Thursday, April 23, 2009


Deaf moviegoers in general are still treated as the third-fourth class citizens when come to the advance movie ticket purchases.

There are no advance information regarding the captioned J.J. Abram's new "Star Trek - Future Begins" film - Star Trek (film).

We, deaf people could not possibly do the advance movie tix purchases for any upcoming feature films anywhere in the USA without knowing WHEN the captioned films will be available.

That is totally unfair to millions and millions of deaf moviegoers being left in dark when will be the captioned particular film being shown in exact city or theatre.

Three weeks left for the wide-release of the new J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" film. I would like to do the advance tix purchase to be with my friends viewing this film together. I CAN'T!!

Many deaf people and I have to wait and wait and wait and check out the to find when the particular film like the new J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek - Future Begins" in captioned version to be available in Open Captions (OC) or Rear Window Captioned (RWC).

I personally PREFER open captions and refuse to patronize any theaters shown films with RWC.

The Insight Cinema website used to post the scheduled captioned film screenings in advance. It have been discontinuted of OC film listings.

I am really tired of checking and checking out any captioned films every week on

Deaf people nowadays often travel and rarely stay home. If Hollywood really want my business and loyalty for regular film viewings. PLEASE MAKE ADVANCE CAPTIONED FILM SCREENINGS BEING AVAILABLE FOR ADVANCE TIX PURSCHASES.

Or I will be no longer bother with checking out as part of increasingly boycott to teach the movie theatres for treating deaf moviegoers to the third-fourth class citizen.

I know that there are more issues to "bread and butter" than this entertainment issue, BUT
many people nowadays need to go someplace for escapism film like the Star Trek.

Yesterday we showed off a number of European posters that appeared online and just today Paramount officially released the US poster for Star Trek on MySpace. Check out the final US poster below (and note the similarity to an early TMP poster). [UPDATE: Also check out a new Japanese poster]

USA USA USA!At the risk of coming off as too American, we here at think the USA poster is the best of the bunch — Simple, clean, beautiful.

This USA poster is being revealed first on MySpace. On Monday it will be released in hi-res.
UPDATE: Similar to early TMP teaser?The new poster is similar to an early teaser magazine image for Star Trek The Motion Picture, designed by John Berkey. Is it an homage or just a coincidence?

Euro postersAnd in case you missed it, here are the European posters revealed yesterday. Note that some of these (except the UK poster at Empire), may not be finals.
UK Star Trek Poster (click to enlarge at Empire)
UK variant Star Trek Poster
German poster (click to enlarge at
Spanish Star Trek Poster
UPDATE: Japan PosterJapanese TrekMovie reader Tatsumi points us to the Electro-ticket Pia site (a big ticket selling agency) that has a new Star Trek poster. The text above is "From the director of ‘M:iIII’" and below ‘Star Trek’ it says" His name is James T. Kirk." This has not been confirmed yet by Paramount, but looks pretty legit.
Japanese Star Trek Poster

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  1. Robert:

    While I agree it is frustrating not to be able to find out well in advance when captioned movies are scheduled, in my discussions with theaters, I have found that often, THEY don't even know themselves when they will be able to obtain a captioned offering until perhaps the Friday of the week before, and then they try to set a time as soon as possible...

    Frustrating, yes...Equivalent to 3rd or 4th class citizen treatment? Not hardly...

    Also, I agree totally that it is your right to prefer open captioned movies and dislike RWC movies, but to completely refuse to patronize a theater because they offer RWC only is cutting off your nose to spite your face, in my opinion. In too many places, there is NO captioned movies of ANY type. While I prefer Open Captions as well, if all I could get in my immediate area was RWC, I would patronize those theaters and make the best of it while trying to convince the management to offer OC. At least it would let them know there IS a market there. To completely avoid them just because of RWC gives them ammunition to say "look, we are at least offering SOMETHING, and the deaf/hoh STILL won't come out". You have to meet them halfway somewhere along the line.

    See my blog posting on DeafRead about the success in Richmond, Ky.

    Eddie Runyon

  2. Eddie,

    Real good to see your comment! I don't have to say "Good to hear from you again". I try to avoid "hearize" my compliment. Y know what I meant. :)

    Well, you are probably right about us, deaf people not being treated as third/fourth class citizens.

    Writers sometimes have to make the dramatic impact. *grin*

    Well, the movie theatre owners ought to do the surveys with the deaf community FIRST before doing anything like the RWC equipment installations, etc. The theatre owners ought to find out what preference among the deaf movegoers than letting the RWC industry installators exploit the so-called claims about the distractions of open captions on the movie screen.

    From what I had witnessed the RWC industry's dirty deeds of claiming that many deaf people were satisifed with the RWC from their unethical survey collections pretty long time ago.

    The RWC industry successfully convinced the Smithasonian Institution that many deaf people were very satisfied and impressive with the RWC captioning.

    Deaf attendees were very shocked and said 'What". Many of us shook our head and asked among ourselves - "How can it be possible for many deaf people evaluate and give the thumbs up".

    The RWC industry collected the surveys by themselves, not the independent researchers. That was how it happened.

    The movie theatre owners need to LISTEN to the deaf community, instead of letting the RWC industry and CI manfacturers and medical industry to convince theater owners and parents of deaf children before doing any real research, etc.


  3. Eddie,

    With due respect, i am going to enjoy the movie, not to please the movie theatre owner or management.

    That's what other deaf people and I pay for our movie tickets and expect total satisfication and enjoyment without any hassles with the RWC's transparency screen and goose neck.

    Thanks for letting me know about the success in Richmond, KY.

    The movie theatre and Hollywood industry need to find out what are our desires and comforts, NOT their own illusion or expectations!