Why Drew Gutches's name was found nothing on the D.C. Sexual Offender Registry website? How come?

That could be one of the former disgruntled employee within Drew Gutches' wireless pager enterprise. Or someone intentionally discredit me and my blog? Is there someone really despise Drew Gutches?

Drew Gutches and I were not much a friend. We were once a neighbor. I formerly reside on the 9th Street one block from Drew's residence along the K Street during my student days.

I had seen Drew Gutches last time at the Starbucks coffeehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast two blocks from the U.S. Capitol and Library of Congress on Friday, December 17th, 2007. That was it.

I am totally devastated about this whole matter why people did leave nasty/malicious comments against Drew Gutches when he passed away. I write the blog posting about Drew Gutches which I consider it "newsworthy" as many deaf people know Drew Gutches.

I found Drew Gutches admirable in many way for his willingness to defy conventional thinking like establishing the wireless enterprise near the main Gallaudet University campus. He bought the house in such decaying neighborhood like the Old City area one and half block from Gallaudet University campus. Other deaf individuals followed his path to buy houses within the campus proximity.

Drew Gutches came to me and told me which he considered me to be the negative factor on the DeafRead blogsphere. I strongly disagreed with him. Drew Gutches always was an optimistic person, who willingly gamble with many things.

Drew Gutches was a person of many things beyond our assumption of viewing this person. He always found things to be workable in despite of his limited vision. Drew managed to do electrical wire installations ever he couldn't tell which color for wiring - red, blue and yellow. Drew always done things amazingly.

I take the full responsibility for malicious comments left on my blog posting, "Drew Gutches Passed Away Yesterday". At least, I finally get someone to assist me deleting unpleasant comments.

Please Let Drew Gutches Remains in the Afterlife Peace. If you have issues with Drew Gutches, take an appropriate actions and not take any cheap shots against Drew Gutches on my blog. Okay? I already enable the comment moderation at the advice of my good friend.

Here is my email address - rlmdeaf@hotmail.com

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  1. It doesn't matter if Drew was a bad or good person. Important -- sven I don't know this guy, my heart goes out to his friends and family. It is so sad that many people assume about Drew how bad he is and
    ... many more.