Wednesday, April 29, 2009


 Why not let the deaf parents of hearing children to have the equal opportunity to determine and tailor its own hearing offspring's' so-called physical flaws- ability to hear and speak vocally. 

  Deaf parents of hearing children ought to be given the right to deafize their own hearing children by disabling their eardrums and voice boxes to be fitted in the deaf society. So the hearing children will be not the outcasts in their deaf parents' own world.  Right??? 

  Hearing parents of deaf babies and children rather see their own children to be part of the norm and conformity of their own world to be the talking parrot or trained seal to delight the dominant society at large. 

  That is really the medical necessity for deaf parents of hearing children to disable the eardrum and voice box for the sake of survival and success in the deaf world. Don't we?? 

  We must demand to our government and health insurance companies that they could not discriminate against deaf clients to the right of medical necessity options to deafize the hearing children. 

  Many of us, deaf people realize that the hearing children are real valuable commodity for us to enslave them to serve our own needs, ex. emergency interpreting and status symbol to fit in the hearing society. Don't we agree? 

  Let the American society to taste its own medicine by letting deaf parents of hearing children to disable the eardrum and voice box as part of equal opportunity based on medical necessity. Right??? 

  Deaf parents of hearing children should be not discriminated against when they opted for the request of deafizing hearing offspring in name of health issue. Why not??? 

  Or just our own cultural and linguistic preference of deafizing hearing children as what hearing parents of deaf babies and children do the VERY SAME THING for the sake of status quo and community image? 


  Let's MARCH together to demand for our equal right to the medical surgery of deafizing hearing children in name of health necessity. Right?? Better be!  We must show the dominant society what the human fallacy for having the cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies and youngsters without their own consents! 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason 



  1. RLM --

    You better put on your asbestos suit now!

    Yeah, it is a double-standard. They can "fix" us to their expectations but if we tried to "fix" them to our expectations, they would have a big hissy fit!

  2. And THIS is why hearing parents avoid the Deaf community!

    Do you think this sarcasm is useful? Do you think a parent will read this and go "By God, he IS right! I am going to cancel the CI surgery !"??

    This is a self pleasing bit of garbage meant to have other radicals pat you on the back....(rolls eyes)

  3. Don G,

    Yea, I better get the hazmat suit real soon as possible. LOL!

    I am really serious about having any hearing child to be deafened for the sake of deaf community.

    I am trying to point out the real absurdity of declaring our physical flaw to be some kind of medical necessity to correct it.

    We ought to do this reverse concept of correcting our own hearing children from speaking vocally and hearing anything to make the statement.

    If any deaf parent want to deafize their own hearing children, then we ought to be allowed of doing it without any naysayers.

    Miss Kat's Parents,

    Do you have any proven statistics that many hearing parents avoid the Deaf community?

    Too many hearing parents are deluded into believing such a miracle with the use of CI device.

    I am real serious to take up the proposal for the legislation to allow deaf parents to deafize their own hearing children in name of normalcy and conformity.

    Not many hearing people realize the significant contributions from deaf people to improve our lives with progress from Edison to deaf rocket scientist to Vincent Cerf. Without them, we would not have any movie camera, the Soyuz space travel and the Internet. Just think about it!

    Real crime of inserting the CI into any deaf baby and youngster whose already genetically programmed to be a deaf person later in life.

    I am speaking of any deaf baby with herditary deafness. What about the amazing genetic build-ups inside the womb of deaf fetus, then the doctors
    interrupted the baby's natural defense mechanism with the CI device inside hir (him and her).

    CI is really a polluter anyway with the use of acidic battery and electricity to program the device.

    Sign language is the non-polluter.

    That is a formal statement to the entire world that we would do to our hearing children. Period!

    Thanks for the comment, Miss Kat's Parents.


  4. I know that many parents are told that they are child abusers for giving their child a CI. I was told that I have a mental illness and that I lie about the way she hears. I have been called an audist, as have many other parents, and *I* USE ASL!!

    I know a family that uses ASL in their home, but their child does not go to the Deaf school because her son has been made fun of because of his CI. I know parents who have been scared away by maniacs who call their children "Freak" or "Frankenstein" because they have a, yes, you attitude does turn parents away.

    So, only genetic deafness? What about drug injury? EVAS? How about mondini's? How about kids with inconclusive reasons for their hearing loss? A progressive loss? Late deafened in childhood?

    Should we just come and ask you for permission before the CI? You seem to know who is meant to be deaf and who isn't!

    And what the heck does "genetically programmed to be deaf later in life" mean?

