Monday, June 22, 2009

L' Chaim, Reply to Your Latest Vlog on Background Check

L' Chaim vlogsite make impossible for leaving the text comments which discriminate against non-vloggers and deaf people without any videocams. L ' Chaim, deaf vlogger, ought to include both video and text replies to her vlog postings.

In response to L'Chaim's "Facebook/My Space" and present background checks among prospective employers for hiring new employee in general.

Unforunately, many employers do the cheaper background checks of any job applicants like
checking their finanical history, ex. unpaid debts to see if this applicant is a responsible person or not.

Deaf blogger, Rob Underhill - "Under the Hill" did report on the state of Ohio legislature consider the legislative bill to forbade any employers from disqualifying any job applicants based on their finanical history or credit ratings last month ago. Underhill's deaf blog could be found on the Deaf Village.

More and more employers check out any potential employees' Facebook and My Space to find out what kind of social networkings this job applicant have.

Or the prospective employers rather not hire any job applicants whose are more likely to spend hir time on Twitters, My Space and Facebook during the employment hours.

Or employers fear of any job applicant whose resort to the use of blog or some kind of online communication to smear the place of employment or compromise the security system of their workplace.

That's why many deaf job applicants ought not to enclose their membership with deaf organizations which clearly identify them being deaf on their employment resumes.

I also had a difficult time for prospective employers to hire me based on the merits of my expertise and capability to do the given job definition. I had a bad blotter on my credit history
which I disputed on past student loans. I already paid off the student loan in lump sum, but the lender seen differently.

Many deaf people think that I am some kind of lazy bones for not having the decent employment. Those people do not fully know what happened with "behind the scene" of employers' unfair background checks. That is part of nowaday trend for employers to do
the cheaper background checks without hiring the real investigator or company.

I was occassionally hired by several hearing individuals thru networkings. That was only the
way to obtain the gainful employment.

How sad of the present system unfairly deny anyone for obtaining the employment based on their credit history or social networkings without knowing the real "you" or "me".

The "Buckeye State" (Ohio) legislature is currently attempting to right the wrongful and deceptive practice of employers in general, resort to inferior kind of background checks like credit history or online profiles, ex. Facebook and MySpace. That is kind of modern "blacklisting" in similar to the parnonia scare of Communist membership in the 1920s and 1950s
without knowing what is really going on with this particular individual.

Ever the New York City government used to check out any teachers being associated with the Communist membership and dismissed them instantly back in the 1950s and 1960s and 1970s.

Dr. Yerker Anderson, former sociology professor at Gallaudet College/University. Anderson was unfairly turned down for the government job because he just visited the USSR (Soviet) embassy in Washington, DC out of his usual curiousity to visit various embassies around the world. Dr. Anderson couldn't understand why he was not hired at all. Anderson somewhat found out that he was seen visiting the old USSR embassy in Washington, DC. Jesus Christ!

Many good and hardworking people often lose the true employment opporunity to such unlogical and pointless method of background checks. That explains why many deaf people end up on the welfare.

I recalled that some deaf people strongly objected to the idea of Ricky Taylor aka Ridor being employed within the VRS industry. Ridor mentioned in his blog that he will work for particular VRS company. The Ridor haters did check out whether Ridor was really employed with the VRS company. That deaf Ridor hater found out that Ridor was not employed with that company.

I asked this deaf Ridor hater why he had to do overboard with the background check on Ridor. That deaf individual replied that he had to protect the confidentiality of VRS clients via calls. I was totally shocked about some deaf people would do anything to sabotage other deaf people's chances to be employed.

I also suspected that some deaf people purposefully discredited me within the federal agency concerned my past student loan. I found out that particular deaf individual worked in the same department of that federal agency.

No questions about paying real heavy price for being a deaf blogger and vlogger!

Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Thank you for getting me pay attention to your blog! You suggest that I should set my own blog so non vloggers or non commenters from DVTV can leave comments under my blog.

    Second, in fact, I have said that it is all true I have seen this facts recently.

