Monday, November 3, 2008

Will Be Our Deaf Fault for Not Aggressively Exposing John McCain to the General Public What He Have Done to Us, Deaf People?

 How sad of our American deaf community being pathetically apathetic for not taking any efforts in educating the American electorate about Senator John McCain's dismissive attitude toward deaf people for the 2008 presidential campaign.  

Many and many of us already knew what Senator John McCain have been done to the Gallaudet community back in Fall 2006. McCain served more than 8 years as a board member of Gallaudet University Board of Trustees. The Gallaudet insiders repeatedly reported that McCain never showed up or attended the Gallaudet board of trustee meetings at all.

Why in the world, Senator John McCain agreed in the first place to accept the appointment to serve on Gallaudet University Board of Trustee and DONE NOTHING to ensure and reap the real benefits for Gallaudet University and its facilities? 

Was John McCain directly responsible for sudden federal funding cutbacks from the U.S. Congress after he irresponsibly resigned from Gallaudet University Board of Trustees? Perhaps yes! 

The office of Senator John McCain did HIRE deaf individual to be part of his U.S. Senate operational office in Washington, DC and retained him for about less than three years before McCain being appointed to Gallaudet University Board of Trustees. McCain never being active on our deaf rights and issues so far except largely responsible for the shoddy works of putting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) draft for the final legislative passage of this very same law later in July 1990. 

The real problem with Senator John McCain's fingerprints all over the ADA legislative draft bill to be largely unenforceable and pretty vague for letting the lawyers of disability rights get the fats off us, deaf people and other disabled individuals or let the court to interpret what the federal government could or could not enforce the burdensome or costly accommodations and accessibility to see the deaf American citizens being equally treated. That took another 18 years for the amendment to the existing ADA law to be fully enforced later next January 2009. 

That is much handiwork of Senator John McCain to leave us, deaf people from achieving the full status in the American society as real equals. McCain let the majority of disabled community to ignore our deaf people's requests like the mandatory requirement for the full accessibility with the neighborhood movie theatres for open captions. McCain's leadership philosophy rather see the private sectors to exploit deaf people and other disabled individuals by encouraging the Rear Window Captioning (RWC) incentives later as part of enterpreutial compromises, instead of reasonable and effective approach for bargain captioning cost, ex. open captions at all movie theatres. McCain's leadership largely responsible for the disabled community not to include deaf people in the final phases of the ADA legislative draft

Everything come back to Senator John McCain's failed problem-solving leadership in the long run. We have to think of the real consequences of the McCain presidency within our own existence. 

Remmy that the one vote for John McCain is for every audist(s) like Mike McConnell and Jane Fernandes. 

Senator John McCain have been much chummy with I. King Jordan and Jane Fernandes, instead of being the real maverick as McCain and Palin always claimed to be. Johnny (McCain) have been no maverick for nonetheless reaching out to the Gallaudet community during the "Unity for Gallaudet" (UFG) protest. 

Senator John McCain is basically a "spoiled brat" all his life and insisted of having his own way or will spew ugly profanities at anyone, who stands in his way. He have done to his own U.S. Senate colleagues many times. What kind of person we have for the higher public office? 

President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy Reagan were very disgusted and horrified with Senator John McCain for what McCain done to his first wife and left her without any kind of financial support. The First Lady Reagan had to hire John McCain's first wife to help her out. Senator John McCain publicly admitted that he regretted for not working out with his first wife, the former model whose turned physically disabled from the auto accident during John's imprisonment. 

John McCain was supposed to be expelled from his military school for being insuburdation to the peer student commanders, but his mother managed to keep him in the school.  McCain ranted racial epithets toward his Vietnamese captors in English. He always was a pure opportuntist  all his life and wanted anything his way. McCain spent considerable time in Rio after his Vietnam imprisonment. Many of us knew that John McCain was no real war hero since he poorly miscalculated the Vietcong battleground positions. That reflected much of John McCain's intelligence capabilities and "reason" abilities which he stumbled poorly with Charles Keating, the greedy banker during his first years of the U.S. Senate career. 

