Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Milwaukee WITI FOX-TV Station Apparently Violated Federal Law For Not Providing Equal Time To DBC On Opposing Viewpoints

Milwaukee WITI FOX-TV station apparently violated the existing federal law for NOT providing equal time to Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) last weekend to offer the opposing viewpoints on controversial issues regarding the options for language acquisitions among deaf babies and youngsters with cochlear implant (CI).

The Fairness Doctrine law created by the U.S. Congress to require the licensed broadcasting industry to offer opposing viewpoints on controversial issues without appeared biased toward anyone or favor particular individual or group.

Why the new AGBell president, Jay Wyant, solely appeared on the Milwaukee WITI FOX News' Health Center segment without someone from the DBC to offer the counterargument on the ongoing controversy on the educational method and language acquisition and development?

Please check out the AGBell website - http://www.agbell.org/ for viewing the video clip from the WITI FOX-TV station and see for yourself for new AGBell President's first television interview.

SHAME on AGBELL for not providing any kind of transcript or captions for its own members and general public on her website regarding the exclusive clip of new AGBell President's television interview! Many AGBell members and parents of deaf youngsters do use the television captions to keep abreast of any current events and news within the society at large.

To understand the Fairness Doctrine much better. Please check out any ISP- Google and Yahoo and spell out Fairness Doctrine. The Wikipedia site have an excellent description and summary of the Fairness Doctrine.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I am so not suprized.

    TMJ4 another Milwaukee Channel, last year called the wife of a man who was murdered to interview her BEFORE the police told her. Can you imagine finding out your loved one died from your local television network?

    There was also an article in our local independent paper, the Shepard Express about how terrible local news here is in Milwaukee,

    Just letting you know it wasn't the first time, and it ain't gonna be the last time

  2. Um, I watched and listened to it and there were no arguments presented by Jay Wyant. He talked mostly about the newborn infant hearing screening and how many parents do not follow up after initial screenings were done. He talked about interesting technologies such as cochlear implants, digital hearing aids and how they have become so "tiny."

    I am nearly done with the closed captioning of the video. I have the transcript already that I did myself by listening to the video and I will make it available tonight.

    RLM, no violation of the Fairnes Doctrine occurred because Jay never made any personal attacks to anyone in the first place. Secondly, the Fairness Doctrine does not exist as a law today. Ronald Reagan VETOED it and past legislation tried to pass it as well but was vetoed as well. Might do some good if you actually read up on the Fairness Doctrine before commenting.

    Although I believe it's the news station's responsibility to offer closed captioning and at the very least AGBell could have provided a transcript before linking to the video (same for the news station). Either way, I agree, some kind of captioning or transcript should have been made available to the public.

  3. Well, the same Wikipedia website (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairness_Doctrine) stated that the Fairness Doctrine was abolished in 1987.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions in this post in the public domain.

  4. cry baby!!! get a life!

  5. Sorry to disappoint you but no law was broken. The law, if still in good standing only applies to campaigns or public entities that are financed by the general public. Neither AGB or DBC qualified for the protection you so desperately seek. Yeah, get a life.

  6. FOX is well-known to be biased and one-sided any way.

  7. Deaf Channel OrgJuly 1, 2008 at 9:38 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    This is Brian Morace with Deaf Channel Organization. It show me that the TV Station is ACTUALLY violated one of those Federal Law, The case familiar to other case happened related to Black Group Community that request TV Station to show film and TV Station refused to broadcast, lead to lawsuit that cause TV Station loose TV Broadcast License....
    I personally think DBC has a GOOD CASE... DON'T GIVE UP... PULL TV Station into CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!
    Thank you DCO.

  8. Y'know, i'm actually curious as to what the video said.

    It's kinda difficult to be pissed at the news if i dont know what exactly was said to the public. Lets see what McConnell has translated for us in order to see what exactly was broken.

  9. Nearly done. Within the hour I hope.

  10. I'm glad some of my old video blogs played a significant role in getting the MAC/Hyatt skywalk closed.

    Richard Roehm

  11. Anonymous #1,

    Thanks for letting us know how terrible the local news coverages in Milwaukee along with the attached link to the Express article. Many of us surely appreciate it very much. Thanks again.

    Mike McConnell and Pietro,

    Thanks for pointing out the Fairness Doctrine being no longer a law, but it haven't been repealed officially by the U.S. Congress so far. The FCC under Preasident Ronald Reagan, voted to suspend the Fairness Doctrine.

