Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Do You, Deaf America Think of Barack Obama's "More Perfect Union" Speech, Major Speech on Race in America?

Our country get more racially and culturally diverse everyday, but the remaining questions about whether Barack Obama is telling the truth about his own pastor, Jermiah Wright, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL or just huff-puff the growing controvesty about Obama's so-called judgement for the place of worship and his spiritual advisor?

Obama gave the major speech on race in America this Tuesday morning, 3/18 - "More Perfect Union" to quell the concerns about his own pastor, who officated his marriage, gave him spiritual advices and political insights. He addressed the issue of "truism" how the American society treat the African Americans and immigrants, et cetera, but not any words about the lesser-fornuate white Americans. Why???

Obama had brilliantly selected his own campaign and Senate staffers which he probably lead the successful national and global leadership facing the increasingly uncertain and chaotic world and national stage. Who knows?

Will the White America be in the real surprise by the Obama presidency or what? What about our own economic and societeal security as the multi-racially diverse people of the United States of America?

Questions remained why Obama tolerated such political ramblings at his own church for more than 20 years. Will the real Obama show himself what and who he is all about? Anyone in the leadership postiton, often have been greatly influenced by the associates on the mindset of given issues and crisis.

Some deaf African Americans expressed their skepticism about Barack Obama whether he is the AntiChrist frequently mentioned in the Holy Bible. How interesting!

The CNN people noticed how the cult-like atomsphere within the Obama rallies. Why Obama avoid the small focus group in various political rallies? Obama chose to electrificy the large crowds without exposing himself who and what he was all about.

Why Obama managed to keep his Columbia University years much under wraps??

One of the deaf-blind blogger, Bryne, expressed his digusts at Obama for his treatment of ASL interpreters at various political rallies like keeping terps away from Obama. Is the order by the U.S. Secret Services for Obama's own personal safety?

How much will Obama be good for the Deaf America? How much Obama really understand the importance of cultural and linguistic needs of the Deaf America? Will Obama be the budget buster or fiscally-responsible chief executive to deny the Medicaid fundings of the cochlear implant surgery on deaf children?

We, Deaf America have to be more politically active to elect the right individuals to all the local, state and national public offices to protect our own deaf interests as part of cultural and linguistic survival as Deaf American.

Obama sound too good to be true for his racially and socially inclusive vision of America. The author neither endorse any presidential contenders for the 2008 presidential election.

The Nader-Gonzales campaign team recently sent me their email message about how come the Democrats like Hillary and Obama not puruse for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the abuses of the U.S. Constitution to mislead the American people and the U.S. Congress on the issue of the Iraq War and the War on Terror and war profiteerings, ex. Haliburton and Titan. They made a good point about Spitzer v. Bush which made a real sense so far. Spitzer, Democrat, resigned in the best interests of his own constitutents, not Bush and Cheney.

It's time for us, Deaf Americans to demand the protection of American Sign Language to be part of the cultural and linguistic recognization by the United States government and embrace the unique and everlasting hertiage of the Deaf America's lasting contributions to the existence of country itself. We must get together to demand all the levels of government from funding the cochlear implant surgery on deaf youngsters and adults which do not address any health concerns at all. We ever have to pressure the private health industry to deny any insurance coverage for the CI surgery at all.

Having a cochlear implant surgery is a luxury item which have nothing to do with the necessity of daily human functions. People would not want to pay more health insurance preminum because some deaf people doing functionally fine without ability to hear. All human beings are adjustable to any physical flaws that make our humankind more diverse and interesting.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thanks for this informative post and I don't think I'd want to vote for him.

  2. Thanks for all the information about Obama and I just saw on CNN recently I cannot trust Obama anymore... will defitnely not going to vote him.
    Id go for Hillary!

  3. I am agnostic politically. I just don't know if you can trust anyone who would get into politics and be any good at it.

  4. As a rule of thumb, one should render a decision by voting for a candidate who is the least evil.
    One can "write in" someone else's
    name. George F. Will wrote in
    Kemp's name because he was not happy with all candidates in 2004.
    The next president must not splurge another $3 trillion on Iraq and Afganistan like the drunken sailor Bush. Look at the stock market. My great-grandparens
    lost not only a big house but also
    money in the bank during the Crash
    of 1929-30!