Saturday, September 20, 2008

What About Deaf America's Misgivings Toward Racial Attitude?

 What about any of you, deaf voters have any misgivings about the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama's color of skin (race)? 

  The latest Associated Press (AP) and Yahoo Poll found out about too many white and Republican voters have misgivings about Democratic President Barack Obama's color of skin (race). How shocking about the American society in 2008!

  I already thought that the majority of American people were past the racial misgivings of other ethnic and racial people. I was totally wrong! 

  Of course, I keep seeing many white and black deaf people still have the racial attitudes toward black people or white people in general. 

  I must admit that I have some deaf friends, who are genteel racists themselves. I usually dismiss their racist or prejudiced views of different people.  Those friends are really great people, but happen to have the mischaracterized view of the society from time to time. My personal viewpoints are more liberal and progressive than most people I know of. 

  I seldom use "N" to test deaf people's reaction as part of my own informal sociological study. At the first glance, deaf people would get little uncomfortable and look around, then show their real-self and openly used "N" with me. 

  Most deaf people I encounter or socialize with, are likely to have a progressive views of ethnic and racial minorities. Deaf white people in DC area, usually have negative views of African Africans whose happened to be living on the street or being the panhandlers or thugs lurking on the street. 

  Are those deaf white people being racist or look down on the downtrodden society? 

  Kinda troubling about the handful of American people have such a skeptical views of Barack Obama, because of his color of skin. 

  Nothing new about the deaf America being racially formed due to their own color of skin. Is that part of the comfort zone or purely a societal prejudice? 

  The past sociological studies about the deaf America and racial attitudes shown that there were many deaf clubs of the past tend to have the segregated cliques. 

 From the past observance of deaf social gatherings like the Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH) or deaf gay (GLBT) social gatherings in DC, there were still kinda a racial cliques. 

  Deaf DC GLBT social gatherings hardly have seen deaf African Americans on the scene. Why??

  I told several deaf African American gay guys about the monthly deaf GLBT coffeehouse or social events. They ever don't know about the events at all. Deaf African Americans were kinda reluctant of coming down to the predominately white social gatherings. Who would blame them? 

  I was seldom accused of being a racist from time to time, because I never expressed any interests in African American guys or other ethnic guys. I was confronted by one hearing African American last spring 2008 that I was not interested in him due to his color of skin. That African American was really a nice-looking, but I frequently seen him at particular places. I was totally shocked that I was being accused of racism. I told that hearing African American guy that I came down to this place to enjoy myself with a drink and had a conversations with patrons. Nothing more than that! Of course, this hearing guy was a sexoholic. 

One friend of mine during the Gallaudet years- late 1980s. We often talked about the issue of racism. That friend hitched from the Deep South. He often harmlessly said about African Americans. I returned with progressive views of people in general. That friend turned to me with a simple question - "Have you been with any black people in bed?" I replied nope! My friend said "See that! I already had sex with several black women. Their pubic hairs were like steel wool pad. I replied 'Come on!" 

After frequent discussions with my friend about racial issues got me really think of who and what I was. I found some African American, Latino and Asian guys to be truly attractive, but I was kinda reluctant of those ethnic and racial guys. I still kept on the straight course what attracted me to gay guys - their intelligence, social courtesy, behaviors and appearance of how they took care of themselves. That was it!! 

  I personally find male foreskin to be much unappealing (ugly). That's why I hardly expressed any interests in any ethnic and racial guys due to their cultural upbringings for not having the circumcised male genitals. Yes, white guys do have foreskin genitals. I still am not interested in any white guys with foreskin genital. Of course, I was often called "prejudiced" by some deaf guys for finckling toward male foreskin genital. I could not help it at all! 

 I do not find Barack Obama to be any handsome or appealling. I also am not really impressed with his thin resume and debate skills and leadership issues. I either do not like McCain and Palin at all. Nothing to do with racism and ageism!  

 I am much aware of many deaf people being discriminated and prejudiced because of us being deaf. We, deaf people have to get the college Bachelor of Arts degree to obtain the entry job to prove ourselves to be worthy to the audistic society or PhD degree for B.A. employment position. 

 Should we give Barack Obama a chance to lead our country or what? John McCain is surely a "bipolar" person due to his often changing positions. Obama is not really perfect at all.

  My deaf  friend often emailed me that he worried about Barack Obama would have a revenge on white Americans for the past racist practices. I don't think so! 

