Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What You Really Think of This Panetene Video?

Is that form of audism urging deaf people to embrace the use of musical instruments or show the beauty of defiance and persistence among deaf people?

Just view the Patenene hair care products television commerical for the Thai (Thailand) marketplace.

Here is the video enclosure -

Thanks to Doug Godfrey for sending me this enclosure from his ASL interpreter. I truly appreciate it very much.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. It's a beautiful commercial.

    It's more about defying people's expectations and beating oppression to do what you really want.

  2. That commercial ROCKS!


  3. If this is the way commercials of the future are going, they will soon overtake TV dramas for quality. That's not a stretch, considering.

    Looking over the comments under that YouTube clip, a few were interesting:

    ..."violin is made to sound like a whole violin orchestra"

    ..."When you lost something like being deaf, don't see yourself different from other, just see yourself unique, and treat it as a treasure."

    Pretty close to 100% of the comments were raves. It IS a lovely intentional audism about it, RLM.

  4. Deaf Pundit, Anonymous and Dianrez,

    I am kinda glad that all of you seen the Patenene's Thai tv commerical differently.

    I hope that the hearing society at large do not have any unrealistic expectations of deaf people able to play musical instruments.

    No questions about this tv commerical being poetic and heartfelt about the deaf girl facing such societal prejudices and obsactles (msp.).

    On another hand, the Thai commerical show that deaf people do appreciate music as other segement of the society.

    I grew up hating the rhythmn band at the WV School for the deaf which considered it as part of audism forcing students play musical instruments to please parents of deaf students, etc.

    I never participate in the school rhythmn band, but always spent wasteful time looking at students practice and practice and practice every Friday late afternoons.

    I came to hate any kind of musical instruments since they are the tools of audism.