Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not Really Funny About Matt Daigle's Latest Deaf Cartoon!

Matt Daigle's latest Deaf e-cartoon regarding the upcoming Gallaudet University Presidential Search is truly dangerous and misconceptual about what the "Unity For Gallaudet" 2006 protest all about!

Very appalling about someone like Matt Daigle, deaf cartoonist himself had such a misconception of what really happened and why the Gallaudet community rose in the protest by the first place. Occasionally enjoyed Daigle's deaf cartoons, but not at this time.

Still encountered the misleading perspective of "Unity for Gallaudet" protest almost everywhere I went! Few months ago, I ended up had a hearty discussion with the former Gallaudet student dropout from the 2000s few months ago that he was fully persuaded by the hearing peers about the Gallaudet community protested cuz of "Not Deaf Enough" reason. Total hogwash!

Matt Daigle ought to issue an apology to the Deaf America and admit that he have not been present at the "Unity for Gallaudet" protest to see all for himself, not thru the mainstream media bias. Ever the viewpoints within the hearing audists or ignorants for not being truly familar with the issues facing the Gallaudet community at large based on qualifications of selected candidates and creditability of the selection process itself.

At first, Daigle's cartoon on the upcoming Gallaudet University Presidential Search (GUPS) was kinda amusing. We know how powerful the misperceived image could greatly affect our community standing, especially deaf cartoonist like Matt Daigle. Total support for the greater freedom of expression and speech. We sometimes have to draw the line and make sure no everlasting aspect of misconception upon the present and future generation.

Please leave your comments to share your thoughts on Daigle's cartoon on the GUPS and let Matt Daigle know. Thanks.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. Robert Alfred HawkinsJune 25, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    IMO--the Deaf community needs more parodies.

    The only irony to this is that SIGNews meaning CSD published this. SIGNews should be only about CSD and promoting its endeavors.

    To say the least the CSD is a non-profit treading dangerously by dabbling in waters not at all theirs.

    Non-profits that are supposedly human services oriented shouldn't get involved in such affairs.

    More and more deaf publications and outlets are being wiped of their media independence and this goes to say organizations having a hand in this.

    I remember certain deaf magazine which many deaf took for granted was in fact sought by the National Association of the Deaf. Talk about control freaks. I'm glad this didn't happen with that small deaf rag.

  2. Shall we hope that this Presidential Search Committee learned its lessons from 2006? More transparency, more input from the Gallaudet community and alumni, more diversity, etc.? Time will tell. I certainly hope that those invested in the future leadership of Gallaudet monitor the process closely for those of us on the outside looking in. It would be a shame and an embarrassment if those with eyes to the ground kept quiet right up until the announcement, and then - uh - protest if their preferred candidate didn't win.

  3. BTW, there's some good information on the Gallaudet web site about the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC). The URL is:

    things are in progress. They officially stopped taking applications June 1 when the PSAC felt they had a good pool of applicants from which to choose. All confidential, of course. I sure would love to know who is applying, but PSAC won't tell. How about you, RLM? ;)

  4. Hmmm! I do find Matt's cartoon interesting. He is an artist expressing his view. It is satirical in nature. Of course, the picture is up for any interpretation.

    I bet you that there will be thousands of stories coming from that picture. Everyone has a perception so it can be either positive or negative.

    I do respect your view on his drawing. I do respect him for doing that.

    Of course, we do have those deaf who prefers to push deaf card as it helps reduce audism. We are more protective of our proud culture so we will say what we think.

    The bottom line is that we need humor in our deaf lives!

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!



  5. Robert Alfred Hawkins,

    I am all for satires pushing the boundary and make us think differently beyond our everyday comforts.

    I personally find the Daigle cartoon on Gallaudet Presidential Search to be a real delight, but
    could be a real weapon against us and the deaf community at large by hearing audists and anti-Gallaudet protestors like "See that??".

    I seem re-think my concerns about the Daigle cartoon. Let's wait and see what other hearing people not familar with the deaf people/culture think of this cartoon.


  6. Anonymous #1,

    I am totally agree with you 100 percent about the real importance about the Gallaudet Presidential Search being fully transparent and open to all inputs and feedbacks from the Gallaudet community at large.

    I could not predict what will happen with the formal announcement of new Gallaudet University president. I am fully sure that anyone root for particular Gallaudet University presidential candidate to be on hir best behavior.

    The MSCHE (Middle State Council of Higher Education) already gave the stern warning for possibly revoking the accrediation for Gallaudet University if there is another protest.

    The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees and the Gallaudet community really could not afford the repeats of cronyism and inaccountability by infuriating the community at large again.