    And how does a CI stop a child from being deaf? They will always be deaf!!!

  5. Oh, and why on earth would having the ability to hear stop someone from being a rocket scientist? That doesn't make sense.

    No one is slaughtering deaf kids, they are simply giving them a device that provides them access to sound.

  6. Miss Kat's Parents,

    I really do have empathy what other deaf kids with CI going thru name tauntings.

    I am speaking of any deaf babies with herditary deaf genes which usually program those babies with means of survival as a deaf person.

    I will get back to you tomorrow when I have a chance. Okay?


  7. And then you could eat them as an afternoon snack as Jonathan Swift so modestly proposed.

  8. Robert Alfred HawkinsApril 30, 2009 at 1:05 AM


    This would be a novel idea for a certain deaf school that's power hungry and need more pupils as their future in terms of enrollment numbers looks bleak to point their Deaf Superintendent threw around the idea of reverse mainstreaming to boost numbers.


    Really, just let parents be. It's their own offsprings. They choose whatever they want to do with their children just like we can do whatever with our bodies and sexual preferences or whatever.


    Why don't you write about why a large majority of the Deaf's favorite in President Obama supports stem cell research meaning the END of so many!

    If one want to participate in a breeding program one better move to a certain deaf community =)

  9. What you suggest next? Blind parent allowed to blind seeing children? Deaf is not separate race that we need to keep our population up, it is not stand alone culture we need to keeping numbers up of for survival ‘of our kind’. Reality nature and evolution is for hearing of people and that preferred of nature. That not mean that deaf are not full people, just nature say it easier to hear. There is nothing noble or special to be deaf and to make child deaf on parents decision is technically cause harm to them and any doctor who do that break oath they take. Deaf needs and attitudes need to be noticed like make place like AGBell work to deaf needs and not just what they want for us not consider what we think but to making children deaf? That not help. Do you think when such children old enough to know what happen to them they call you saviour of deaf community?

  10. Miss Kit;s Parents,

    I am talking about the uniqueness of humanity which give us greater humankind achivements if not for deaf individuals' contributions to our human progress -

    endless entertainment - movie camera

    successful space travel - Soyuz

    the Fifth Symphony by late-deafened Ludgwig Beehoven

    improved-finessed electric light bulb

    "butterfly design" freeways

    and other more

    Any offsprings should be not seen as a private property. That is a communal property belong to the given community at large.

    The real problem is too many parents' whims to assecorize and tailor their offsprings to their own likings and expectations.

    What about the rights of children from being inflicted with invasive man-made product inside the growing body?

    Ever what about children's human rights to be violated in name of human vanity and ignorance?

    I am in total agreement with the Audism Free America's major three demands like the insistence of having the formal study of the human psychology and physiology within affected CI users.

    We don't see any longitude study of CI users whose are cochlearized as babies and youngsters so far. Why not??

    Lobotomy of severely mentally retarded individuals once hailed as a greatest scientific miracle, then found to be most cruelest and inhumane medical treatment ever applied on those helpless beings.

    I still stand with my unwavered opposition to the CI surgery upon deaf babies and youngsters without their own consents in name of science and human pyschology. I am a big fan of naturalism, not artificality. Comprendo?


  11. Li-Li's Mom,

    After reading the Irish blog posting what to do with the endless cycle of poverty and panhandlings.

    I am somewhat agreed with the idea of taking babies from the gyspies to end such conditional aspect of self-victim in name of community betterment.

    Many sociological research proved that any child raised within the community expectations tend to do very well in life than any parents' isolation of their own kids and raised them without the community support.

    Why hearing parents of deaf children should put their deaf child thru painful social osctrasicism and name tauntings without having the sense of community belonging.

    Many hearing parents of deaf children with CI still do not get that their deaf children never be part of the hearing world. Why cause those children additional sufferings and identity confusion between hearing and deaf world?

    The pre-santized Grimms Brothers' fairy tales stories often involved parents or relatives eat their own offsprings. The animal kingdom commonly eat their offsprings as part of nature.


  12. Robert Alfred Hawkins,

    That is NOT about the Deaf Power! That is about the human common sense not to interfere with the nature and mystery of life itself.

    Nope! Parents everywhere needs to see that their offsprings come with the responsibility to the given community at large, not wallow themselves in their own world.

    I mentioned the sociological researches proved otherwise that many successful individuals raise in the full community involvement than isolating the kid and make them the standouts in the eye of community.

    Human logics applied to the real absurdity of Ci surgery forced upon deaf babies and youngsters without their consents.