 I noticed about many deaf Christians have such a prejudices toward Muslim people in general. They often emailed me about Barack Obama in Muslim attires. I tried to explain that was not accurate about Obama being a Muslim. Obama just wore the Muslim clothing while he conducted the Senate business trip to the host country. He had to wear the customary attire not to offend the host for the reception, etc. 

I am no "bleeding heart" liberal myself. I hardly bother to give any changes or $$ to the African American beggars on DC-area street, because I always am annoyed of their misassumption of us, white people have more money than well-off black people. 

What about you??

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)



  1. I think we need to recognize that what we find beautiful is not a natural thing but the product of conditioning. If you have a look at the beautiful natural form depicted in Renaisance art, you may grow to appreciate normal male genitals:
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  2. TLC Tugger,

    Yes, pros and cons of circumised and uncircumised male gentials.

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    Cons of Uncircumised male gentials -

    Likely to be stench with cheese-like smell if not wash the affected area in timely manner

    More prone to gential area infection than male circumised gentials

    I could go further more on the issue of pros and cons of male circumised and uncircumised gentials.

    I really could not help when I see any uncircumised male gentials. I would easily puke at the sight of those uncut male gentials.

    I guess that everyone have their own prejudices. No questions about that.

    We should not discriminate against any male guys, because of their male gential status.

    Few years ago, one hot-looking guy always purused me for sex. I avoided him because of his HIV status. One night, that guy refused to give up on me. I was much willing to give him a shot for a date. That guy had to finish his job task as a waiter. I waited and waited for him to get done with his shift about four hours later. I came back to the scene and go out with this guy.

    I am HIV negative. I do still not have HIV or STD.

    I was much willing to give that HIV + guy a try for a date. That guy came out of the restuarant where he was employed. He suddenly asked me whether I was circumised or uncircumised. I replied "circumised". Guess what?

    The guy himself said "Sorry, I must have uncut male gentials". I was totally stunned that I was rejected for very first time because of my male circumision.

    To be honest with you, I was kinda relieved that the guy dropped me like a hot potato. I really do not want to do anything with HIV positive guy or anyone with HIV or STD.

    I kinda was miffed for wasting my time to wait on him which I wanted to prove myself that I was not being prejudiced toward HIV positive guys.

    I am kinda hyprocritical which I personally advocate the male circumision, not cochlear implants on any deaf babies and youngsters.

    Male circumision on handful of male babies could rob their own sexual identity after botched male circumision from several well-known cases.

    Yes, I have seen several Renassisance Art artworks before. Same thing with the Greek statutes.

    I found out that the male circumisions have been the common practice during the Greek and Roman periods, but many males proudly displayed their uncircumised male gentials like tying up their exposed area during the athletic events, etc.

    Everyone have their own phobias. Mine is the sight of uncircumised male gentials.

    Semi-cut male gentials as part of the fad during the late 60s and 70s seems acceptable to me.

    Thanks for the comment anyway.


  3. Hold on. Here's the link to the article on Yahoo and AP poll.

    In that, it says a third of DEMOCRATS have racial misgivings about Senator Obama. The emphasis is on DEMOCRATS.

    Other than that, I have no comment on the polls.

    Have a nice day, RLM.

  4. Hey RLM.

    "P"alin's 17 year-old daughter is pregnant and most people have not been negative about her pregnancy. If it were Obama's daughter that's 17 and
    pregnant and if Obama had 5 children, people would look down on them thinking that they are like so many other black people. A political news commentator said that.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Bobby Lopez.

  5. This is to Bobby Lopez:

    Most people have not been negative to Palin's 17 year old pregnant daughter? Did you not catch the firestorm that erupted when they first announced it? Please...It was a very negative first reaction, and then even Obama said "leave the family out of this", which is why it has mostly gone away. Unfortunately, thousands of young ladies her age and younger get pregnant every day, which is another reason it is not "news".

    As for RLM, I'm shocked you made the statement you did in the last paragraph of your posting. You said "I hardly bother to give any changes or $$ to the African American beggars on DC-area street, because I always am annoyed of their misassumption of us, white people have more money than well-off black people."

    You said this after spending the entire post (almost) trying to convince people you are not prejudiced, but that is a very prejudiced statement. To automatically assume that homeless black people automatically assume that white people have more money than well off black people. I'm annoyed by ALL beggars on the street, but not because they may have a misconception regarding white or black having more money than the other, but because many times they say they need it to eat, yet I walk by soup kitchens and homeless shelters all the time that would gladly give them something, no matter how little it is.