Barack Obama is really the person of integrity and ingenuity, who is more likely to see the real abilities and contributions of deaf people as equals in the American society as compared to Senator John McCain and Sarah Palin's endless desperate acts. 

Mike McConnell of the "Deaf Republicans" had done real pandering and distortions of so-called deaf culture as what Governor Sarah Palin said "ILY" Come on! The "ILY" gesture meant real nothing. The Deaf Perspective blogger noted that there was no official positions on any deaf issues and disability positions on the McCain and Palin's 2008 campaign website. 

We, deaf people must show our own solidarity  by voting for Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States to reverse the disastrous Bush and other past Republican policies for the past economic and social inequality more than 25 years. 

Deaf Americans greatly benefited from the real economic and social prosperity of the Clinton presidency like opening the paths for the video relay service (VRS) and wireless communication and constant considerations for being inclusive within the deaf community. The Clinton's Federal Communication Commission (FCC) were very friendly and approachable to the deaf customers. The FCC under George W. Bush, deaf Americans had to fight and fight for what was right for our own deaf benefits from rapid transformation of our artificial communication, ex. wireless communication and VRS and emergency notices. 


                                         DON'T WE, DEAF PEOPLE WANT THAT?


  1. Mike McConnell really caused a lot of problems in the Deaf Community in the past one year but now many are aware of him and no longer associate with him.

  2. I'm sorry but your silence in this issue is worth a lot more than what it'll be like if you guys got real loud over him.

    It seem s one's punishment is a gift to another.

    Richard Roehm

  3. To anonymous, 10:00pm

    Mike McConnell practically ruined by inviting many people like Rachel that degraded the pride of Deaf people's visual language, American Sign Language!

    Remember when he kept saying;

    My plan is working flawlessly....

    *rubs hands*

    heh heh......

    He is a real devil to the Deaf Community and will go to hell with John McCain.

  4. Do you have any proof that it
    was Michael McConnell who brought Rachel to Deafread? You should search in Deafread archives and you'd find out who brought Rachel.

  5. Please.... McConnell is not that important. He says a lot of goofy things.

    Just ignore him please and don't give him free publicity. You're giving him what he wants. He just wants to push your buttons.

  6. Hi there,

    We have to remind everyone deaf about Mike McConnell and Jane Fernandes whose want to create the new deaf order to deprive culturally deaf people like us from being fully equal in the society.


  7. Mike McConnell and Jane Fernandes creating the new deaf order? LOL!

    Its the audiologists, the hospitals, the speech therapists, and the research halls the ones creating the new deaf order.

    Richard Roehm

  8. Richard,

    Mike McConnell and Jane Fernandes are more like steer handlers and be the fine example of the new deaf order.

    Don't you agree?


  9. Mike McConnell is not an audist. He's a go-getter who aims high. What's wrong with not wanting to associate with lazy deafies mooching off the government??

    Enough of this witch hunt.

  10. Anonymous,

    First of all, Mike McConnell understand how to feel what is to be like judged for his own association with Jane Fernandes and John McCain, most eccratic presidential candidate ever run for the Oval Office.

    The McCain and Palin campaign endlessly unfairly smear the so-called association games toward the Obama-Biden campaign like Obama's attendance at the fellow colleagues happened to be Palestinan.

    Mike McConnell never SAID anything about his refusal of associating with lazy deafies mooched off the government.

    I guess that I have to delete your comment. I do not want to be responsible for misquotes or slander toward Mike McConnell.


  11. McCain was too busy with his own mistress, Viki Iseman.. Go look at this copy and paste link:

  12. If if if Im a Gallaudet student, I may be or should watch out McCain's duty, then I will for sure to email you to let you know what is going on with the abesentee BOT, McCain in the first place!

    Oh found a better picture of John McCain's mistress, Vicki Iseman on that copy and paste link:

  13. ASLRisen,

    Many thanks for the online enclousure about Viki Iseman!

    I already knew about this female lobbyist, but completely forgot about this one until now.

    Did you know that Sen. John McCain paid the backstage visit to Anna Nicole in Las Vegas? McCain memorized many lines from Anna Nicole's reality show before her untimely death?