    We really need the Fairness Doctrine very much due to increasingly conservative media bias and dominance and bias toward culturally deaf people in many ways.


    How true about the FOX News in general, being biased in many ways along with other cable and network news.

    How come didn't the WITI Fox News contact the DBC to offer their opposing viewpoint? Don't the WITI FOX News want to pay substantial cost for ASL interpreter? That is definitely a bias on the part of the WITI FOX News!

    Not many people realize that Rudoph Mulrdoch really bring more filth and violence to the American television than any broadcasters.

    Conservatives still rally behind the king of conservative, Rudoph Mulrodch which they demand for the family values within America.

    I stopped reading the Wall Street Journal after Rudoph Muldroch took over the reputable finanical newspaper. Muldroch manipulated the news reportings to benefit himself and other "pork" barons.

    I miss the pre-Muldorch "Wall Street Journal" newspapers very much. I did give it a try, but could see the clear lining on this newspaper.

    Muldorch and the Washington Times actually violated the American media ownership laws back in the
    80s anyway, because they were foreigners themselves.

    That's how the very same individuals sneaked around our weak enforceable American media laws and inflict their filth on Americans.

    I enjoy several FOX television programmings anyway.

    Brian Morace, Deaf Channel Organization (DCO),

    Many thanks for being supportive to urge the DBC have some kind of legal case to file against the WITI FOX-TV to send a strong message to the American media outlets about the real importance of balanced news reportings and dispatch both sides.

    I am looking forward to more of your organization. :)

    Thanks again!

    Richard Roehem,

    Really? Your old vlogs played significant role to the closing of walkway between MCA and Hyatt.

    Which blogs and vlogs you are talking about?

    You should be really ashamed of yourself since we are talking about the long-term imapcts on deaf babies and youngsters. That is not the time to peddle your petty politics and grudges against the DBC. Poor deaf babies and youngsters!

    Parents of deaf babies and youngsters ought to be given such an opporunity to decide among themselves, not anyone with finanical interests and ideologies. Comprendo?

    How much for our so-called American democracy within the Fourth of July celebration!


  12. The WITI Fox-TV seems give the free airtime for the AGBell's propaganda to promote the existence of cochlear implants.

    AGBell should be fined and investigated for letting the conflict of interest into their organization like the staff relationship with the Cochlear America.

    AGBell should be revoked to many troublesome "conflict of interests" and questionable intents.


  13. hmm, rlm... did you see the interview with captions? i just checked it out.

    you may be jumping the gun here. It did not say nothing bout DBC, and the interview was completely different than what the article read.

    i hate to bring it up, but what if its true; that DBC is the biggest fight angst a self-illusion?

  14. Dog Food,

    I do not regretfully post this blog posting without waiting first to see captions or transcript of Jay Wyant's WITI FOX-TV interview.

    AGBell surely deprieved their own deaf members and general public in the first place without putting captions or transcript.

    There is another "conflict of interest" within Jay Wyant and CaptionMax for captioning Wyant's TV interview.

    Wyant should not use his workplace to caption his own organization's public messages.

    That would be seen as a violation of federal funds to promote hir own private interests.

    AGBell surely use the clever means of propagandizing and promoting its own organizational agenda as part of "health" issue on local television news show.

    The WITI Fox should know better than letting the sole organization to speak before the television camera.

    Why didn't the DBC being included in television interview as part of balanced and fair news reportings?

    In the last few minutes, Jay Wyant and the TV interviewer used the political message to urge television viewers to contact their U.S. Senator. That is pure political message!

    If not for my blog posting, the AGBell would not bother to caption the television interview.

    "Conflict of interests" again with the use of Wyant's workplace, "Caption Max" to caption this television interview.


  15. I see what you mean RLM. Do you think they were talking about the controversity with DBC though? I mean, it just seemed like a simple interview where he came on and introduced himself and that was what it was. A few remarks about what the organization does, and mostly about his own experience and how his family made the decisions they did.

    Conflict of interest? hmm... makes me think for a second. i think you're seeing things in a "damned if you do, damned if you dont" mentality. If he didn't captioned his interview, you'd shout that he's being a fool for not doing so which is true. If he used captionmax, then "conflict of interest" for what we wanted in the first place gets played.

    Lastly, why did Jay Wyant encouraged the hearing screening law? this works for both AVT and BI BI because the babies need to be screened at the earliest possible time. He was doing all of us a favor.

    Thanks for responding. Its good to see how you're seeing things.

    Many thanks to Mcconnell for captioning this for us.