Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Will Be In For Deaf America with Health Care Reform?

What will be really in for the Deaf America within the final passage of the American health care?

Will we see much easy and non-complicated access to the sign language interpreter(s) and alternative kind of interpreter(s) for the deaf or what?

Will the official health care reform quickly maximize the numbers of cochlear implant
surgery on deaf babies and youngsters in real short time?

Will the signing Deaf patients' services to be delayed much further due to the availability
of ASL/alternative interpreters? If any deaf patient is much willing to waive the request
for the ASL interpreter within medical emergency or quick doctor visit? Many hospitals
and doctor offices usually schedule the signing deaf's appointment within four weeks for
cheaper interpreter fees or availability of interpreter, etc.

Will the hospitals and clinics and private doctor offices be really willing to compromise
with deaf patients for obtaining the medical visit on very short notice without presence
of interpreter?

If the medical authorities refuse to engage in "pad and pen" communication with deaf
people whose choose to see without any presence of interpreter. That will delay deaf
Americans much further without getting a medical examination on very short notice.

Will the US. government agencies like the Center for Diseases (CDC) and National Institute Health (NIH) really impose the cochlear implant surgery upon deaf people, deaf babies and youngsters as part of the preventive treatment?

Will the Deaf America end up assigned only to the medical professionals, who do sign or cued speech or exaggerated mouth features? Not much options for deaf individuals whose seek quicker medical treatment or examination if the nanny government strongly feel that deaf people would be better off with assigned medical professionals whose exclusively cater to
deaf people.

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)


  1. I would highly recommended Fleckman's blog as he tweeted his posts about the health choices act of 2009. He read the 1000+ pages for you when Congress Reps does not have the time to read line by line:

    Read it all, Robert and be afraid for your future.

  2. Rob,

    Thanks for enclosing the blog site about the health care reform.

    To be honest with you, I dealt with the Medicaid what I learned from the system.

    There are many chartiable and nonprofit organizations serving homeless and unemployed and other individuals anyway.

    FYI, I could not possibly open the attached link.