Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deaf Employee Inside the Bush II White House

The following conversation back few months ago with the current deaf employee within the Bush/Cheney White House, but never intentionally wrote about his employment experience until now.

This deaf employee is currently employed with the White House for more than ten years. He is with the White House correspondence (letters, postcards and other mailing materials) unit as a career employee.

From having the interesting conversation with this deaf White House employee from what he have been experienced of dealing with two different President of the United States. This deaf employee gave such striking contradictions between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. He felt much welcomed and appreciated more by George W. Bush which Bush intitally invited that deaf individual and other White House employees several times to the White House parties as compared to the Clinton White House. The Clintons just only invited all the White House employees to the annual Christmas party.

The deaf White House employee admitted that he was struck by President Bill Clinton's charmsia and backslapping as compared to George W. Bush's real human decency. Clinton used the American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for the annual Christmas party. Bush didn't! George W. Bush asked the longtime deaf White House employee if he doesn't mind of being lipreaded in very nice and courteous way. The Bush/Cheney White House provided the ASL interpreter for any important staff meetings.

The deaf White House employee said that he experienced more stable and organized tasks under George W. Bush as compared to the Clinton White House's chaotic and late-nights correspondence tasks. That was it!

I was unjustly accused by some deaf Republicans for supporting the nanny government which were totally untrue! Work ethics and hard works are real important for our human existence.

I am not totally biased toward Republicans. I am much pleased to see some moderate Republicans salvaged the U.S. Senate seats during the 2008 general election. Handful of Republicans are really great public office holders like Senator Chuck Hagel, Sen. John McCain and other mores.

The passage of D.C. statehood will be more likely to be succeeded under the Obama/Biden administration for adding two U.S. Senators and one House of Representative seats in exchange of adding one House seat to the state of Utah.

President George Walker Herbert Bush's father and George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, definitely supported the idea for the creation of D.C. statehood back in the 1950s.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. That's very interesting!! I assume and wonder if George Bush, Sr biased to pass the law of A.D.A? The reason why he is only one deaf employee at White House?

  2. It was talked around about Prescott Bush in 2000 as one of Americans who financially supported Hitler. I am not interested in doing the sleuthing on Google about Prescott. You might be interested in doing so on your own.

  3. Perhaps the deaf employee has to be charmed so he would not whine about a smaller pay increase every year. Who knows?

  4. Deaf Pixie,

    The deaf employee was hired during the Clinton years. He was the career employee, not the political appointee.


    Prescott Bush, father of GHWB and GWB was rumoredly the supporter of doing the business with the Nazi government. The mounting evidence against Prescott Bush in many ways.


  5. Anonymous #1,

    You perhaps are right.

    The Bush/Cheney White House did sign the COLA pay increase for government employees few years ago.


  6. President George W. Bush is well-known as a decent and nice guy.

    Bush did hold the tears while he gave the speech to the White House staff to give the smooth transition for the Obama presidency this Thursday morning.


  7. RLM

    WOW! That is so cool upon learning there is deaf employee working at White House. That is a real presigious position because he can meet with the President of the United States. Wow, unbelieveable.

    I am exicited to find out when Omaba moves in to White House and meets this deaf employee. I understand Michelle Omaba knows sign language. Wouldn't that be so cool that Barack and Michelle Omaba knows sign language and I am sure this deaf employee will feel more warm welcome than previous adminstration

    Don't you think so?

    I am so curious! :D


  8. Yeah, I had know about a deaf employee rumored working for the Bush/Cheney administration as far back as 2002. Didn't know this person or the name but I was told of this rumor back then. Up until now, that RLM has just revealed in this blog, the rumor is true. Wow.

    Great job, RLM. I hope he'll come out with an autobiography of his years with the Clintons and the Bushes. Is he going to continue working with the Obama administration, RLM?

  9. Interesting story. Wonder if deaf employee is an oralist??? Bush wouldn't hire him if no speech skills.

  10. HarleyGirl248,

    This deaf employee's current employment position is not really prestigious or significance.

    John Lopez was only the last known deaf person involved in the policy development with President Bill Clinton thru the President's Fellowship Program.

    John Lopez is not surely deceased or still alive on the oxygen recruiptator machine. He is last seen living in Arlington, VA across from the Pentagon City Fashion Centre (mall).


    I do not think that this deaf White House employee is the same person working for the Bush/Cheney presidential campaign back in 2000.

    That would be very unethical and illegal for anyone working at the federal government and get involved in any political campaign.

    "Hatch Act" forbade anyone, who employ with any level of government and do the campaign works during the government working hours.

    This deaf White House employee is not really a political person in any way.

    Anonymous (last one),

    Nope, the deaf White House employee is not really an oralist, just a regular signer. Not really the culturally deaf in sense.

    President Bush have nothing to do with the hiring of this deaf White House employee. That was the federal agency hired the deaf employee. I think that would be the Civil Service System. I am not fully sure.


  11. Hmmm.....that explains who spending our TAX dollars on PARTIES WHILE THE CLINTONS TRYING TO USE OUR TAX DOLLARS WISELY!

  12. I was aware that White House got a Deaf staff until you wrote this! Wow, I am glad to learn more what you shared, thanks to you. Keep up with your blog.


  13. I think it is COOL that there is a deaf career employee working at the White House, where he/she is constantly witnessing history, etc. Getting to meet some VIPs, international leaders if it is part of his job description, etc.

    Really cool! :o)

  14. Karen Mayes,

    The White House correspondence unit is NOT inside the actual White House. It used to be in the Old Excutive Building next to the White House.

    After the 9/11 incidents, there have to be the security concerns for processing mail in another building.

    The blog title is the literal interpretation of "Inside the Bush White House".


  15. Anonymous,

    Every political office including the White House have their own discretionary budget spending for entertainment and other things.

    The Bushes are more receptive and welcome their own White House staffers unlike other President of the United States.

    GWB would be definitely remembered for his real warmth and generosity among the White House staffers.


  16. Keep in mind that George H.W. Bush is the only president to ever hire a Deaf person in a cabinet level position. Dr. Robert Davila was the undersecretary of the Department of Education and responsible for the oversight of OSERS.

  17. Anonymous,

    Davila's position was not really the cabinet-level position.

    My understanding was that the many members of Congress were not pleased with Davila's performance as what many people told me in the past.