Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyone Surely Have Hir Own Bias No Matter How Much We Deny Them!

 From Amy Cohen Efron's recent blog - "Sniff Testing" of any websites whether they provide deceptive information or not. 

  No matter how much every of us could deny of being biased in any way. That is in our own human nature. 

  I kinda admire the "Hands and Voices" people for being the truth seekers on the methodology and accomodation for deaf youngsters. At least, they should say "To our own best judgment to determine which website are pretty accurate or fair" Instead of claiming "Not biased in any way". 

  Here are endless lists of scientific and sociological researchs about our own human bias -
 I am kinda puzzled why the "Hands and Voice" enclose the Center for Disease Control as one of its benefactors and generous donors. 

  Don't the "Hands and Voice" website realize that anyone being deaf is not the public health issue? 

  Why pathologize the deaf people in such manners? The Hands and Voice people needs to realize that we, deaf people are simply the cultural and linguistic minority which have nothing to do with being healthy or not. :) 
  You could see that everyone and I have our own bias :) I dearly love Amy Cohen Efron and always enjoy her blog postings. Am I shown any bias?? Aye!!! At least, I am very human. I am no Spock of the original Star Trek. :) 

Aslize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Hi RLM,

    Good Post. I couldn't help but feel the need to ask you where the CDC information is located?? I can't find it anywhere...uhm.

    From my experience, usually organizations recognize and thank their benefactors/donors when they've got $$.

    I'm more surprised that CDC gave hands and voices money. uhm...



  2. Hands and Voices is dedicated to supporting parents of deaf and hard of hearing children no matter what communication methodology they choice to use.

    Some parents view deafness as a handicap that needs medical attention, some view it as a cultural issue. That being said, Hands and Voices is very active in supporting Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention programs. They also support the Deaf Mentor program and believe it should be expanded to include deaf individuals of all communication methods, not just ASL.

    Again, Hands and Voices strives to support all parents, without bias, and regardless of choices with regards to methodology and educational placement.

  3. Ben,

    Many Americans are very familiar with the location of the CDC is Atlanta, GA which is on the adjacent campus next to the Emory University (just learned about the CDC located next to Emory University few minutes ago).

    The CDC originally focused on epidomology, then broadened to the every spectrum of public health concerns. At last, the CDC begun to get involved with the issues of disabilities. How interesting!

    The CDC used to hid the
    Gay Related Disease (GRD)under the Reagan Adminstration which became AIDS/HIV terms later.

    You could watch the "The Boys Played the Band" HBO production film with Matthew Modine from Netflix or DVD loan from the public library. This film is very fascinating about the interoffice disputes about what to do with the growing public health problem - GRD (AIDS/HIV).

    Yes, there is a non-fiction book with same title. That's how we have the gay activism in the first place demanding public officials to do something about the AIDS epidemic.

    I hope that I answer your question. :)


  4. Hi Miss Kat's Parents,

    I completely understand your and other parents' viewpoints about how and why deaf people are to be identified and labeled.

    Every of us have our own physical flaws anyway. Why the CDC have to take up on the issue of deafness or deaf people as something to cure and identify
    as public health problems.


  5. Ben,

    Oops, I forget to post the link to the CDC homepage and Wikipedia.

    I know that the Wikipedia posting could be not taken fully as reliable
    source. I did fact-checked all the info on this CDC. It come out all fine.

    We still have to take every info on the Internet as a face value.


  6. Deafness IS caused by many disease so, It wouldn't surprise me if CDC would sponsor a group like Hands and Voices. Raising awareness that certain diseases or drugs taken for treatment can cause deafness, is what CDC does among other things. I personally think Hands and Voices is one of the better unbiased organization out there. Culturally deaf people are involved as deaf mentors in H&V. However, they do not take sides. What they do is offer all information and let the parent decide and then provide resources. If parent decides on ASL/Bi-Bi, then the deaf mentor stays with the family. It IS a good organization. I've heard nothing but good things. :)