Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DBC Ought to Participate in Presidential Inaugural 2008 Parade

Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) ought to participate in the 56th Presidential Inaugural Parade - January 20,2008 for countless free airtime and endless public exposures and global recognition.

The Joint Congressional Committee Inaugural Ceremonies had the participation deadline date - November 18th for any partisan or civic society participation.

President-elect Barack Hussein Obama and the general public could have an opportunity to acknowledge the existence of Deaf Bilingual Coalition to enhance the lives and educational opportunities of deaf youngsters along with the linguistic development of deaf babies. We could use the precious free airtime and television interviews for greater public exposures within the DBC.

Why not for the Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC) contact the Joint Congressional Committee Inaugural Committee to see if they could participate in the historic 2008 presidential inauguration past the deadline date?

One of the committee members are U.S. Senator Diana Fienstein of California which the Bay Area deaf community is the main anchor for real deaf activism to improve and mobilize the educational means for deaf youngsters and stand for the rights to linguistic development among deaf babies.

The real downside of the 2008 inaugural parade is to deal with the "freezing points" weather in the Nation's Capitol.

President-elect Barack Obama would approve the idea of Deaf Bilingual Coaltion to build and strengthen the education of the deaf to lift deaf youngsters into limitless possibilities and greater future.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Great idea! Do you have a time machine than can go back to January 20, 2008?

  2. It should be January 20, 2009.

  3. They have been talking about it for a while...

  4. Great minds think alike! DBC has gone into many details in making plans like this and elsewhere. Together, it is crucial to make our voices heard and to be a part of the political process to advocate for Deaf children's language rights.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Anonymous #1,#2 and #3,

    Yea, that is kinda a slip-up on my part. I do not have enough sleep lately.

    My sincere apology for being pretty careless with the date of January 20, 2009.

    What the matter with me? Thanks to all of you to point out this erroreous date. *shaking head in disbelief* Smile!


  6. Barb DiGi,

    Good to know that the DBC have major plans on the way. :)

    Enjoy your Gobble celebration with your loved ones and friends, too. :)


  7. Barb DiGi,

    One thing I like to make a friendly suggestion that we use "hands" to be seen, instead of "voices to be heard".

    Yea, we are living in the hearing dominant society anyway and usually use the "hearing" expression anyway. :)

    Thanks for your comment very much.


  8. RLM,

    DBC is working with DYUSA planning this for Jan. 20, 2009.

    DYUSA started this and asked DBC to be involved which we will and also we are hoping that GUAA alumnus will also join us.

    RLM, and thanks for bringing this up about DBC should be involved and keep giving ideas to DBC and will do much as we can as our money allows us.

    And also Dallas EHDI on March 9th and 10th, DBC is working with ASDC to give presentations. Four DBC leaders will give presentations.

    Walk with DBC!
    John Egbert

  9. Yes, I chose the word voices intentionally since the definition also means the opportunity to express a choice or an opinion not necessarily using sounds in that sense.

    Nevertheless,if I am to replace the word voices to hands, it may be more perceived by the hearing society to read "hands to be heard" than "hands to be seen". Again, like you said, we are living in the hearing dominant society but that doesn't mean we have to give up our identity but to educate in return.

    Thanks for your celebration wish!

  10. Now John has planted DBC's vision, more details will be followed in future announcements in the website. :-)

  11. John and Barb DiGi,

    Look forward to see the DBC on the global scene!

    Many thanks for sharing this info with me and other DeafRead readers!

    Enjoy your Thanskgiving holiday week with your relatives and friends!


  12. Barb DiGi,

    More deaf people including us needs to deafize ourselves as a real distinct cultural and lingustic group.

    That is the humorous way to tell ourselves to the society at large who and what we are all about. :)

    Many deaf vloggers and bloggers also have the habits of thinking "hearing", instead of displaying our deaf ways.

    No big deal about your intentional expression anyway. :)