Sunday, August 24, 2008

"200" Brought to Deaf Gaza School Lately

The New York Time's latest article (8/23/08) reported more than 40 international human right advocates in two boats recently landed in Gaza in defy of the Israel government and brought 200 hearing aid devices for deaf Gaza youngsters. *rolling eyes in disbelief*

Why in the world for the international human rights advocates brought hearing aids, instead of money for lack of diesel fuels within bus transportation to carry deaf students all over the Gaza Strip or books and other non-audistic stuff? No particular name of this international human rights advocacy group mentioned so far.

Israel have been blocked the orders of hearing aid devices and batteries to be delivered to the deaf Gaza school for years. That seems Israel doing the real favor for deaf Gaza children from being delivered to the audistic means of peppering them to the tortures of speech and hearing trainings.

Couldn't be much prouder of Israel's action to keep hearing aid devices and batteries out of reach for the deaf Gaza school to equip deaf Gaza students. Israel know what is best for deaf Gaza students. The international human rights advocates are the idiotic ones for their audistic behaviors to please the audists and clueless parents of deaf children to turn them into "little parrots" and "seals in training to please and wow the world of audism. Bravo to Israel's 'Stone Age" tactics!

There are approximately 21,000 deaf people living in the Gaza Strip lately. The deaf Gaza school have been struggled with lack of school resources and basic necessity for deaf students. The school is 16 years old. The student enrollment figures at deaf Gaza school is about 200. The future enrollment goal is to admit up to 300 students.

All staff personnel at the deaf Gaza school use sign language. The school also teach parents of deaf youngsters how to master sign language. How intelligent for this school to engage in sign language communication! Israel's security blockade kinda forced the deaf Gaza school staff to resort to the use of sign language more than ever. One of most best solution for deaf youngsters ever occurred lately around the world as compared to the AGBell (AgBAD)'s AVT programs in the United States. Sign language communication is most practical and effective educational means, not the use of hearing aid devices and batteries or AVT programs.

For more info about the deaf Gaza school -

Jamie Berke's "About Deafness" blog posting last year, December 17, 2007, mentioned about Israel sent up rockets to the Gaza area which greatly affected the deaf Gaza school from what the Washington Post wrote last year - December 15, 2007. The Post article kinda showed "audistic" leanings to get the readers feel sympathized for deaf Gaza students without having access to hearing aids and batteries.

Let's send a letter of compliment to the Israel government and show our true appreciation to keep hearing aid devices and batteries out of the hands of audists in Gaza area!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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