Monday, May 18, 2009

NAD's Missed "Golden" Opporunities on Grassroot Deaf Activism

After viewing Jack Barr's vlog posting with Darrell Roby (Jack's Eyes) which left me greatly resentful with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for lack of golden opportunities for paving the formal trainings of grassroot deaf activism how to empower, organize and lobby more efficiently for real victories on legal fronts and political maneuverings.

Where the hell the NAD have been for setting up the cost-efficient trainings, lectures and workshops how to empower, organize and lobby on the behalf of concerned deaf community?

We really need some monetary grants for regional grassroot deaf activism training how to persuade, lobby and maneuver the legislators, given community and targeted individuals.

The perfect start is with Carl Schroeder's Western Oregon University and other places for interested deaf individuals to be truly effective grassroot deaf activists and organizers.

It is TIME for many grassroot deaf activists to be paid reasonably and generously for their time and efforts and related expenses!

NAD seems more lofty being in the Inner Beltway mentality and cozy up to the AGBell and other CI proponents without laying out realistic approach and how to battle the increasingly audistic ways of the society at large.

I will be more than happy to be the trainer for grassroot deaf activism from my personal experience for being in the "behind the legislative scenes" and numerous non-deaf organizational participation.

Not everyone have an opportunity to go to the NAD's Youth Leadership Program camps. Moi never go at all.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. more inf about NAD. Notice NAD officers is strong oral background. No good, period! Don't join until we will investigate more.

  2. Where had the NAD gone lately? DBC is a grassroot organization that the accountability falls in the hands of true Deaf grassroots that can be widespread across the country to make a difference. AFA exists for a reason knowing that a stand has to be made against social injustice. It is a matter of action that speaks louder than words. DBC's involvement in EHDI is another way to get to the beef of how information has been distributed. We surely got a lot of work to do and it is a shame that there is not enough guide by NAD for grassroot actions to take place.

  3. Barb, the NAD is for elites, not grassroots. It needs Deaf people who are script readers so that their signed messages just replicate (repeat) what has been written in the scripts.

    DeafRead members and visitors, please acknowledge that the NAD receives federal grant funds so it must maintain as neutral as humanly possible in order to remain its "welfare" status.

    The NAD very much prefers to wait till after things or events take place so that it could "follow through" with opinions that are carefully orchestered along with the federal regulations.

    I'm sorry the way NAD has evolved!

  4. Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. Handful of deaf and hearing people feel that way about the NAD being waffled on the issue of ASL and CIs.

    Thanks again for leaving your thoughts.


    I am speaking of NAD's golden opporunties between the DPN 1988 and the UFG 2006 protests.

    Why and how didn't the NAD set up the grassroot deaf activism trainings and workshops over last 20 years?

    That's what I am trying to say. :)

    At least, we are very thankful for having the DBC and AFA grassroot advocacy groups flourished.

    So the AGBell could not possibly put the dog leash on the AFA and DBC. :)


    I second ya! NAD seems too afraid to be bold and go into the unproven terrority.

    Why and how much the NAD receive the annual government grants?

    I am much aware of the past NAD grant incentives for employment trainings and other things, but still receive them. How interesting!


  5. Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed; 1974) states:
    “Apart from this communion, we do see dichotomy: leaders on one side and people on the other, in a replica of relations of oppression. Denial of communion in the revolutionary process, avoidance of dialogue with the people under the pretext of organizing them, of strengthening revolutionary power, or of ensuring a united front, is really a fear of freedom. It is fear of or lack of faith in the people. But if the people cannot be trusted, there is no reason for liberation: in this case the revolution is not even carried out for the people, but “by” the people for the leaders: a complete self-negation” p. 124

    On other hand, we ALL (Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, oralist, CI users, or whatever we call ourselves) need not to judge the others. Consciously or unconsciously, we continue to hurt the others and especially ourselves. It is one main reason why Deaf community continues to fall through cracks in some areas. If we aim to work together as one big group, we need to overcome our fear first then we can achieve so much by becoming influential activists in Deaf community, home community, organizations we belong to, and fight for our human rights with or without NAD.

  6. Robert -

    I am very curious where did you get this from, the idea of having NAD being "more lofty being in the Inner Beltway ..."?

    NAD's a place where you can get information, resources from, but not a place to become a trainer or preacher in one kind.

    Please check out NAD's MVVD statement.

    Anon #1 - Not true. I'm strong deaf myself. Are you saying I'm oral? where did that come from? I serve on NAD board right now and MOST NAD board officers are not oralists.

    Barb - We have been around here, working so hard to preserve, protect, and promoting Deaf culture/ASL. It's very important to have "specialized" organization(s) to promote the cause. NAD could not be more than happy to have them around here. You know, NAD is an organization which are being hit in every aspects of advocacy issues across the country. We possibly cannot do everything. That's why we have DBC, AFA, and so forth to do these type of advocacy-driven issues.

    Carl - NO, God NO! NAD is NOT for elites. I'm part of grassroot community myself and serve on NAD board. Are you saying I'm part of elites? God no! I don't consider myself these snotty people you may envision of.

    Barb, Carl, and Robert - we need to set up an online meeting. I want to put a stop to this false information you have been sharing with.

    NAD Board - Region 1 2008-2012

  7. Freire states:
    "In order to dominate, the dominator has no choice but to deny true praxis to the people, deny them the right to say their own word and think their own thoughts. He cannot act dialogically: for him to do so would mean either that he had reqlinquished his power to dominate and joined the cause of the oppressed, or that he had lost that power through miscalculation" p. 121.

    I think everybody has the right to share their perspectives whether we agree or disagree without oppressing the others. We need to TRY to understand what the others have to say.

  8. Peace - of course, that's the purpose of meeting. :-)

  9. Hi Mr Gerlis (Sean),

    I will be more than happy to be part of an online meeting with all of you (Sean), Barb and Carl.

    Just tell us when and what time for online meeting (video conference). :)

    Really look forward to this online meeting. You surely have my greatest respect, Sean Gerlis, NAD Board Region III.

    I realize that I did somewhat a sloppy blog posting without specifically mentioned the last 20 years of no grassroot activism trainings within regional areas for more effective and result-oriented lobbyings and organizings among local deaf grassroot activists.

    Always good to see your name (Sean) on the Deaf Blogsphere!

    Warm regards,
    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  10. Robert & et al,

    How about tomorrow (Friday, May 21st at 4pm EST) using ooVoo?

    In this way, everyone in any time zones would be comfortable enough to meet.

    My ooVoo screen name is NETRIPIZED


  11. Sean,

    I do not think that would be an ideal time for me having the videoconference with all of you.

    I will be pretty busy all today before the Memorial Day weekend.

    What about next Sunday afternoon or evening? More relaxing time for most of us. Don't you agree? :)

    What about Barb DiGi and Carl?

    You have to contact Barb and Carl directly via email correspondence.

    I am sure that Barb and Carl did not often to check up on the following comments on my blogsite. :)

    My email address is