    That seems obvious of John McCain's personal weakness for blonde gals!

    Yes, we should be very concerned about the possibility of real national security problems within the McCain presidency. Some foreign government could find the real weakness in John McCain's armor like sending up the hot blonde gal in his way and make him pant and pant and whistle and woof.

    Did you see the picture of young John McCain with missed teeth? Jesus Christ!


  14. ASLRisen,

    Sen. John McCain is a real racist like hiding his own adopted daughter from Bangaldesh during his presidential campaign.

    Have you seen McCain's adopted daughter at any campaign stops yet?

    McCain want to give the image of white supremacy to the predominately white crowds at his rallies.


  15. Hello Darling RLM!!!

    I did tried googling John McCain's missed teeth!! Couldn't find it!!! Does McCain have false teeth?

  16. Yep, I knew that McCain's hiding his own adopted daughter so many times except for one at Minnesota (for short time on Media news). Not shown much! I do NOT know why the Media news will not show McCain's adopted daughter????

  17. ASLRisen,

    I also had a hard time to find that photo of very young John McCain via online.

    I wish that I could scan the pic off the Washington Post's Kid Post section on the last page of the Style Section.

    Did you see that the title of some blogs accused John McCain hid his childhood photos from the general public?

    Just type "photo and young John McCain". That is about the age of 6 for John McCain.

    Real scary to see that image of John McCain.

    Just type "Anne Nicole Smith and John McCain" for the YouTube video posting.


  18. Only the web link I find is for the raised issues about the McCain campaign hid the photo of young John McCain -

    This link do not enclose the very photo from what I seen it this Tuesday morning.

    I guess that I have to go to the Obama campaign office to scan the picture and post it later on this blogsite. Okay?

    Gotta go now.


  19. ASLRisen,

    Good question! Why the McCain campaign rather hid his adopted daughter from the public view, except the People magazine.

    The McCain campaign just want to show the image of white supremacy with curved and busted blond gals to dazzle the white males into frenzy to vote for John McCain.

    Please check out the for what happened with actor Tim Robbins's dispute with the poll worker in NYC.

    Robbins was told that his name was not on the voter rolls. He argued with the poll worker and refused to do the provisional ballot.

    Robbins went to the city board of election office to get the copy of his voter registration and found out that he is eligible to vote.

    Just check out the
    please. Thanks.

    Must leave now for the Obama campaign office in Ballston area now.


  20. Hey RLM,

    You right that McCain is hiding the photos of young McCain... Something is FISHY about McCain???? hmm.. Thanks for your instructions for me to find everything.. LOL about Anna Nicole Smith and John McCain on youtube video!!!

    Still waiting for my husband to come home from his work about 15 more minutes.. We all 3 (my hearing son includes) will go out for supper and get free Ben & Jerry ice cream.. We have to proof to Ben & Jerry that we voted, they offer us FREE ICE CREAM after voting!!!

  21. Just type "Deaf Republicans 2008" on any search engine.

    You will see the Deaf Republicans 2008 website and click on archives for November 2008 to see what Mike McConnell said about everything.

    Mike McConnell ever did not endorse John McCain last February 2008, then really flip-flopped himself on John McCain.


  22. If you and your hubby do not want to stand in the long line.

    Just go to the poll worker that you and your husband are disabled.

    The poll workers will give you an immediate access to the polling place and cast your ballot.

    You have the right to ask for the paper ballot to make sure that your votes are counted. :)


  23. Just got back home after voting and ordered Subway to take out. We are eating now.. Hey what tv channel are you watching for update voting poll? Not many people are line up at between 3:05 pm and 3:25 pm. We got out 5 minutes before the bell rings. We got good parking spot. After we were done voting outside of the school building, there are more voters'cars are crowded at the school parking lot and struggling to find their own parking spot!

  24. Yes, I finally did got McConnell's Deaf Republicans. I did read his blog and I guess that Obama will win. (I hope!) If Obama wins the 2008 votes, then TOOO BAD for McConnell!!!!