    The Vulcan Spock, the science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise, would definitely agree with me. Yes, I am much aware of Spock being the fictional character, not the real-life human being. His logics seems worthwhile impressive, not all the time.


  13. Peter Perkins,

    I don't see why blind parents ought to be allowed to blind their visual-abled children in name of human vanity and illogical approach.

    Hearing parents of deaf children ought not to treat their offsprings as part of private property or some kind of family pet.

    The natural-born ears of German Shepherd and Doberman Pinchser dogs usuually designed "flopped ears", but we, humans cut their ears to make them more appealling to the human eyes and human egoism of messing up with the nature.

    No wonder why every German Shepherd and Doberman Pischner dogs with pointed ears are very mean and paranoid dogs as most effective watch and guard dogs. They turned mean because human beings made those dogs that way. *snipping* *snipping* *snipping* What give us, human the right to prune anyone's ears including poor German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher dogs??

    I met many Doberman Pinscher dogs with flopped ears are most sweet and thoughtful dogs ever I encountered with.

    Having the human physical flaw could be very blessing!



  14. Robert Alfred Hawkins,

    The stem cell research to cure deafness will be going the long way before we die of our old age.

    The Israeli scientists already discovered the cure of deaf(NESS) anyway, but why we still have the NIH's multi-million dollars budget for the Center on Deafness whatever its title is. CI surgery, too.


  15. RLM,

    Having the human physical flaw could be very blessing? Being deaf not ‘flaw’. Although nature intent for people is to hear like it is for having two legs and other stuff deaf not flaw, it just to be something different than what most have.

    Hearing parents not treat children as private property or some kind of family pet, they try and do right thing to helping children to having good life with opportunity. You say ‘Many hearing parents of deaf children with CI still do not get that their deaf children never be part of the hearing world.’? All people are part of ‘hearing world’ because it actually everybody’s world, hearing not out to exclude deaf from life and Deaf are not separate race with separate culture, deaf just like everyone else except can’t hear. It not like genocide and that hearing try and plot to wipe out deaf race because we are mostly one and same. The sooner all realise this sooner we can work together to let more deaf make contribution to world in general instead of pretending we separate group who not part of everything .

  16. Peter,

    You seems not willing to expand your horzion into others' perspectives. Go further and argue endlessly. ;)


  17. Did you say why it is ok to make a hearing child deaf but why it isn't ok for a blind person? I assure you that blind people see nothing wrong with being blind, and do not wish to be sighted.

  18. Miss Kat's Parents,

    I am not fully sure if you misinterpret what I said about allowing blind people to blind their visually-able children.

    I said "I don't see why ...." I should write why not..

    My apologies for mangled English.


  19. RLM,

    Please offer proper response to what I say, for you to simply say ‘You seems not willing to expand your horzion into others' perspectives’ is more thing you say when you do not have fact to disprove what someone say and is also incorrect. Look at previous posts where I look at other perspective and agree with some of it but I not believe what other say is right I offer reason why, not just accuse someone not expanding horizons. I say CI is good, it can help make child bigger part of family, they not left out when seeing other relatives or play with other children and there more job opportunity, and I also say not force CI on people if they not want it though. I know of some who have it force on them and they not use it.

    Miss Kat's Parents and RLM, If blind have no problem with own situation that is good but how many blind people do you know want to make their children or others blind? This thing of giving children same deal as deaf or possibly blind parents is what is over compensate for something. Not only do you say your situation is not problem for you when in past other would say it is but now you go to other extreme and say it so good other should be like that just to keep convince self that it is. I will not say other should be like deaf and I also know not all deaf really happy being deaf otherwise we not see those silly email where someone lament about being deaf and what they miss out of.

  20. RLM,

    I’m not sure you fully serious on this issue of make child deaf, it either you just say it but not mean it just to make point or you really mean it and there are deaf out there who do think they should deafen their children in the name of continuing of deaf culture.

    Another way to look at this idea to make child deaf to show hearing how unfair CI and other thing are is you will use child as weapon or tool just to ‘stick it to’ hearing people and that wrong. Children not there for you to use to make point in argument.

    To destroy normal working part of body is to cause harm and if you do harm to children to make point at hearing people or to anyone it child abuse. If you see CI as abuse you don’t make thing more fair or prevent more abuse when you cause abuse to others and you can’t justify it as you already acknowledged such things as altering audio capability of people is abuse.

    Please expand your own horizon and consider that point before you continue to make call for children to be make deaf.

    If you want to harm self to make point that your choice but you have no right to suggest harm should be make to others.

  21. Peter,

    I will get to you tomorrow or Sunday when I have a chance. Okay?