Thursday, April 30, 2009

RLM Vlogging for Very First Time

You, the DeafRead viewers and readers could see 
what I really look like. 

I meant to do the vlogging pretty long time ago 
like 3 years ago during the Unity for Gallaudet
2006 protest. 

I really dislike the vlogging because that is kinda
awkward for me seeing myself "minute by minute"
on the Apple Mac screen. 

I have my own laptop, but never bother to get myself
the DSL or high-speed service. My friends advise me not
to use the Wi-Fi because of the jump video sequence. 

I really prefer doing the vlog as compared to the composition
of my blog posting with the language of the oppressor - the 
English language. 

I also don't like my signing style. I wish that I have more 
eloquent signing style. I regret for the awkward background
behind me. I finally ask the Apple Mac people to assist me how 
to videorecord and post on my blogsite. 

My friends and deaf lady at the Apple Mac store in Arlington, 
VA did show me how to, but I could not possibly remmy the 
"step by step". 

I guess that I have been under extreme stress for past four years. 
Long story! 

I always want to thank you, all for the readership. Hopefully that all of you
will see more of my vlog postings. :) I will try my best to do vlogs from time
to time. 

I would appreciate any kind of feedback and criticism. I could handle the hissings
anyway. I am a big boy!

ASlize yours,


  1. Finally see you in vlogging. You did alright on signing for first time.. Yeah about mirror. Take time to get used to it. Look forward your debating in next vlog or blog. Have a good weekend.

  2. About time to see you, the real RLM!!!! Great to see you, a new vlogger on your blog!!!!! Hope to see you again!!! Keep on vlogging so you will be expert later on!!! mwah

  3. Robert:

    Good job...Don't worry about your signing style, the fact is, you DO sign. My signing style is much worse than yours because I am not a natural signer, having grown up "HOH". I wish it were not so, but the fact is, many in the deaf community pick on and criticize those without more eloquent signing styles. I say don't worry about it, personally, I could care less as long as people can understand it.

    Eddie Runyon "ThumpaFlash"

  4. Everyone,

    Thanks for all your compliments. I guess that I do have some problems with my own human vanity.

    I notice some physical flaw on the right side of
    lip from past physical assault.


    Deaf people in general, should not put you down for your signing ability. Most important of all is
    great character and human sincerity. :)

    Handful of deaf people including Deaf of Deaf Adults do not understand my signing which I usually sign sloppy ( lazy in many ways).

    See that I come from deaf parent and deaf cousins? I come from the residential school
    for the deaf. My signing in general is really not

    I keep practicing and finessing my own signing for more clarity and eloquence. Don't everyone always learn something new on daily basis?

    That is the real necessity for the school for the deaf and other educational facilities of the deaf to offer the ASL-induced classes to finesse the signing abilities among deaf students.

    As every hearing school require their own students to master their speaking ability to impress people in general, ex. giving the oral report to the classmates and drama classes.

    Gotta go for tonight's dinner party with 15 deaf people.


  5. Your blog mention "My friends advise me not to use the Wi-Fi because of the jump video sequence"

    It's not always true. I set my videophone with wireless adapter to wi-fi. It work great without problem.

  6. Funny -- I pictured you as a younger guy! ;-) Oh well. Anyway nice to see what you look like and see you signing. Wish more of us would go public with who we are and what we look like.

  7. RLM,
    Congratulations! Now I cannot wait to watch your vlogs. I've known from your NWC days that you have many novel ideas!

  8. RLM,

    I think you are just fine with your vlog. I like your vlog better than blog, because I understand you better. :)

  9. It's good to see YOU. Congratulations!! Keep vlogging!

  10. Poweron,

    I ought to do the Wi-Fi access to see if everything go smooth.

    Many thanks for the tip! :)


  11. Don G.,

    You are not only the deaf individual having the same thoughts!

    BarbDiGi thought so! Laughter roar!

    I am really 44 years old anyway.
    If I shave off my premature gray beard. I will look much younger. :)

    I get premature gray hair at age of 27. *sigh* Kinda mixed blessings.

    So I could claim senior citizen discounts at restuarants and movie theatres. That was not my own intention, but many and many people assumed that I already am a senior citizen. Of course, I protested in the first place.

    My friends urged me to take advantage of the senior citizen discounts to teach people in general some lesson.

    Yes, the blogsphere and vlogsphere could be a real illusion of who and what we are.


  12. Carl,

    Many thanks for your compliment. I truly appreciate it very much.

    I also never forget about the NWC days which we met for very first time. I was your NWC tour guide. Sheesh!

    I was misplaced to the NWC which Mr. Matt Searls and Dr. Howard Busby notifed me that I was supposed to be at the main campus, not the NWC. That was two weeks later. I decided to stay at NWC which I felt much at home. I already made many friends at NWC.