    Everything has been changing since 2000 according the laws but we should write a complaint letter to senators and congress that we deafies are very frustrating with the debts and trying to find a job to catch up our debts but They check background then can't hire them... how can we catch up our bills without hiring to work after check background??? That is huge problem in this area! you know Some of Deafies have SSI or SSDI checks which is most percents of small monies. This does not meet our needs and debt ... it is not enough money!!!!!

    Many thanks for reply!


  2. I wanted to leave a comment too L'Chaim, but I do not own a webcam to create a response. Thank your RLM for writing this blog.

    In regards to financial records, this is only done for government jobs and high ranking top jobs within corporations. I have never seen private entry level jobs do a complete credit check and deny someone a job based on how much they owe someone.

    I have never heard of people not being hired, but I have heard of people being fired for things they put on Facebook/Myspace.

    The most famous situation is this one gentleman in London, who told his employers he was very sick and couldn't make it into work. Instead he traveled to the U.S. for a party and put the pictures on his Myspace page where he was dressed up like a green fairy. I'm not sure if he kept his profile public or private, or had some co-workers as friends, but rumor got around the office how he lied, and he was fired. Rule of thumb, for Myspace/Facebook, keep everything private and do no have current fellow employees as friends.

  3. RLM:

    I have to chime in here. As a former supervisor who hired and fired as part of my responsibilities, I have to say that MOST companies conduct background checks purely by calling references, checking criminal histories, and such. There are some who go a little further and look people up on the web, but mostly to see if there is a difference between what they write on their application and what they say on-line. Additionally, they are often looking to ensure that they do not hire someone, for example, who has a blog site affiliated with hate-type organizations.

    Let me give you an example. I had an applicant for a loss prevention part-time job. He seemed perfect, interviewed great, and his background (criminal) came back clean. A couple of days before I was set to hire him, one of my other people called my attention to a newspaper article. In it, it described a police officer who had been caught stealing at a job he was moonlighting at, he plead guilty, was fired, and given community service. After completing that, his record was wiped clean. It was the very same person whom I had interviewed. I made a gut decision to go with my second choice, and she worked out great. She is a district manager herself now. The other person? He ended up getting caught stealing somewhere else again, in a felony amount, and went to jail. Sometimes you have to look at everything, not just one or two things.

    Eddie (Thumpaflash)

  4. I make an announcement for you! Here is my new blog so you can leave your comments under my blog.

  5. L' Chaim,

    I do not meant to put any pressure on you to set up the text comment box.

    I realized that the DVTV system seem not have the text comment box.

    You really do not have to create another blog, but you did anyway. :)

    Thanks, L'Chaim for doing this stuff for your readers and viewers. :)

    Oh boy, you are very responsive person. I am really impressed with you!


  6. Eddie,

    Oh I see about the so-called intutitonal approach of yours to employee hirings.

    I hate most are dishonest and greedy individuals - sticking fingers!

    Thanks for leaving your comment.


  7. Charlotte,

    Hmmm, I am sure that more and more private companies like the Fortune 500 or companies deal with
    national security do the background checks to weed out the indesirable ones.

    I did recall that some private entry jobs involve a lot of questionaires and detection tests.

    With cheaper Internet tools for background checks make much possible for private companies to conduct background checks for entry postitions like cashiers and regional manager, etc.

    More companies install survilleance cameras including the drinking hole establishments to keep eyes on their employees pocketing any $$$.

    That's what some people mentioned several employee-related
    incidents to me whenever I went into bars as part of social gossips about particular employees.

    Thanks, Charlotte for sharing your knowledge on this topic. :)


  8. RLM I don't think that companies would check employers background with creidts history. I only know that they would check their background like theifs and child molester etc like crime records so they won't hire one of them. I had been worked lot jobs that I have a bad history with creidts. That is no big deal with it. Of course about facebook and myspace, I always looked into my old boss facebook till he changed public to private on facebook,so I said*oh well* lol I found some employees in myspace that I am shock and disgused what they are in myspace so I didnot say anything to them because I didnot want them to know that I look into thier myspace or get any problems with them.

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  12. I just started a general contracting business and I definitely wanted to know who I was hiring after researching a few sites that do the checks I cam across Background Screening . They really helped because one of the guys I was considering had a history. Anyway, I definitely recommend a background check of any employee you hire.