Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celebrity CODA Recently Got Married!

Many of us are familar with our own celebrity CODA (Children of Deaf Adults), who is the former contestant on the FOX-Tv's "American Idol"'s first season. Jim Verraros is the son of deaf parents in Illinois, Nicholas Verraros. Jim is also an actor in several films and singer with numerous albums.

Jim Verraros recently got married to his boyfriend, Bill Brennan in "Hollywood-style" wedding last September 2nd (2009). Not much information on Bill Brennan, much older than Jim himself.,,20302879,00.html

Verraros outed himself to his deaf mother at age of 18, then revealed his sexual preference to his deaf dad at age of 19 during the last stage of "American Idol" contest in Seattle hotel room. His deaf father dismissed Jim's revealation as just an experminental stage.

Jim met Bill thru the "My Space" accounts last four years ago. Both of those guys found out that they were just living 20 minutes apart.

To my surprise, Jim Verraros did date the bisexual actor, Brandon Call, well-known for playing the arrogant and selfish J.T. Lambert on the ABC-TV's "Step by Step" and done the supporting role as "Hobie Buchannon", son of David Hassehoulf's character on the first season of "Baywatch", very popular "syndicated" tv show in the late 80s and 90s.

Will Jim Verraros' marriage to Bill Brennan be successful or just a dupe? To me, Bill Brennan seems an opporuntist to ride on Jim Verraros' celebrity and used him.
Moreover, Jim Verraros deserve much better than the older Bill Brennan with fake bleached blond hair. Wish Jim Verraros "happy and successful marriage". I doubt that!

ASLize yours,
Robert L. Mason


  1. Robert, how dare you wish negative things upon this couple's nuptials?

    Can you in fact, verify that he actually dated Brandon Call? I seriously doubt that.

    Bill Brennan is not an opportunist. It is CLEAR to me that they are in fact extremely happy together. Shame on you for posting this.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    With due respect, you do not have the guts to reveal yourself who you are.

    I took all the heats for writing this blog posting which I am entitled to my own opinion regarding this couples' nuptial.

    You are probably right how dare I write this blog that way. From what I observe from secondary sources about their marriage.

    I hope that Bill Brennan will not hurt Jim Verraros. I do wish Jim a successful marriage with some kind of skepticism about Bill's character.

    Yes, I was very surprised about Brandon Call being bisexual himself and have two children himself. He recently got shot in both arms from gunshots few years ago.

    I should enclose the direct source on Jim Verraros' past dating with Brandon Call. I did not.

    I will do it ASAP.

    Thanks for your comment very much. :)