    Let's wait and see! :)


  7. Anonymous #2,

    I really do not bother to keep up with the PSAC at all.

    I seems know several likely individuals sending in their applicants. I rather not jeopardize their chances to be in the final pool of selected candidates.

    I know that one likely candidate and her hubby have not sold their Maryland suburban house yet. Or the housing market hold up their ability to sell off the house?

    That very same candidate seems very happy in her new job and enjoy the California weather.

    My understanding about handful of deaf individuals are somewhat concerned about this particular candidate due to the history of personal favorism and non-transparency.

    The real problem about liking their own family members.


  8. Paul,

    You seems right about such needs for deaf humors in our deaf lives!

    I really like Daigle's drawing style very much which have very simple drawing line and non-complicated message.

    I guess that I need to sit down and relax about Daigle's cartoon on PSC, but overly concerned about misperpection of what really happened with the UFG for other individuals and the future generation not being fully aware of the real reasons behind the full-blown protest, etc.

    I was very delighted by Daigle's impressive creativity with the "ASL Ninja", "Extreme Decibels" and "Deaf Grassroots" character drawings.

    I would like to see the very same characters all over again in future Daigle cartoons.

    Still concerned about this cartoon very much.


  9. Whoa ho! You misunderstand big time, RLM! Be careful! No one said that Fernandes wasn't qualified just beause she wasn't DEAF ENOUGH.

    It's Fernandes HERSELF who made a FALSE claim to the Wash. Post's reporter that Deaf people didn't want her because "I am not deaf enough." That's a lie, lie, lie!

    84% of faculty, staff, and most students didn't Fernandes BECAUSE she wasn't good director of Laurent Clerc Center and not a good provost of Gally Univ. -- Not, not, not about her hearing status. Her not "great in ASL" was the last reason.

    Understabd better now, RLM?

  10. Anonymous #3,

    You seems misunderstand me and my blog posting.

    I was much a supporter of the "Unity for Gallaudet" which considered Fernandes to be a poor choice for running Gallaudet University.

    I just am very concerned about the Daigle cartoon that would give such an impression why we did have the UFG protest in the first place because of Fernandes not being deaf enough. Everyone including you and me know that is not true all the way.

    Daigle just mocked the ongoing PSC to the American Gladitator tv show with the quips - "Not Deaf Enough". That really bother me very much.

    Why the ASL Ninjas? Why the Extreme Decibels? Why draw the Deaf Grassroot character with teeth?

    I still feel that Matt Daigle get the wrong idea why we had the UFG protest in the first place.

    Do you understand what I am saying? :)


  11. RLM,

    Ever think maybe that you should be supporting the deaf artist instead of worrying about What Hearing People Will Say?

    He's created a valid piece of art that shows how difficult it is to choose a new president in our community. I don't see how this has anything to do with "Not Deaf Enough" - it shows that the selection is a balancing act between various groups.

    Our diversity is what makes us strong. It proves we are a normal culture and community. If we only had one voice, I'd be worried.

  12. and P.S. - No, Fernandes wasn't "deaf enough." She didn't value all kinds of Deaf people for their own sake. She thought Deaf people should strive to be more like hearing people. Audre Lorde stopped trying to explain her views and perspectives and opinions about race to white people and said it was their responsibility to educate themselves. I agree.

  13. JR,

    Yes, I begin to re-consider my criticism of Daigle's cartoon.

    I definitely made a big mistake of misinterpreting Daigle's PSC cartoon. It was purely a satire in many ways!

    I owe Daigle a big apology for this blog posting!


  14. NO, no and no.

    The cartoon is a pure misconception of what the original protests were all about.

    It has nothing to do with "Are you Deaf enough?" allegations. It has so much to do with transparency.

    That's it. Just one iota of transparency.

    And yes, Daigle owed the community an apology for spreading such misconceptions.


  15. Ridor,

    At least, I am kinda relived that I have not been mistaken about the Daigle cartoon in the first place.

    Thanks for assuring me with your convinction! :)


  16. Hi readers,

    I am really puzzled why my latest comment ended up with the username - Salex77. I don't know how it get there in the first place.

    Perhaps the shared computer misidentifed me as Salex77, not RLM. Okay?


  17. I agree with RLM and Ridor. I think the cartoon was in poor taste. I am all for supporting Deaf artists and all that, but when a piece perpetuates information that is not true and could possibly inflame the community, I don't think it's responsible journalism and/or art. Matt should apologize for the cartoon and remove it. "Not Deaf Enough" was not the reason for the UFG protest and shouldn't be portrayed as a concern for the new search.

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