    Of course, I sometimes regretted for not going to the main campus in the first place. I made my own choice.

    I was very glad that I was part of the Gallaudet's NWC history anyway.


  13. Deaf Pundit,

    Really about understanding me much better thru vlogging than my blog posting.

    I always thought that I expressed much in the language of oppressor - the English language!

    I need to learn how to relax and loosen myself to vlog.

    Thanks for your compliment.


  14. Lisa C.,

    Thanks for your nice compliment, Lisa C.

    Is that you from the WVSD days??


  15. Welcome to vlog world!! You have about 110 vlogs to catch me up! :)

  16. hello RLM
    welcome to vlog
    i suggest you to make your vlog to deaf video tv i will make the commnets under your vlog
    bluestar( cooments)

  17. Hola Joey Baer,

    I did not realize that you are still vlogging. Whoa!

    I hardly bother to browse the DVTV due to tight time schedule.

    I am not really in competition with anyone on DVTV or DR. Just want to push the Deaf America and the rest of deaf community around the world into real action, instead of "puff and huff".

    I will take a look into your latest vlog postings. Many thanks for your hearty compliment. :) I truly appreciate it very much.


  18. Bridget,

    I will take your suggestion for vlogging on the DVTV into consideration.

    I have to set up my DVTV account first, then do more vloggings. :)

    I must admit that I am more comfortable doing blogging (much easier and faster). I must be more hearing than deaf myself. LOL! I always will be a damn proud deaf person.

    Thanks for your time leaving comment.


  19. Thanks for vlogging yourself and you did fine! Maybe I will be next! lol

  20. Thanks for vlogging yourself and you did fine! Maybe I will be next! lol - Bug

  21. Bug,

    I thought that you already vlogged before. I realized that you were not "Jim" within the Fookembug. :)

    I look forward to your vlog. :)


  22. RLM,

    I havent vlogged since October except for USADB ( I know I will never leave video production world but for vlogging for my site, I am not sure. I wanted to go back to my true passion, to make some documentaries but that's something I still ponder. See see.

    Stay well.

  23. RLM,

    Fancy to see you vlogging! You look great! Thumbs up!!!

    Keep blogging as well as vlogging!


  24. HI RLM!

    You did just fine! It takes some time to get used to it as you will find yourself work on developing public speaking skills and consider this as an opportunity! Welcome to the vlogging world at last!

  25. Addendum:

    You look like a famous Amerian author, Hem (Ernest Hemningway)! :)


  26. *eyes widened*

    I see I been missing out a lot lately... but it's good to finally see your face, RLM - even though we don't see eye to eye on many things. ;)

    I also thought you would be much younger...probably because of the enormous energy and effort you've put into writing? ;)

    You're quite good looking, though if I may say so!

    take care

  27. Hi Jean,

    Many thanks for your compliment

    Handful of deaf people said same thing what you described me as a resemblance to Ernest Hemingway. At least, Ernest had some hair. He was very sexist toward women. :(

    My favorite Hemingway poem was about the hills resembled female breasts. Did he?

    Robert Frost and Emily Dickerson are also my favorite poets, too.

    I never had a chance of reading up on other poets of different races.

    One of my good deaf Arab friend also is an impressive poet, too.

    Many Arab people are very passionate about poems more than other ethnic groups ever I known of.

    I never hunted animals for sports or foods what Ernest Hemnigway always done.

    Everyone know Hemingway's classic writing - "The Old Man and the Sea". I enjoyed Hemingway's political adventures in Europe, too.

    Gotta go now. Thanks again! I meant to do the majestic splash on my first vlog, but I didn't. I look much like a shrill myself. :-)


  28. Jared,

    Thanks for your congrats!


  29. IamMine,

    Yes, that's why I have to emerge publicly for the sake of readership.

    I also was kinda curious what others' reaction, too.

    How interesting about many people (readers) get the illusion of me being much younger based on my writing style.

    Whew! I am kinda glad that I am still mentally sharp like the 20s young man.

    I grew my gray beard for some reason which I attracted more and more people than the clean-shaven. Kinda fun to observe people in general how they really respond to the practice of ageism. I am only 44 years old. I look much older than my chronological age. :(

    Real sorry about our ideological difference, but you will find me very approachable and too nice in person as opposite to my brutish writing style.

    I also look forward to meet you someday. :)

    Thanks again for your compliment. :)


  30. Barb DiGi,

    Thanks very much for your spontatiety.

    I do not think that I never will excel at public speaking skills due to my autism-like approach to express my thoughts before the audience.

    I will keep practicing and master my public speaking skills anyway.

    Real good to hear from you, too!