Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deaf America - L'Chaim, U.S. Flag Burning Not Illegal At All!

 L'Chaim, popular vlogger on the DeafRead and DVTV, needs to realize the constitutional fact on the freedom of expression of burning (desecrating) the U.S. flag under the U.S. Constitution's "First Amendment" is pure legal.

 The U.S. Supreme Court declared that the citizens have the right whatever they do with our U.S. flag in 1989. The U.S. Congress tried to pass the law to forbade the U.S. flag burning, but never had successfully doing it. THANK GOD! 

 Deaf people need to understand that the U.S. flag is just a piece of cloth, not something sacred. 

  FLK50 deaf vlogger have my personal admiration for being gutsy and non-conformist. *waving hands to him* 

  Patriotism is really the overrated stuff anyway. 

  Most important of all is to be patriotic is to pay fair share of taxes based on progressive income level, be a law-abiding citizen, treat citizens with respect, support the public school system and other institutions, ex. public library and other things. Not stuff money in hidden tax
havens, etc. 

  Patriotism and collectivism mentality could blind us to the destructive means of our own democracy. 

  The GOP (Republicans) were the real hypocrites whose called for the flag burning amendment to the U.S. Constitution while their own party candidate's own wife, Barbara Bush wore her blouse with the U.S. flag symbol anyway at the 1988 Republican convention. Her own husband was the Vice President George W. Bush at that time. Bush Sr. was also a former chief of the CIA. 

  According to the U.S. flag code, no one is allowed to disrespect the U.S. flag in any way like wearing the U.S. flag as something decor. 

  I used to be the flag person at the WV School for the Deaf in Romney, WV. I was selected by David West, WVSD Junior/High School principal when I was a freshman. At first, I sneered at such request and dismissed that kind of ridiculous task of putting and removing the U.S. flag every morning and after the school. The principal begged and begged me. 

  Guess what? I let other junior high students put and take down the U.S. and West Virginia flag which they wanted to do the flag duties very much than I was. Why didn't the school do the interview and choose the right flag person with much passion and patriotism? The school always choose the male student to be the flag person. *rolling eyes with disbelief* 

  I often let the U.S. and West Virginia flag got real wet during the rainstorm or forgot to take the flag after the school. I was pretty busy doing other things. No big deal for me! The houseparents and teachers often came to me and pointed out the window for the flag got wet or snowed. The U.S. and WV flags need to be washed sometimes anyway. 

  I just shrugged my shoulder and said "Someone else was supposed to take care of both flags, not me. The school frequently reminded me that I was an official flag person. I never asked for this time-wasting flag duty. 

  The entire school KNEW that I was an atheist, leftist and communist sympathizer during the Reagan Era (the 80s). They hoped to change me for who and what I was all about. I just love to snub people that way. I never was for the communist ideals anyway. I was never a pure leftist. I always love to throw people off the balance with non-conformist views and broaden their minds to the fullest extent of democratic stuff. 

  In the end, I never changed my leopard spots anyway all my entire life. Just let people do their own things. Life is too short to worry over little things. 

  We need to understand that our country is not really perfect at all or best country in the world. Same thing with the Deaf America, too. 

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thank you for sharing with me from your blog! But I am still loyal to US Flag which we live here in our country. But I do not like for some people putting fire on US Flags for no reason.

    I personally understand your point on the case from the court which says to allow anyone to fire flags in 1989. We need to make amendment to this case sometimes in future who knows???

    Many thanks again!


  2. L'Chaim,

    Whoa! I am really surprised at you for not being a rabid patriot.

    You seem have a valid point about the deaf vlogger flare up the U.S. flag for no good reason.

    One thing which you said "I am still loyal to the U.S. flag" kinda questionable, because people are supposed to be loyal to their own country, not the flag.

    I will make SURE to stop any kind of constitutional amendment to forbade the U.S. flag burning at all cost.

    We will never know what will be the next thing to ban something as part of our freedom of expression.

    How would you feel like if you will be arrested for mocking Mabel Hubbard Bell or oralists from your vlog posting?

    I am with you all the way for doing your mockery on AGBell and other oralists.

    I am very proud of the fact that I am coming from the family generation of George Mason, "Father of Bill of Rights", Virginia assemblyman and personal friend of George Washington.

    I still go to the annual Gunston Hall family gathering.

    Yes, my family do have a shameful legacy for owning African American slaves. George Mason, slave owner, did free the slaves before other slave owners including George Washington.

    Thanks for your generous response. I respect you more than ever. You surely convince me pretty good with your logical agrument. Smile!


  3. Remember what Tallentyre wrote, describing Voltaire's approach to others' views:

    "I wholly disapprove of what you say-and will defend to the death your right to say it."

  4. BR,

    I learned something new from you quoting "Tallentyre" in regard to Voltaire's viewpoint.

    Kinda extreme by saying "... will defend to the death your right to say it"

    Q's - Will Tallentyre really do the death part or not? I know that is a figure of speech. :)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge of French philsophical quotes.

    Catherine the Great's Russian philsophers echoed the same thinkings against the Ottman Empire.


  5. CLICK HERE to read the quote and the context directly.

  6. I am confused that I read some sites and it is illage to burn US flag that make a different cloth. Anyway I lost my respectful to our country because this country is full of bullshits like layoff jobs and lost home and etc. why did he work on heath etc. intead jobs because jobs are very imporant than heath he will do heath later. let burn us flags