Wednesday, March 17, 2010


After reading the AOL daily news feature on the revolutionary device for the visually deprived individuals. I said to myself "Aw, kinda great for someone to regain hir own vision ability with the use of technological marvel". This individual is a war veteran, who lost hir own vision during the battlefield duties.

Why didn't I object to the technological option for the blind people? That are much difference between forced cochlear implant surgery on deaf babies & youngsters AND optional desire to regain the lost vision and other body functions.

Technology should be not used to impose upon people against their own wills without any individuals' permission/consent. What about the GPS monitored ankle bands on people under the legal system to keep eyes on non-violent criminals? I would be for this kind of technology solution for some good reasons like the cost control purposes and pragmatic solutions which the forced cochlear implant surgery and device do not offer at all.

We must master and control the existence of technology, not let them control us. Forced cochlear implant surgery upon deaf babies and youngsters are all about the issue of medical ethics, identity alternative approaches, long-term health consequences, misguided educational applications without workable and effective methods of producing the well-balanced individual.

The new technological device to regain vision is "removable", not "permanently etched into the human body".

Will the young blind people accept the idea of forced surgery to drill the invasive method and leave the unpleasant sight of monstrous device on their face to remind the society at large what the freak they are? I don't think so!

That's what many deaf people object to the idea of cochlear implant forcibly imposed upon deaf babies and youngsters without embracing the functional and effective use of language for the visually-spatial individuals.

Respect and appreciate the existence of deaf people are the two-way street, not the one-way street by the hearing imperialists to re-define what we ought to be.

Every human beings have the right to control hir own destiny, not by someone else.

ASlize yours,
Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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