Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fascist Thugs at the AGBell Conference!

Someone deaf told me few weeks ago about the Alexander Graham Bell Association of the Deaf (AGBAD) hired the security firm. ex. security guards to keep the peaceful rally participants within the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) from entering the conference site and AGB HQ hotel (Jack Barr's own term). The ABAD did post their official announcement about hiring the security firm for this year's conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The related information somewhat disappeared into thin air on the AGBAD website lately.

One of the deaf acquaintance really got annoyed with me, RLM, replied about "That will be real good for the DBC!" Why???? AGBAD's decision of hiring the security guards will be to our true advantages which the professionals and parents of deaf youngsters will see the TRUE COLORS of the AGBAD!

Parents of deaf youngsters will see the real openness and open arms of the DBC to welcome anyone whose willing to get their eyes wide-open what the DBC is all about! WHY the AGBAD have to hire the security guards?

Some rumors about the AGBAD got ahold of the DBC's casual plans from "neighbor" state associations of the deaf, ex. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. Don't forget the DBC's no-cost conference!

This year's Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) "counteroffensive" rally will be the biggest deaf event of the year. Please donate $$ to the DBC to cover the expense of the FREE conference as you possibly could. We are doing for the best interests and long-term future of DEAF BABIES AND YOUNGSTERS! Of course, the medicine ethics regarding the non-consented practices on thousandths of deaf babies and youngsters should be considered heavily!.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I do not know that DBC do have donations. Glad that I can get to donate DBC! I am feeling so good to give money for deaf baby's rights to receive ASL!

  2. RLMDEAF wrote:

    Some rumors about the AGBAD got ahold of the DBC's casual plans from "neighbor" state associations of the deaf, ex. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.

    My comment:

    Are you that fucking stupid? DBC has been broadcasting its plans on the web, through its own website and the state chapters. Do you think think AGBell has no access to the Internet?

    You are unbelievably fucking stupid.

  3. To anonymous 6:38 pm:

    You are putting transparent propaganda on here in the guise of criticism.

    Your post is a blatantly insulting. Please stop.

    Obviously, RLM already knows about the various plans that have been discussed publicly on the Internet.

  4. be sure to get the media on our side...and no security firm will work with agb again..

  5. AGBAD did the same thing in Milpitas, California when they had their state-wide conference by having too many police officers to keep eye on DBC's rally in front of their hotel. Guess what? The police officers said DBC rally is the MOST peacefully they handled and realized they had too many officers there.

    AGBAD continue to label us as militants or whatsoever which is completely untrue! You are correct, it is to AGBAD's disadvantage cuz it will show their true colors!

    I am really proud of DBC and their movement - they are right on the track!

  6. typo - should said peaceful instead of peacefully above!

  7. It never fails to amaze me that organizations for people with hearing loss want to build walls around themselves and their members, instead of working together for common goals. Even groups as diverse as AG Bell and NAD should have lots in common when it comes to fighting for renewal of the ADA, closed captions on Internet downloads, equal employment opportunities, and the like.

    As the co-chair of the regional HEAR2009 conference taking place in Anaheim, CA next February, we'll be encouraging folks with any and every type of hearing loss to attend, and to share their views, rather than reinforcing only one set of values. We need to work together, plan together, fight together, and learn together if we want the gains of the past 20 years to continue.

    For more info:

  8. Mike,

    Everyone is going to


    both happening the same time and are about a half mile apart.


  9. Anonymous #1,

    Hmm, I was putting the sentence about how the AGBAD found out about the DBC and other state associations' plans in very nice way, instead of seen as "paranoid".

    Question remained about WHY the AGBAD had to scour (look) for any information related to the DBC's planned rallies on the Internet.

    I wasn't aware of the DBC plans something like that til the deaf acquaintance mentioned about the AGBAD had to hire the security guards for this year's conference gathering due to the discovery of DBC's plans. That's how I learned about it.

    I hardly bother to check out the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) website. Shame on myself!

    Thanks to Anonymnous #2 for defending me. I truly appreciate it very much.

    I never receive any information regarding the DBC's plans. I still do not know about those plans anyway.

    I hope that more and more people will check out the DBC website to see if they could be of any help or finanical donations.

    I learned something new about what happened at the recent DBC rally in California about the AGBAD deployed the police officers to oversee the DBC rally.

    I wrote this blog posting in very haste way less than six minutes. Okay?