Thursday, August 28, 2008

Open Message to Shane Feldman, DC DPHH

Here is the ideal place for hosting the DC DPHH's September 2008 at the Outdoor Aria Fresco, the largest outdoor plaza in DC area within the Woodrow Wilson Plaza and the Ronald Reagan Building next to the Federal Triangle Metrorail station and Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest in visible of the U.S. Capitol and the White House.

The only available eating/drinking venture is the Italian Aria restaurant on the outdoor fresco of the Woodrow Wilson Plaza - The food court inside the RR Building will be closed at 7pm for anyone, who seeks affordable meals.

Free validated parking after 5pm inside the Ronald Reagan Building parking garage. Easy access to the Metrobus route - 30s Metrobus along the Pennsylvania Avenue. The Federal Triangle Metrorail station is right next to the Woodrow Wilson Plaza. Perfecto for the annual largest DC DPHH gathering for every September. Don't you, Shane Feldman, coordinator of the DC DPHH, agree?

The haven't been posted lately about the location of next DPHH gathering site. I took the liberty of doing some research to find the perfect site for our September DC DPHH. You also asked me to let you know if I am aware of any suitable place for the September DC DPHH. I could not reach you via email message. I lost your email address right now. :)

You, Shane Feldman and other deaf individuals expressed concerns about the Georgetown Harbor due to the parking difficulty and long walks from the Foggy Bottom/GWU Metrorail station. Some problems arisen with the Sequoia seafood restaurant management last time back to last September 2007.

I also checked out the National Harbor in Prince George County which the WMATA do offer the limited bus services to this place, but the bus schedule for the NH-1 bus will end at 9:30pm. Seems too far for many deaf individuals going there anyway. It's time for the due of DC DPHH is in DC. Correct?

Here is my solution for you and the Deaf - the Outdoor DC Fresca. What a perfect location for the discussion about the upcoming presidential election whom root for the next President of the United States in the backdrop of the White House one block away and the U.S. Captiol six blocks away. Don't you agree, Shane? If yes, you owe me a drink. Bien?

The Georgetown Harbor is not the wheelchair accessibility from the M Street, Northwest as compared to the Woodrow Wilson Plaza via the Federal Triangle Metrorail station. The D2, D4 and X2, X4 and X6 and 30s (Northbound) Metrobuses are readily accessible from Gallaudet University to the 13th Street, Northwest via K and H and U Street. Not affect only deaf individuals with the wheelchair use. Many deaf individuals also have foot/hip problems and have such a difficulty of walking down the street from the M Street to the Georgetown Harbor.

No free parking garages or spots found in Georgetown area as compared to the street parking along the Pennsylvania Avenue and parking garage inside the Ronald Reagan and International Trade Center building. Four Metrorail stations nearby - National Archives, Smithsonian, Metro Center and Gallery Place-Chinatown within walking distance to this secret gem of DC - the Ronald Reagan and International Trade Center.

The Georgetown Harbor is kinda a tiresome scene for many regular DPHH attendees anyway. The change of scenery is what we really need most now for the different gathering site.

Editor's note - this blog posting was supposed to be posted last Thursday early afternoon, September 28th, Unfortunately, the online technical problem prevented the automated publication til late Sunday wee night. Sincere apology for this kind of inconvenience.

Warm regards,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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