    Your post is too rambling, and to delve into the mysteries or whys and wherefores of circumcised versus uncircumcised men made it even more so. There was no correlation between the point you were trying to make there versus the racial prejudicism that unfortunately DOES still exist (we agree on that). I also agree with the poster who brought up the point that Democrats were found to be almost, if not more so, prejudiced against Obama. That should have been an important point in your post.

    Eddie Runyon

  6. Picardo90,

    Thanks for posting the AP/Yahoo Poll link.

    Hmm, there were handful of Republicans rather not cast ballots for Obama due to his color of skin.

    Bobby Lopez,

    You were absolutely right about the theorical hyprocrisy of the American society if Obama's 17 years old daughter get pregant.

    Eddie Raynon,

    With due respect, I still stand by my refusal to give $$ or changes to someone, who regularly padhandle for drug or alcohol uses.

    Whenver I gave $$$. The word of mouths caught many panhandlers about me being too generous in the past. Those padhandlers ran to me for $$$.

    I did dress down to some particular areas to keep padhandlers from approaching me. That doesn't work at all.

    You are absolutely right that I rambled too much on this blog entry which was not originally related to the topic.

    I just gave some examples of everyone's own personal prejudices. That's what I gave mine for people to understand what was my personal prejudice.

    I used to be finicky among poor people. I refused to go into someone poor's house or place when I was a kid.

    My parents bought several houses and rented to the unforunate ones. The poor couple and seven children asked my parents for having the dinner with them to show their appreciation.

    My deaf mother bought one displauted house and allowed the poor couple and their children "rent-free" to renovate the house in exchange for their labor. She had to kick out this couple, because they played some kind of games by delaying the house renovation so far.

    My non-biological father bought several houses in Maryland and offered real cheap rent to help some poor people having shelter above their heads.

    My deaf mother gave three houses to my sister and brother. I was supposed to get the house in the city, but my mother had a change of mind and heart to sell the house and relocated to Huntington.

    I personally could not stand any white or black or Latino trash. I have no problems with working people, not the lazy bones.

    That's who and what I am. I always am politically incorrect. I strongly believe in human decency and sincerity.


  7. RLM:

    To be clear, I want you to understand, I don't advocate giving them money either. I never have and never will. I just took issue with how you typed your reason for doing so.

    Eddie R.

  8. ^^ Most people have not been negative to Palin's 17 year old pregnant daughter? ^^

    I don't care what the daughter does. The MOM is a hypocrite. She says "It was totally my daughter's choice to keep this baby" implying there was no pressure from Sarah not to have an abortion. But if Sarah gets her way, nobody will have a choice.

  9. RLM

    I agree with RLM that is true.

    McCain 46% Vs Obama 48%

    WHY? because of racist and black
    ONLY white people religious very power that They always suspect about Obama muslim and etc. Obama knew.
    They are very brainwash because They are real religious very power. They do not want vote Obama because Mr. Obama was raised as a muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia. Was Obama ever a Muslim? It is time to kick Religion out og American Politics.
    Religion should not be a litmus test for President. I happen to believe Obama when he says that He is a Christian, but I do not care about anyone's religious affliation, and I do not understand why it is even part of the discussions. Bobby is right that is true.

    Only white people Religion won't negative about Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant because Palin is white.

    Only white people Religion do not like that Obama's 17 yera old daughter is pregnant because of racist and black that is not fair.

    Please click

    Steve Jones,

  10. Eddie,

    I tried to make an example of myself how I dealt with panhandlers in general.

    I usually helped some deaf panhandlers from time to time when I bump into them. I personally know several deaf homeless people.

    One is from UK. I wonder why and how this young 20s deaf Brit guy end up living on the street.

    I found out that this deaf Brit person have a sister in Texas. I urged him to visit his sister and lived with her temporarily until he get himself on the foot. That deaf Brit did successfully got out of DC for his own good.

    I also helped the hearing Romanian 20s guy by offering him to sleep in my residence for one night and paid for his bus fare back to Michigan pretty long time ago. He was exploited by his contractor boss for not paying his wages.

    My real problem is having a heart of gold myself.

    I would be much willing to help any deaf African Americans as they are much willing to help themselves to make a better life.

    I am being more choosey whom I am willing to help someone from now.


  11. TLC and Steve,

    I have to emphasize that I did not bring up the topic about the real hyprocrisy about Palin daughter's pregancy in the first place.

    Bobby Lopez brought that up first. I do not want to take any credit from Bobby Lopez. Okay? :)


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